Colloidal Silver Side Effects

| Modified on Jun 28, 2024
Reported side effects from colloidal silver include headache, sore throat, stomach upset, and additional detox symptoms.

The most feared side effect of colloidal silver is that of turning "blue." However, properly prepared colloidal silver, taken in appropriate amounts will not cause Argyria.

Continue reading below to see what side effects our readers have reported.

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Posted by Sum (Australia) on 01/04/2018

Hi there, Just wanted to make silver allergy sufferers aware to be cautious with the colloidal silver remedy. Silly me didn't make a connection between sterling silver and colloidal silver until after I had used this remedy for an ear infection. My ears blew up like cauliflower ears. It took me til about my late teens, early 20s to realize I had an allergy to silver after my mum gave me her old watch. My wrist got itchy and started to form blisters. That's when it finally clicked that all those nights out during my teens when I wore some nice dangley earrings, why my ears would always become inflamed, itchy and weepy. I was allergic and didn't even realize.

Maybe a skin test would be a good recommendation for people before trying colloidal silver. Wear some silver jewellery for a couple of days and check for a reaction.

Cheers to everyone. Love this website. It is my favourite go to website for natural remedies coz everyone's input gives ya a well rounded perspective of the effectiveness of certain remedies and how they've helped as well as adversely affected different people.

Happy New Year To Everyone

Side Effects
Posted by Cshopeful (Georgia) on 06/29/2017

I have been trying to get some reliable information about CS and didn't check out the specific two products you listed and there are quite a few overpriced versions of the same or even worse products out there. One of the 'apples-to-apples' things to check and a very important thing to check for any CS intended for ingesting is the ppm. If the ppm are not 200 or greater (and so far it appears you actually want 200-500 ppm) then there are some risks and/or limitations to how much the body can actually use. You want it to be able to be absorbed, but not so small or something large that it either ends up being flushed out without getting into the bloodstream or stuck in the kidneys & liver as impassable waste over time. Again, I am just a consumer (and biotech major) wholeheartedly in favor of natural medicine and the price trap is absolutely valid, but I thought I should also chime in about the ppm info that has been popping up over and over in the few actual scholarly articles I have seen as they make sense. I wish I had the links on me, but search anything related to ingestion of CS for systemic healing benefits and look for keywords that include the size of the red blood cells...those were where the 200-500 ppm figures kept coming up. :)

Also...if using topically, be aware that it will heal skin lesions beautifully, but I have first hand experience with the sun reactions that will leave darkness and discoloration where the CS is used. I have an amazingly beautiful surface that would almost certainly have been a raised scar, but I didn't know about the sun and even with my daily sunscreen, the specific spot that I used to treat is pretty severely discolored. I had a second spot that I covered with a bandaid b'c the wound was worse and that spot looks like more perfect skin than it was before the wound. (The wounds were a bug bite of unknown origin, but possibly spider or tick bites and were pretty scary looking...) Sorry so long...

Replied by Art
2210 posts

In reply to Cshopeful (Georgia),

The majority of recent studies suggest that particle size is a very important point when it comes to the effectiveness of colloidal silver and either too small or too large is not optimal. From those studies it appears that a particle size range in the 12~20nm range is optimal for antibacterial and antiviral activity. Particles much larger than 20 nm are less effective against viral and bacterial pathogens while particles below 10 nm are much more toxic to normal cells.......especially below 5nm.

In terms of parts per million, it would be easier to say how much silver is actually in a given dose in mgs. For example, if you take one tablespoon of 320 ppm CS or you take one cup of 20 ppm colloidal silver, you have ingested the same amount of silver either way or roughly 5mg of silver particles.

Regarding the skin discoloration you mentioned in the area where you applied silver, did you use ionic silver or colloidal silver? Ionic silver is smaller than colloidal silver and can directly enter cells, but once inside it can bind to many things such as selenium or chloride as two typical examples, but once it binds it becomes too large to leave the cell and is trapped in the cell. Since this was a topical application, these cells would be close to the skin surface and solar rays can react with these silver based products causing a photo reaction that appears as a dark spot. I believe this is a process similar to how black and white photographs are developed.

Colloidal silver on the other hand, when applied topically is too large to enter cells as ionic silver does. While CS can release ions, it is no where near the amount as you would get with a product that is 80% ionic or more. Another important difference between ionic silver and colloidal silver is that ionic silver has been shown to be up to 25 times more toxic to normal human cells.

Unfortunately, we consumers are in a tough spot when trying to determine if a commercial product is really colloidal silver or ionic silver because almost all manufacturers describe their products as "colloidal silver", even if they are wholly or mostly ionic silver and some products are mostly colloidal silver, but are also likely to contain a significant amount of ionic silver if not fully reduced to colloidal silver.. Generally, if the product is in a blue or brown bottle or it appears to be colorless like water, it is probably ionic silver. Reducing ionic silver to colloidal silver is another expense for CS manufacturers and consequently the majority of available products will be ionic silver or mostly ionic silver. If the product in question is in the yellow to brown color range, it is probably at least partially reduced colloidal silver.

In terms of cost, retail CS is expensive. Making it yourself requires an initial outlay that isn't always cheap, but once you have the correct equipment and materials to make high quality colloidal silver, it is very inexpensive to make it for the rest of your life.

The only way to be sure of what you have and what quality it is, is to make it yourself since no manufacturer that I am aware of actually describes their manufacturing process in detail. A good quality generator that at least has current regulation is a must and a computer controlled generator is the best in order to make high quality colloidal silver each and every batch.


Side Effects
Posted by Linda (Athens, Tx) on 04/03/2017

I used CS in a nasal rinse for a sinus infection and have now lost my taste and smell senses. Anyone else? Any recommendations? As a chef and business owner it is very important to taste and smell! HELP!

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

Linda: Take Zinc Lozenges. Some brands contain Vit-C which may or may not be good in your condition, and some contain Zinc & Elderberry, which is a favorite among many. Also rub Cod Liver Oil over the affected area.

These remedies will kill the infections and promote cellular regeneration or healing and so you can get your taste & smell back right away.

The event of the Colloidal Silver damaging your sinuses is an indication that your antioxidant status is poor. Increase your antioxidant foods as well as supplementation.

Side Effects
Posted by Trixie (Wichita, Ks) on 03/12/2015

I have a terrible flu right now, so I thought I'd go to the health food store and get some Colloidal silver. 15 minutes after taken it, I get this BAD BAD headache. I took it this morning - bad headache. I took it again a half an hour ago - bad headache again. I am going to take it back for a refund. It is costly, but I do not think it helps at all.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

T: Some Colloidal Silver products contain protein or "amino acid chelate" so to increase the PPM or concentration. In this case, if not stored in a cool & dark place and not exceed shelf-life, it can harbor bacteria. I know it sounds like a contradiction but that is the nature of proteins despite the environment. These types of bacteria are properly labeled "stealth".

To kill the bacteria fix two small copper wires to a 9 volt battery making sure they don't touch each other and submerge into the C.S. bottle for a few minutes. To be sure, empty the contents into a cooking pot and boil for a few minutes. And maybe repeat the zap again.

You may consider buying and making your own C.S. as no protein is added, and no problem.

Side Effects
Posted by Child Of Colloidal Silver Victim (USA) on 11/05/2013

WARNING: My father drank homemade colloidal silver for many years and it permanently turned his skin gray, his hair shiny white or yellow and his nails dark gray. He died this last month with multiple problems, many caused by the colloidal silver, including kidney failure, congestive heart failure, and a fast moving pancreatic cancer. DO NOT take silver in any form. It is a heavy metal and will cause toxicity in the body. We DO need silver and all the other minerals in trace amounts, but not in large enough amounts that warrant taking it special.

Eating food that grew in healthy soil will get you all the silver you need. If need be, build up your soil through natural means (compost, manure), then grow your own food. This is how to get a balance of all trace minerals. Do you suppose that a worm or other bug would be able to survive in a high concentration of silver?

Look up and see which nutrients are essential for health, then see the amounts needed. Iron is one, but if you take very much at all, you get a headache. It is the balance of nutrients in your body that keeps you well. Arsenic is also a trace mineral, but you certainly don't want to take any discernable amount or it will kill you.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

COCSV, do you know if external use is unhealthy?

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello "Child of Colloidal Silver Victim"

So sorry to hear about your dad and his argyria.

You said he made his own CS. Could you tell me how he did it. I've been looking for someone for a long time to tell me what process is used where the bad skin coloring side effects took place.

I've made my own for 20 years nearly and drink it five days a week and use topically and as an irrigation if infected. No side effects.

Again, I'm so sorry for what happened to your father. I too had a wonderful father and I gave him CS to drink daily for about fifteen years. His immune system was compromised and I had him on the CS to help kill fungal and viral invaders. He died at 88 years old of diabetes related issues. And his skin was as white as mine.

So because you were willing to write about your dad, would you please describe exactly how he made the Silver product he consumed. For instance, did he use strands of silver or pieces of silver? Did he use an electrical method or some other means of deriving the silver solution? Was the final product a "creamy" product or invisible in water? How often did he consume the product? How did he consume it? mouth on applied to skin? Anything you can do to describe his protocol in producing the silver product plus how he ingested the product might help others not to repeat in like manner.

Many of us who make CS would really appreciate knowing how this happened...argyria.

Thank you,


Replied by Jacqui
(South Australia)

Sorry to hear about your Dad's passing, but do you think the "home made" component of his taking silver was the contributory factor? His dose could have been off the scale in comparison to laboratory produced and tested colloidal silver.

Replied by Steve
(Nevada, United States)

Someone posted this and it seems like a troll to me. It would be nice if it was deleted as so many people including myself have benefitted from using CS. These kind of posts scare people away who might have gotten help.


Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Steve from Nevada,

When I read the victim of CS article I thought the same thing...this is a planted story.

So I wrote to the writer, but assumed the story was for real and asked the writer to describe in detail how the dad made the CS. We KNOW that properly made CS will not cause argyria. We know from experience. But I've been trying to find a few people who do suffer with argyria to find the way they made their CS. What in the world were they doing? The correct ...non "toxic" method is so simple, it's baffling to me how someone could get it wrong ... so I keep asking. One writer a month or so ago on EC said someone in his neighborhood had argyria and so I wrote that poster back and asked him if he could just contact that neighbor to make an inquiry. Poster wrote back neighbor with argyria had moved...or something like that.

So I keep "challengling" someone to tell me how the argyria victim actually produced his product and just can't find anybody who will "fess up" with details.

The issue that is unresolved with CS this: we all (except some odd group that get argyria) use the electric process...right?...OK, so the question is how to proceed ... by using a few grains of salt in the heated water to get conductive process quickly or to not add anything and just wait for thirty minutes, the latter being what I call the "slow" method. That method apparently produces a surface area of the silver particles less than the quicker method. The quicker method gives a larger surface area. But that is not necessairly bad. I've read articles that discuss the advantage of large surface area and have actually had my cs tested at a lab in comparison with two other commercial brands. Only difference in the photos of the three was surface area. Mine was a bit larger (visually).

I keep looking for a technical analysis that is definative: Mainly looking for a double blind study that demonstrates the superiority of one over the other. I'm open minded on this. My way may not be the best way but the way I've done it has worked for 20 years.

Steve, do you make your own; and if so by what method?

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Dave and/or Steve: Before this whole discussion on CS, I bought a bottle of it for external use, but now I just want to make sure it's useable stuff. It's in a brown hard plastic (not glass) "jar" and is 20 ppm. I can't see it's color because of the bottle color. I haven't opened it yet, as I want to be sure it's ok to use externally. What do you think?

Replied by Steve
(Nevada, United States)

I use a Silver Puppy. Makes great CS. I consider to be the best and easiest to use CS gen on the market. There are a couple of other good ones too like Silvergen and Wishgranted. Even with 3 or four 9v batteries, distilled water and some .9999 silver wire you can still make decent CS in a pinch.


Replied by Steve
(Nevada, United States)

I beleive if you are unsure how to make your own colloildal silver buy a trusted national brand. 10ppm works great for most people and is very safe. Steve

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hey there Mmsg in Europe,

On your unopened brown bottle of CS. Of course, you can use it. But why just external? I said on this EC site probably fifty times that I drink CS regularly and have for 20 years. For sore throat I gargle with it and poof, sore throat gone. If this were me, not knowing the effect of CS and having a nice little brown bottle of the stuff just sitting there looking pretty, well I'd at least experiment with it the first sinus infection I got. For sinus infection, I put in palm of my hand and sniff into will sting on both sides but on one side more than the other. Repeat ten min later. Usually, drainage follows and 90 percent of the time the infection is gone.

Best to you,


Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

Dave: I'm w/ you on this. After reading the post I was highly suspicious. If C.S. weren't easily obtainable AND effective antibiotic, there would be no need of opposition or defamation.

Let me share my C.S. production story. I bought a unit from AtlasNova which promotes a "slow cook" for up to 12 hrs at a 300 hz? power for the smallest particle at dense concentration. I don't have a meter so I can't tell ppm but the company supplies a laser light to help gage density. I cook 1/2 gallon mason jar batch at approx 500?(reading on ohmeter thingy) for about 4 hrs. I do not heat or add salt. To speed the process A.N. recommends adding a few spoons of C.S. from the previous batch (i find no real difference either way here).

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

To Timh

Re Colloidal Silver production methods.

Thank you so much for relaying your method. Your method is the opposite of how I do mine. Yours is slow and does not use any conductive add in, while I use a bit of salt, and I call mine "fast"....not using the term "slow" as derisive...your's could be more effective than mine.

Wouldn't it be interesting to compare and contrast on effectiveness. You've obvioulsly gotten good results from your "slow" process as I from my "fast" method.

Once I did use another commercial "super" silver supposedly producing very small particulates of silver and tried it on my stuborn (allergy caused?) sinus stuffiness. Had it since youth and so every year would have five or six bad colds. Often that would turn into bronchitis. But twenty years ago started up on the CS (fast method is how I was taught by a very tech smart guy)...and since then no colds except maybe once every two years and only two cases of broncitis in 20 years.

But I digress (which often I do), and relate the rest of the story: I was taking the super commercial brand of very small particle CS every day and, what do you know, suddenly I start up with a sinus infection. Can tell they are coming in a minute. So doubled up on the commercial super CS and the sinus infection got worse!

Doubled up again. Worse...and then knew I had to go to my "dirty low down fast CS" and BAM! ...knocked the infection out in one App!

So that taught me a big lesson. Not all CSs are equally potent and some may be worthless.

What I'd love to try is some study which actually tried different CSs both in vivo and vitro. But remember: "In Vivo veritas" so the practical use and effect on a living human is superior to lab results from petri dishes. That's why our anacdotal results are compelling even though not double blind.

I have tons of bout you?

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Thanks, Dave, for setting my mind at ease on this. Would you happen to know the effects of dabbing it on a basal cell epithelioma? In this case the goal is not healing the open sore as yet, the goal is pulling out what's under there (a bump that is getting smaller with application of all sorts of remedies).

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

Unfortunately, my case is complicated by complexity & severity so I have never achieved substantial improvement w/ C.S. overall w/ the exception of an eye infection that after 1 wk prescription anti inflammatory & antibiotic use proved useless. So I did some C.S. drops 2 times day for 2 days and boom, no more infection.

A few yrs back, prior to my own generator, I purchased a Silver product and seemed to encounter a staff infection or something in the gut. I researched and found that C.S. bound to protein has problems w/ shelf life or heat which can decompose the protein. Anyway, I heated the product on cooking stove and continued using w/ no more problems.

Presntly, in the attempt to treat chronic fungal & mycoplasma infection, I take 2 caps Berberine 2 caps Oregon Grape, then a hot bath w/ Borax and Iodine. Fallowing the bath I drink about 8oz C.S., all with a few days improvement.

Side Effects
Posted by Bradshad (Providence, Rhode Island) on 01/24/2012

I see alot of people talk about Colloidal silver. There is a warning that should go along with it. Some brands may cause you to turn permanently blue. I think the condition is called Agyria. Look it up. I listened to a webinar about nsp. They claim you can drink there whole bottle and not get Agyria. Food for thought. Stay well.

Replied by Michael
(Ohio, US)

There are only 10 known cases of people actually turning blue. The one man who was called the blue man, actually used salt to make his CS. The bigger the particles the more prone to be trapped in your body. He stated he took 20 times the dosage for 35 years! So the lesson here is, use 20 PPM and dosage is easy to calculate:

Your body weight x 12 divided my PPM = number of drops. Example, if you're 125 pounds, and you're using a 10 ppm colloidal silver solution, you'd multiply 12 times 125 = 1,500. Then divide 1,500 by 10 (ppm), which is 150.

So at a body weight of 125 pounds, you can safely take 150 drops of colloidal silver per day, for your entire life, according to the Silver Safety Council. That's a little bit over a teaspoonful a day.

Replied by men
(Edinburgh (City of))

Are you sure it was not one of the actors from AVATAR your talking about? I've made my own CS for years and take it all the time and it has cured many many ailments for me and my family...

Side Effects
Posted by Rebel (Somewhere, Usa) on 11/30/2011

Well Bill maybe I have overlooked what you or Ted has said about colloidal silver on here. But there is so much information on silver that I am just down right confused. About the PPM??? the color???

I purchased some silver from a place that really seems to know there stuff when it comes to herbs, minerials ect. They even do hair test. They sale 500PPM that is dark brown. My local health food store sales sovereign silver which is clear and 10PPM. The guy at the health food store says this is absolutly the very best. On curezone, lots of debate on color and PPM.

Since silver is a metal, Is it safe??? And if so, what PPM and color should the silver be??? It did seem to make my sons dry cough go away using the clear 10PPM.

I need some guidance on this subject and there is a lady out there that swears silver is not safe and turned her skin grey and it is permenant. She says people often visit her website and are embarrassed after they trusted manufacturers and took the silver and it turned them grey as well.

I don't see where you or Ted talk about silver to much. What about Gold also as long as we are on the subject.

Replied by Cc
(Slc, Utah)

You should buy the book called "Colloidal Silver Medical Uses, Toxicology & Manufacture" by John Hill. You can get it on Amazon.

Replied by Jennywren
(Perth, Western Australia, Australia)

According to what I've read and to what I understand of it, argyria (turning blue) is generally what people get if they (a) make and drink silver that is very high in silver particles or they don't use proper water and/or (b) drink enormous quantities of it (c) for a long time. There's not many of them around. With the lady who turned blue after being given it to her by her doctor (around 50 years ago), it has been said the amount of silver in her nasal drops was very high, and hence the blue/grey tint to her skin. Nowadays it seems we understand this much better and commercial silvers have (or should have! ) a much lower ppm (parts per million) of silver that are suspended in pure water. I use _______ 'My Colloidal Silver', which has a high alkalinity (I'm a very acidic person) and 20ppm. It is clear and has cured many, many ailments in my family. It's expensive too, unfortunately. But we are still rosy cheeked! ;) Hope this helps!!

Replied by Mark
(Newton Abbot, Devon Uk)

Rebel, I understand your confusion, I too was once as confused as you appear in you post. However, after around 10 years of making my own silver reading and researching I finally got it. If you read my post ''HOME MADE SILVER '' you to will get it once and for all and no one will ever turn blue with this silver! Mark

Side Effects
Posted by Cwilly (Kennewick, Wa, Usa) on 02/22/2011

Has anyone ever experienced a change in body scent from using silver hydrosol? I started giving it to my son and taking it myself a week or so ago. My son who is 12 has been on various medications for a genetic immune deficiency and also gets immuneglobulin infusions monthly. I have noticed a very strong odor coming off him since I started giving him the silver - 1tsp per day. It is not b.o. or that typical musky odor. I have never smelled any odor like it before.

He does not drink enough water which I am always after him to do. I'm thinking he may need to drink more to flush out his tissues? I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

Replied by Lisa
(Waynesboro, Va)

I noticed that at times there is an odor if I am taking a bath; a sort of a metal smell. It seems that I can also detect an odor with Hydrogen peroxide. it could be that drinking water may flush it through.

Replied by Cwilly
(Kennewick, Wa, Usa)

After 2 weeks the smell is finally starting to go away. I also remembered that he had gotten his IVIG therapy the same day I started giving him the silver. Maybe it was a reaction between the two? I have had him drink nothing but 9.5 alkaline water. He barely drinks 30 oz per day but that is an improvement over his normal habits. Also gave him olive leaf extract a few times along with his regular vitamins. So far no other effects except he has been a little extra tired.

I would still love to get any reader feedback.

blessings, cw

Replied by Brenda
(Springfield, Il)

When I take CS, I always notice a "metal" odor in my urine. It is sometimes extremely strong. But the longer I take CS, the odor minimizes. I believe the odor is a product of detoxification. I do drink lots of water to help flush it away.

Side Effects
Posted by Jillian (Toronto, On) on 08/07/2010

Hi, can someone please help me understand why after spraying CS into my throat I get an achy feeling on one side of my tongue/throat. If I drink something after CS - the feeling goes away. Why is that? I dont have any ache generally prior to spraying the silver. It is the same feeling as if someone is developing a sore throat/tongue on one side. I do not cough nor do I have any pain in my throat usually. Appreciate your help.

Replied by Stephanie
(Town Of Turtle, Wisconsin)

Today is day #2 of taking Colloidal Silver... Experiencing shivers throughout whole body. I'm not "freezing" but if I think about it I notice my whole body is having chills. I'm only ingesting 1/2 tblsp/day to get rid of sore throat and earache. Could I be doing something wrong or do I need to add something else to my regimen?

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Take less, or try a different remedy on this site. Always back down when having side effects. If that makes it take longer to heal, so be it.

Side Effects
Posted by Cathy (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) on 02/08/2010

I have been ingesting 5ml of Colloidal Silver per day for a week and it has make me sick. I have a sore throat and feel terrible. I won't be using it again.

Replied by Mark
(Las Vegas)

That's called a Detox. Unless you have a rare silver alergy. Some things don't work for some people. I personally can't use Lauricidin I get very sick everytime and never saw any benefit. Silver works for me.

Side Effects
Posted by Julles (Portsmouth, England) on 07/13/2009

First I took hydrogen peroxide for 3 weeks, for what seemed like flu, and candida, and I have hypothothyroidism and I get very cold on public transport, the windows being wide open in all weathers , and I also live in a draughty and cold house, the hydrogen peroxide didnt seem to be working fast enough, or the cider vinegar or the cayenne - so I got some collidal silver, as I suffered from these conditions for way too long now, and take 1 teaspoon of colloidal silver twice a day, as I catch cold easily, probably due to faulty amalgums.

I did not expect to experience very bad cold sweats, and nausea, this coldness and sweat will not go away, and is very debilitating resulting in many changes of clothes, also aching gums, and tiredness, is this a continuing herxeimer effect, or am I not doing something right? I have a healthy diet with lots of fruit and veg, and have lately started taking live yogurt, and also lemon juice.

Replied by Connie
(Manitowoc, Wisconsin)

It might be Herx :/ The first day I used silver my upper jaw area hurt, especially near the ears and sinus. And I'm currently trying to get rid of a sore throat and sinus infection. I was bit by a tic years ago and did not notice a rash, but now I have symptoms of Lyme disease.

Replied by Scooter
(Yanceyville, Nc)

When you are taking several powerful remedies for the same thing your body may get confused. It would be wise to take just one for awhile and wait for its results and then change to another. When I started taking Colloidal Silver I stopped taking the apple cider vinegar on a daily basis. Before taking the CS I had a unusual pain in my chest area behind my left breast. When I started taking the CS the pain started moving until it was over my right breast. I pondered what to do, stop taking or keep taking the silver. In the meantime, I always developed this belching problem when I started on the CS. I decided to keep taking it b/c I felt strongly it was doing my body some good. After 2 weeks the pain that I had been experiencing in my chest for several yrs now is completelt GONE!!! And the belching has decreased quite a bit. I believe CS is good for human comsumption, but one much use good common sense and use it wisely. If the pain in my chest had increased after 2 wks I would have stopped taking the silver. Personally, I feel it cleaned out my arteries. Oh, I use to get mouth cankers that last at least 3 miserible weeks. I got one last one that never fully developed and it is totally gone! I beleive CS works as a detox and as a repairer of harm that has been done to the body whatever causes. Thank God for its existence and availability!

Replied by Terry
(Qulin, Missouri)

In reference to a person turning blue from Colloidal Silver... that only happens if a person incorrectly makes their own. However, the statement that argyria or turning blue is irreversible is not true. It was discovered that semsc selenium would slowly chelate the silver out of the body, but may take a couple of years. I believe nothing is irreversible or uncurable, we just have not found or released the solution yet.