Turmeric and Oregano Oil for Folliculitis

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Posted by Dave The Kiwi (Auckland) on 08/11/2015 6 posts

Hi all

I have suffered form scalp folliculitis for about 15 years I think. I did try antibiotics years back and whilst they worked for a while, the problem came back worse than ever thereafter. So I decided to try and find a natural rememdy.

There is a long list of things I have tried. Steeped garlic, ACV, tea tree oil, African black soap, Head and shoulders shampoo, Emu oil, Emu Relief Balm, Witch Hazel, Tumeric powder and capsules, listerine, Neem oil, collidial silver, malt vinegar and probably a few other things that I have forgotten.

But I think I am now on to something. I am using a 3 pronged attack. T Gel shampoo every day ( Neutrogena - yes it smells ), Turmeric capsules ( 4 x 600mg per day split 2 in morn and 2 in evening ) and 3 x Oil of Oregano ( 1500 mg capsules with 2 in morn and one in afternoon ).

There is a significant improvement in my scalp condition with no new lesions and all the others healing.... wow!!!!

So weird to finally see an improvement!!! I hope this helps others!!


Update1 and about a week on. No new breakouts. I have modified my attack slightly to try and maintain the upper hand. Its almost like when I look at what I have used before that the enemy adapts to what I am using and builds up a resistance to it. So my new attack is an increase in Oregano oil to 3 of same capsules in morn and 2 in afternoon and 2 same Tumeric ( Circumen) capsules in morn and 2 in afternoon. I am continuing with the dailt TGel shampoo as well as using Witchs Hazel through out day. I am going to win this!!

Replied by Dave The Kiwi
(Auckland, New Zealand)
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Another update on my scalp folliculitis.

I continue on with the same daily dosage of Oil of Oregano caps and Tumeric caps. A couple of very minor flare ups on healing lesions and a very small number of minor new lesions. But these seem to be healing quickly. Scalp better than it has been in years.

Only changes to daily procedure is from time to time I nip a Oregano cap and then pour the oil on to my scalp. Seems to help. I also alternative shampoos between T/gel as already mentioned and a new one called Jasons Dandruff relief shampoo. Battle goes on ....

Replied by Patty

I also have scalp folliculitis and have tried all the things that you have tried including antibiotics for almost a month. I am just now trying the turmeric with oil and bromelaine to help absorb the turmeric. I also use a shampoo and conditioner with tea-tree and peppermint and rosemary and eucalyptus which does not seem to help with my breakout of small lesions on my scalp and does not seem help with the loss of hair of which I have been loosing for over a year now and have already lost half of the hair that I once had. I also took oregano oil internally and externally on my scalp but that did not seem to do much good. maybe these things are keeping it from being much worse , I don't know. I have decide to start taking 2,800 mg of turmeric per day in divided doses, half in the morning and half in the evening with some fats like milk, or coconut milk and almond milk together or coconut oil. I was wondering if you are having any luck with your program. I read on this site to give it time, maybe a few weeks to a few months to see if it will work. someone said to take the turmeric powder and put it in warm milk and it works better that way so I will try this, have you tried to take the turmeric this way? Let me know how your program is going for you and maybe we can help each other with advice. I would appreciate any thing you have to offer.

Replied by Dave
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Hi Patty

Still taking same dosage. I do still have an occasional flare up but overall I pretty much have it under control with the meds I am taking. The other thing is the lesions are way smaller than what I used to get so I really think the Oil of Oregano / Turmeric capsules are working better than anything else I have tried.

I was hopeful of clearing it completely but not so far....

Keep u updated and really appreciate if you can do same mate. Cheers


Hi Dave,

I am still on 1,500 mill of turmeric 2 x per day with a good fat like avocado and Greek Yogurt in a smoothie and I also put 1/4 teaspoon of plain ground black pepper in my smoothie or with a small glass of whole milk as the fats help the body to absorb the turmeric and they say the black pepper will help the body absorb the turmeric 2,000 x better so I do this with both my doses once in the morning and again at night when I take my second dose.

The turmeric also took the pain away that I was experiencing in my spine from arthritis and pinched nerves so that was a nice surprise. My derm also told me to use an over the counter antiseptic/antimicrobial skin cleanser ( chlorhexidine ) on my scalp and body once a week to kill off bacteria and change my pillow cases every day and also the sheets if I have any sores on the rest of my body which I do have a few here and there but they are slowly getting less and less now so hoping they will be completely gone in a few more weeks of doing these things.

I have no more sores on my scalp but it does get sore from time to time, so when I feel the soreness coming back I get out my heating pad or hair dryer and warm up my scalp to open up my pores and then spray listerine mouthwash ( that I have also warmed up a little) and spray it on my sore spots which is mostly the crown of my head that gets sore, and the soreness is either gone or almost gone the next day, if its not all the way gone then I will respray it again and that will usually do the trick. I only use the yellow colored listerine. the antiseptic, (chlorhexidine) and the listerine will dry out the hair so I'm careful about using it to often but I also try and condition my hair often. anyway, I also take a good strong probiotic and drink kifer which is better than yogurt as it is full of probiotics and will help with the immune system. I am also going to start taking a real good whole foods vitamins that has lots of Bs in it and minerals and other good stuff, and I will also get on vitamin C, milk thistle and omega 3 krill oil. I already take a tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar in a little glass of non-concentrated pineapple juice in the morning and at night before I eat.

I do feel lots better and my hair has almost stopped falling out now, and like I said, I have no more sores on my scalp but just itty bitty ones on my neck or back that seem to be getting less and less so I hope I do not have any more outbreaks of folliculitis on my scalp in the future.

Replied by Dave The Kiwi
(Auckland, New Zealand)
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Abit of an update. I think I may have overdosed on Oregano oil as I had rashes come up so have now stopped taking that.

But I have tried something new over the last 2 weeks that seems to be really making a difference - Tamanu Oil. It is from Vanuatu in the Southern pacific ocean. It is very cheap as well which is a bonus.

I apply about 8 times a day on scalp - u can notice a difference even in 24 hours it is that good.

Worth trying guys. Hope it helps.


Replied by Vi
(Boston, Ma)

What were the results of using this combination? Turmeric is a natural blood thinner and I believe oil of oregano may be, as well, so I am very curious about your health and well being while you were taking that treatment. I hope all is well.

Dave The Kiwi
(Auckland, New Zealand)
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Hi, Sorry seemed to have missed your initial comment. Health all good :))

Yep I reckon I might have got abit carried away with the self meds :))) anyway see my reply to Freddie below - save me typing twice. Cheers

Replied by Frddie

Dave - are you still using Tumeric with Tamanu Oil plus T Gel? Oregano oil is pretty strong. I wonder if using a bit less would still work. Thanks.

Replied by Dave The Kiwi
(Auckland, New Zealand)
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Moved on a little. I now use 2 shampoos and either abit of Witch Hazel or hand sanitizer which also works well. The breakouts are no where near as severe as before - just the odd one now and then. Shampoos are Head and Shoulders itchy Scalp and Selsun Blue anto dandruff.

I alternate these but try and do twice a day with one or the other. Live on for atleast 3 mins.

Seems to do the trick.

Sing out if you need any more info.