Probiotics for Folliculitis

| Modified on Apr 13, 2023

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Posted by Milli (Seattle, Wa) on 12/17/2011

I tried almost everything on this site for a case of folliculitis on my rear and one lump that appeared on my neck. I have had this issue for at least 6 months.

ACV did not work, or only worked temporarily. Drinking it, putting it on the skin, both no gos.

Bacitracin worked, but only a little better than the ACV. I also tried Nigerian black soap (little change). Hibiclens also same results. Vitamins didn't change anything.

Dr. Weil's site mentions this as an immune system disorder which may be aided by probiotics. I looked into IHerb dot com to see which had the best reviews, and that was Dr. Ohira's line. I have had great success with these. They come in 2 strengths, I got the lower strength because of cost.

The folliculitis has been subsiding for the 3 days that I've taken these and is almost completely gone - in addition, I also feel much better, with tons more energy. I had a problem feeling tired after every meal (no matter if it was high or low carb, junk food or healthy, raw or cooked) - also felt tired upon arising - that problem is now gone.

Replied by Debbie
(Los Angeles)

Hi, thank you so much for posting this! I've been dealing with a similar situation. Did the probiotics make it go away for good? And to be clear - you used Dr. Ohira's Original Formula? Thank you in advance for your response! I really appreciate it!