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Baking Soda in Water
Posted by Abcde (Canada) on 03/05/2018
4 out of 5 stars

Hello! I have a not so good smell down here. I went to my doctor and ask why, but she told me that its pretty normal. But I know to myself that I dont like what I'm smelling so I search over internet and found so many cure that could help me. At first I bought yogurt, I ate it and I even inserted some to my vagina and nothings happen. Like everything become worst. So I stopped that yogurt and search again tried Apple cider soaked my down there with warm and some apple cider but again nothings happen. I came across here at earth clinic and I found out so many cure that could help me. I looked for more easier way to remove the smell over me and I bought some folic acid I used it for almost 1 month and no improvement. So my last choice is the Hydrogen Peroxide it was extremely helpful but I observed after not douching the smells come back again but not as worse as before so I decided to stop and wait for a miracle.

I've decided to focus on how to gain more weight so I bought potencee an ascorbic acid I gain weight because I started to eat more and eat more healthy food then I search again to internet and found out some BAKING SODA can kill also a yeast infection so I started drinking a 1 glass of cold water with half a teaspoon of baking soda. I'm already in my 1 week and its make the smell go away not definely but Im working on it. I smell but its not like before. Have a try of baking soda. Its help me a lot.