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| Modified on Jun 23, 2021

Vitamin C
Posted by Kiera (Port Arthur, Texas) on 06/19/2015
5 out of 5 stars

So the first time I ever got bv was my freshman year in college; 4 years ago and it was so painful I could barely walk, and it smelled horribly. I was given antibiotics by the school's clinic which cleared it up in 2 days. Unfortunately its been reoccurring very frequently and ive tried everything from prescription creams to Apple cidar vinegar. My ph levels are always unbalanced whether I have sex with the same partner over and over or not. Luckily, every occurrence since then has been mild with just a mild order that worsens during sex and discharge ive been able to mask me doing the day but its definitely noticeable during sex. I was getting so frustrated but yesterday I read a blog of someone who tried vitamin c with rosehip pills and inserted them inside of her vag and theyd seemed to work and pretty quickly so today I sought out these pills but was unable to find the pills which included rosehip from any local store so I just tried the vitamin c pills alone 1000 mg. They worked!!! At first my vag was a bit irritable but probably because the mg count was a bit high I recommend starting with 250-500mg to avoid the 2-3 hour irritation. However, 13 hrs later, the order is gone and I haven't had foul discharge all day. Normally I can stick my finger up there and would get white discharge on my finger and a collectible amount underneath my fingernail but nope, nada! Im so glad ive finally found something that works because reoccurring bv surely knows how to make you miserable, loose confidence, and run up your clinical bills and visits. Lol

Vitamin C
Posted by Monica (Los Angeles, CA) on 05/26/2009
5 out of 5 stars

First of all, my heart truly goes out to all BV sufferers. It is the worst thing I've had to deal with as a female. I've been dealing with it off and on for over ten years. When the antibiotics didn't work and only worsened things, I started looking to home remedies, which proved to be more effective. My first home remedy was a store-bought suppository for yeast infections that contained BORIC ACID. This really cured the BV infection prior to my most recent one. When I acquired my most recent infection, I went to purchase the product but learned that BORIC ACID was no longer an active ingredient as the FDA ordered the makers to pull it from the market. I tried the new formula, and it did nothing for me. So here are the steps I took to cure my latest infection.

Made my own BORIC ACID pills: I used the suppositories every night for one week. This remedy cause LOTS of discharge as well. This did not work for me this time around. I have no idea why, but it just didn't work. It does work for many women, but all women are not the same, and it failed me this last time.

HYDROGEN PERODIXE DOUCHE: I started out 50/50 water/hydrogen perodixe. This really helped with the symptoms and gave me some relief but did not stop the discharge. I then graduated to a full-strength hydrogen peroxide only douche. I do not recommend this for women who are experiencing buring or sensitivity as a result of BV. For me, it was OK and did not burn as I was not experiencing burning. This kept discharge and irritation under control, but it did not cure my infection.

FOLIC ACID: 800 mg in the AM and PM. Did nothing for me.

PROBIOTIC SUPPOSITORY: Did nothing for me.

TEA TREE OIL DOUCHE: I did this for one night after the hydrogen peroxide douche did not work. This was OK, but I did not see any improvement. In fact, I felt more irritated after douching.

TEA TREE OIL SUPPOSITORY: Smells awful, and it really did not work for me.

WHAT FINALLY WORKED: VITAMIN C SUPPOSITORY! After hours and hours of research looking for remedies, I came across an excerpt from a book titled the Women's Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine. In it were some home remedies for "vaginitis." One entry was on the use of VITAMIN C 250 mg as a suppository for 6 days straight. After reading the entry, I did some further research and found studies online citing some great results with VITAMIN C suppositories. The research stated tha the ascorbic acid in a 250 mg tablet of VITAMIN C helps to acidify the vagina, thus lowering the PH and making it a favorable environment for lactobaccili and NONfavorable environment for nonbeneficial bacterial. I figured, what the heck, I've tried everything else. Here's what I did. I went to a popular vitamin store and purchaesed a bottle of straight VITAMIN C 250 mg. Make sure that you are using straight VITAMIN C. There are many Vitamin C combo pills that are buffered, contain rose hips, calcium, etc. You do not want to use any Vitamin C that contains other minerals. (((NOTE: Many drug stores did not carry Vitamin C 250 mg. I couldn't even find it in a popular natural foods chain store, which is why I went to a vitamin store. They carry more varieties.)))

Once I purchased the pills, I went home and inserted one pill that night. The next morning, I had a lot of the typical white BV discharge but I continued. The second night, I did the same thing. The next morning. I did not notice any discharge except for the gritty discharge from the suppository PLUS no BV odor. I continued and did not notice ANYMORE white discharge or odor for the rest of the six days. You will notice the gritty discharge from the pill throughout treatment, but that's pretty much it. Also, the discharge is NOT even close to that when using boric acid suppositories. My theory was that the first night, the acid from the pill was causing my vagina to flush itself of the bad bacteria.

As for women who have used this remedy and reported serious irritation, I wonder if they used too high of a dosage. I couldn't find anything lower than 500 mg at my local drug store, which is TWICE the recommended dosage. So if you are doubling the dosage, that's twice the acid. This is probably why there's so much irritation. Make sure to get the 250 mg. My bottle cost $2.99.

Also noted in the exceprt I read was using supplementation as a means to maintain the vaginal mucosa. It said vitamin A was a good supplement to maintain vaginal mucosa as well as vitamin C.

I hope this works for you. Remember, we are all different. What works for one woman may not work for another. I tried just about every POPULAR home remedy from Earth Clinic and shoved whatever I thought would work into my vagina until I FINALLY found some relief. This will be my go to method when I start to feel that all-too-familiar feeling of BV creeping up on me.

Vitamin C
Posted by Lauren (Destin, Fl) on 12/29/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I have suffered from BV on and off for a very long time. I have always had to take antibiotics to get rid of it but it always comes back!! I did some research about natural remedies..I tried tea tree oil dipped in tampon...terrible. Burns and just doesnt work. Next I tried taking folic acid, probiotics, and b12 for two weeks and nothing.

My last try was inserting Vitamin C with rosehips vaginally for 5 days straight (overnight) by day 1 the nasty smell was GONE. Finally relief. It has been 2 weeks after the 5 day regiment and I am completely BV free. Give this a try ladies I hope I never have to deal with BV ever again!! I will add that I am still continuing to take folic acid, probiotocs, and b12 daily (orally) just to cover the basis and help bad bacteria stay away. Hope this helps even one person!! I know how awful BV is. Especially when its reoccurent.

Vitamin C
Posted by D.m. (Orlando, Fl) on 02/16/2013
5 out of 5 stars

After a round of antibiotics in October to treat my strep throat, I came down with BV. I have never had any issues like this before and so it was incredibly frustrating and embarrassing. The gynecologist prescribed me Clindamycin cream which is another antibiotic that you put inside your vagina. If an antibiotic CAUSED this problem, why would I use an antibiotic to treat it?? Also, the side effects were scary. There have been no studies on whether or not it causes cancer or effects fertility either. So I decided against using it. I spent a few days on the computer looking up remedies and cures and found several posts about vitamin C being used as a cure. Canada and European countries have a prescription vitamin C suppository on the market for treatment of BV, but of course you can't get it in America. So what I did was run over to my nearest health foods store and buy empty capsules and a vitamin c powder and I made my own suppositories! I read that you are to use around 250mg at night for 4 to 5 nights. So before bed I would insert one capsule and it would dissolve while I slept. I IMMEDIATELY noticed a difference. No odor, weird color discharge or itch the next morning. I kept it up for the full 5 days and I have been BV free for the past 4 months. I am so happy that I didn't end up being one of the women who struggled with this for years! If it ever comes back, I know just what to do!

Vitamin C
Posted by Hattie (Uk) on 10/26/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Ladies,

I really do feel for you all who are suffering with BV. I can honestly say I had never even heard of it before I did the classic thing and googled the symptoms and self-diagnosed -- correctly for once this time!

I finally went to the doctors after a few weeks of over washing myself (paranoid I had somehow developed a hygiene problem suddenly) and informed them of my symptoms - all the classic (and highly unpleasant and embarrassing to admit) odor etc.
They did a number of tests, various candida tests for Thrush and BV along with routine sexual health tests as I had a new partner and after patiently waiting for a week to receive what I thought would be pretty inevitable results, I was in fact informed I have Thrush.

If any of you have had thrush, I am sure you all know that it is known not to have the odor that is so iconic with BV so highly disappointed but slightly hopeful, I trudged off to the pharmacy to collect my treatment. A small pill, some cream and 48 hours later, I was exactly the same. No change. Still unbearably dealing with the smell and discomfort.

Needless to say, I lost all confidence and with a new partner, I was feeling pretty low as sex was far from pleasant but seemed to be the only way I could gauge if the smell was better or worse after each treatment I tried.

After numerous conversations with my doctors who were adamant that my BV test came back clear, I took matters into my own hands.

I did my research and after reading some very sad stories about women who had been dealing this for over 10 years, I thought the future looked pretty bleak for me being aged 24 and in what I thought was in the prime of my sexual health.

I tried everything over the counter but refused to take the standard antibiotics they prescribe after reading that they only seemed to be a short term fix and had horrific side-effects. I was still at a loss and dare I say quite out of pocket as these things aren't cheap!!

I read some articles about vitamin C tablets with Rose Hip and I thought I would give it a go. I have to say, I was dubious to say the least and also a little hesitant but I inserted one of the Vitamin tablets and after 1 day alone, my symptoms had drastically improved - I can honestly say it was like a miracle!

Be aware that there will be a little leakage of some strangely orangey/yellow gunk but don't let this alarm you, it's just the Vit C working it's magic.

After a couple of days of using this I used raw organic coconut oil to soothe the area and pushed a little up into the vagina - it has fantastic antiseptic and antifungal properties and also has a subtle and pleasant smell. Note: I popped a little of this on/in just before intimacy as it's soothing and lubricating and good for both of you!

Hey presto, I am completely back to normal and couldn't be happier after just a couple of days of treatment. A few weeks down the line now and I am brimming with body confidence again after being so paranoid and uncomfortable before.

I don't usually write posts - and this is a lengthy one! - but if I can be of any help to even just one woman then that's great.

Try the natural method ladies, it worked for me!! Good luck Xx

Vitamin C
Posted by A.D. (Sacramento, Ca) on 07/05/2015
1 out of 5 stars


I just want to talk about the vitamin c with rose hips. I've tried it and omg there has been the odor coming from my private that just wont stop it smells like a diaper uggh ive went through two packs of panty liners in three days its so embarrassing and im just stuck in the house cause once I start walking around the smell begans. Just be careful and do more research. I've dealt with bv for about 6 yrs and I'm about ready to put a bomb lol up there and call it a day I hate this and I won't have sex with my husband he's very understanding. But its not fair. Tread lightly ladies.

Vitamin C
Posted by Erin (Los Angeles, Ca) on 12/16/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I have had recurring BV after certain men. I am certain that it is the pH in their semen that throws me off and caused my pH to rise causing BV. I just read online that inserting a vitamin C with rosehips (500mg) tablet deep up into the vagina would help. I had the slight scent of bv coming on so I did that last night and now it smells perfect! Slight irritation when the vitamin discharge leaked out but in the morning it was nice and moist up there and the fishy smell never even got a chance to develope. there was a slight graininess due to the vitamin dissolving in the vagina but I think this may be a nice, mild preventative method. I will be doing this a few times a week and after I have sex. Good luck ladies!

Vitamin C
Posted by Reba (Raleigh, NC) on 12/14/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Vitamin C is working for me! I have been dealing with BV for over a year and I was starting to lose hope.. I have tried EVERYTHING.. Tea tree oil tampons, tea tree oil and hydrogen peroxide tampons, hydrogen peroxide douches (in every dilution imaginable, w/ and w/o tea trea and/or lavender oil), ACV douche, ACV sitz bath, probiotic vag suppositories, coconut oil and tea tree oil vag suppositories, folic acid, vitamin b, vitamin d, homeopathic bv capsules... I'm sure I'm forgetting something.. Anyway, I was pretty much to the point that I wanted to give up and just stop caring. But last night I saw the posts here about using vitamin C vaginally.. And it worked! I have not felt this "fresh, " for this long, in MONTHS. For the past few months my routine has been to douche with 4 oz of hydrogen peroxide, 6 oz of distilled water and tea tree and/or lavender oils (the amount depended on how I was feeling (smelling) that day. Usually that would work for an hour or so, but the smell and discharge would come back throughout the day.

This morning, all I did was insert half of a 500mg tablet of vitamin C (make sure it has no sugar or other fillers, and make sure it is just vitamin C) into my vagina before I left for work. I used a little jojoba oil and a drop of TTO to coat it. There was a lot of discharge for a few hours, and then it subsided, and now I smell like myself again! That was 11 hours ago and there is no trace of that fishy odor or gross discharge! I feel amazing! I'm going to continue with all the vitamins* indefinitely and the vitamin C for two weeks every night before bed, and will report back!

*For those who are interested, here's the details about my current vitamin regimine:
-prenatal vitamin
-super b complex (includes 150mg vitamin c, 400mcg folic acid)
-800mcg folic acid
-a complete probiotic capsule (contains 5 billion active cells)
-a homeopathic BV capsule
-5000 IU's of vitamin D3 (I use the liquid kind that has to be refrigerated)
-I make sure to consume some coconut oil every day (on toast, in a capsule, or used in cooking - yum! ) I don't know if it's helping with the BV specifically, but it's something I recently started doing so I thought it was worth mentioning!
-I try and watch my sugar intake! (not very well lately! Holidays and all! )
-No Soap! I used to use baby shampoo to wash my lady parts, but no more. Now I just use my hand with warm water, or diluted hydrogen peroxide, or ACV if I'm feeling especially "not so fresh."

I hope this helps someone!

Vitamin C
Posted by Susan (Oceanside, Ca ) on 05/19/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I feel like I have to add my input after dealing with my second round of BV I started reading about Vit C and FINALLY the odor is gone. When I first got BV I took the antibiotics from the doc. Everything seemed normal until 3 days later it came back. So, I did my own research and used 500 mg of Vit C with rosehips. I did the recommended 6 days. The first couple days nothing really changed. I had gross discharge (the Vit C mixing with my discharge) so I didn't want to continue but I did. I had a little bit of spotting on day 3, day 4 I got a big GUSH of fluid (which I believe is my vagina cleaning itself) Then day 5 everything was normal. Day 6 time for sexy time!!! Hopefully it doesn't come back but I think we all react differently. This helped me and hopefully it will help other dealing with BV because it really does consume your everyday life. My doctor thinks my pH was thrown off by using Summers Eves wash down there, so I'd steer clear of trying soaps. Just water and sometimes I'd wash with a drop of Tea Tree oil.

Vitamin C
Posted by Darya (Edgewood, Maryland) on 05/07/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Just wanted to let you know all of you ladies who suffer from BV that there's natural, safe and effective remedy with no side effects! I've been dealing with BV for 6 months, antibiotics didn't work for me. I came across this product available in Canada and Europe, which is basically an ascorbic acid. I decided to give it a go and tried using plain vitamin C tablets. I picked up Vitamin C 255 mg in a tablet form and used it as a suppository overnight for the next 2 weeks. When I finished the treatment I was BV free.

Vitamin C is proven to restore vaginal PH level. It needs to be at least 250 mg used over the course of at least 6 days (can be repeated). It's been 2 months and my BV hasn't returned. Give it a try!

Vitamin C
Posted by Jayne (Ohio) on 06/07/2013
1 out of 5 stars

I tried half of a vitamin pill. I inserted it as far as I could.. I then tried to go to sleep. When I turned over to my side I was hit with the worst pain EVER. My word the burn was intense. I was screaming. I was seriously screaming on the bathroom floor with a cold rag on my lady parts. Trying to push it out. Ouch...

Vitamin C
Posted by Bianca (Newark, Delaware) on 12/11/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Vitamin C works very well for BV. I used vitamin c vaginally for a week and 3 days. I discontinued use because it was too much acid it was irritaring my vagina but continued taken the flinstone vitamins with extra vitamin C plus a vitamin C pill plus an A&D supplement. After I stopped taken the vitamin C pill vaginally the smell went away but the itching and discharge continued but with in a week the discharge was gone but the itching was still there aweek later the itching was gone. After I got my period it itched alil bit and my pee smelled strong like ammonia. Which means that during my period my vagina is a bit more acidy then usual so drinking water will eleviate that from even happening. I now have a small case of BV but its goin away.. no more smell.. no more more itiching.. only reason why i know i still have BV is because when I check to see if its still there my vagina is still sorta moist ...

PS: I took 2 to 3 vitamin c pills a day.. 1 a&d supplement and 1 flinstone pill.. after 2 weeks decrease the amount of Vitamin C u take..too much of anything is bad.. I now only take 1 vitamin C pill a day along with my flinstone pill and my a&d supplement..

Vitamin C
Posted by Homeremedythatworks (Mo) on 12/24/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Being a holiday weekend- no dr offices open :/ Just got off my period which tends to throw my body off every few mths... so I was desperate amd came online to look up any home remedy!!!! I read alot of reviews on the Vitamin C w Rosehip insertion vagionally- sooo I went to the locals pharmacy and they had these pills (not chewables because they contain sugar or sweetners- NOT a bright idea) sooo got the 1000mg (I read review for both and either is completely ok and I was desperate lol) sooo I got them and inserted.... 5 hrs later- already signs of relief!!!!!! I'm estatic that not only does this mean I don't have to have my embarassing vag appointments but its a quick easy fix....its all about our Ph balance ...I hope this helps someone because I'm completely tossed through a hoop on this!!! Instead of the pills we will get from our drs :/

Vitamin C
Posted by Jiriji (Australia) on 08/09/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I tried the Vitamin C cure last week. I inserted one 1000mcg vit c pill into my vagina and kept it in place overnight with a tampon sprayed with olive oil.

It worked fantastically well! Instant cure and no more unpleasant odour!

I have decided to do this once a week as a preventative measure. The only change I have made is to wear underwear with a pantyliner because the dissolving pill can cause orange staining the next day.

I can't believe this works so well and am ecstatic with the result. I feel clean again!

Vitamin C
Posted by Specialk (Philadelphia) on 03/07/2017

I read - Treatment Left untreated BV goes away on it's own 30% of the time. There are prescription products which are antibiotic based (oral pills or vaginal creams) which restore bacterial balance. Or you can use BUFFERED or Ester vitamin C 500-1000mg (regular Vit. C will BURN) inserted vaginally one at night for 1-5 nights (experiment, sometimes if it is mild one night will treat.) You will get a watery discharge each day following treatment, so wear a pad.

Vitamin C
Posted by Hellothere (Ny) on 06/06/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I've been a BV sufferer for a while but the vitamin c does work! But it will burn horribly if you place it in/near your labia. You must push it all the way up into your vagina! I do it at night and wear a panty liner. I take a tablet and bite it into little pieces like a little bit bigger than sesame seed size and put it in an applicator (it's ok if you don't have one, use your finger) squat down in the shower and open yourself and place it in there. If you feel any burning take it out because it'll feel horrible!

Vitamin C
Posted by Justjes (California) on 03/18/2015
5 out of 5 stars

For BV, use Vitamin c with rosehips. Don't get the the chewable one. I got the 500mg and inserted one at night, literally the next day I could tell the difference. Total game changer. Don't overdo it or it could burn a little from the citric acid. Do just one, once a day. Two days and it was gone.