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Aloe Vera
Posted by Mckenzie (Kansas City MO) on 03/04/2023
5 out of 5 stars

Worked very quick

Aloe Vera
Posted by Lochealer (Ny) on 07/11/2016
5 out of 5 stars


I was recently diagnosed with BV & cervical polyps and legions on my cervix these are slow growing and can lead to cancer if you're not careful. As a side effect I began getting BV from the ph balance distress the lesions were causing. Then I got Trichomonas vaginalis from a sexual partner. My doctor said I had HSIL and a cone biopsy is my only option. I was able to heal my cervix and BV using home made vaginal suppositories made from pure Aloe Vera jelly. I want to have more children so I chose to try diet change, quitting smoking, juicing, herbal tonics & cleansing while I thought about surgery. I've had reoccurring bv for so many years, I really wanted to get rid of it. Well to ease my cervical lesions which were always spotting, I decided to try Aloe plant. I purchased the aloe plant stalks in the produce section of the market. To my surprise the bv was also cured after 3 days & my cervix feel less inflamed and no longer spotting. It feels so amazing! The odor stopped the second day of treatment.

Here's the remedy:

1. Brand new flexible ice tray (iKea has small rectangular ones that work great) - sterilize tray by boiling first

2. Use a small pearing knife to scrape the clear jelly from inside the aloe Vera stalk

3. Blend the jelly (only clear jelly) in a blender until the slippery mixture is fine and has no lumps . (Make sure you do not leave behind any of the green outside parts, as these can cause irritation to the outside areas of the vagina.

4. Pour mixture of pure blended aloe jelly into the ice tray and cover with parchment paper then seal in plasting zip loc. Freeze mixture.

5. Break frozen rectangles into half size manageable pieces. Insert small about (.5ml) frozen pieces into vagina at bed time and wear a thin pad.

6. use suppositories for 5-8 nights, preferably right after your menstrual cycle ends towards your next ovulation.

7. There can be slight irritation to the vulva & outside areas as the jelly first flushes out. This only last for a few minute when the suppository is first melting . That's why its good to be sleeping and lying down to skip this part ;)! Wipe clean and change pad for comfort.

8. Fishy odor caused by BV bacteria and Unbalanced PH will fade starting the second day. Enjoy! I'll be continuing to shrink down and soothe my cervix too!

Good luck!