Colloidal Silver for Folliculitis

| Modified on Apr 13, 2023

Colloidal silver can be used as a natural remedy for folliculitis. You can treat folliculitis with topical applications of colloidal silver or by taking it internally.

Internal Use of Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver can be taken internally for folliculitis. It can be taken twice a day, ideally on an empty stomach.

External use of Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver can be put into a spray bottle for easy application to the skin. You may also be able to find a colloidal silver gel to apply topically.

Have you tried colloidal silver for folliculitis? We would love to hear how it worked for you!

4 User Reviews

Posted by Vicky (Qld) on 08/24/2021

I struggled with staph induced folliculitis on my face, neck and back for about two years before I discovered colloidal silver, which is the only thing that works for me. I spent countless hours and thousands of dollars on GPs, tests and dermatologists, tried multiple courses of antibiotics, natural remedies (witch hazel, vinegar), steroids, even bleach! None of it worked, and I refused to use Roaccutane.

Desperately searching for a remedy, I found colloidal silver by reading comments on a folliculitis blog. It took a few weeks but cleared it up completely. I now use colloidal silver topically and orally every day to keep the staph at bay and my immune system strong. I don't know if this is the reason, but I haven't been sick since either. Make sure it's from a reputable brand and taken appropriately is all I'd say otherwise. Go for it!!!

Replied by Jaques

I make my own colloidal silver. Good to hear it helped you.... How much CS did u take twice a day please? Did u apply it after washing hair n& how often, I'm trying it.. My CS is 10pm, its so cheap to make... I spray it in my eyes when they're itchy... Which works well😊

Colloidal Silver
Posted by David (Florida) on 10/25/2013

In response to:

03/26/2013: Ryan from London, Ontario: "Hello, my name is Ryan and I've had 'acne keloidalis nuchae' for a few years now, about 5 bumps on the back of my neck. Would you be able to add this as a section so people can contribute remedies for this disease? Thank you!"

I have had folliculitis on my inner and outer thighs for about 2 years. It is a very embarrassing skin ailment. So I would like to share what worked for me so that you do not have to suffer like I did. I think my biggest mistake was not treating it right away and letting it spread and grow stronger.

I have tried everything.

First I tried mupirocin. I applied it directly to each rash for many nights. It worked for some of them but not all. Furthermore, the rashes came back eventually. My dermatologist told me to put it in a Q-tip and to put it in my nose 2 times a day for 5 nights as well. She said that is where the bacteria lived if you are a carrier of it in your blood. It did work, but not enough

Then I tried applying Apple Cider Vinegar and White Distilled Vinegar to a Q-tip and applying it to each rash, and then letting it dry for 10 minutes. This was completely unsuccessful.


Note that each person is different. it may work for you or it may not, but I pray for you.

Good Luck. David

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Reem (Annandale, Va) on 01/12/2013

I've always had skin issues, and used to suffer from folliculitis and other ailments related to the hair follicules. However, I think the current condition I have may be different. I have folliculitis-like pustules on my thighs and bikini area, but it was on-set, I believe, by taking a Bikram Yoga class or by the beginning of the Fall season (which coincided with each other). Last year, a similar episode happened to me around the same time of year. I went to the dermatologist, who prescribed antibiotics which I reluctantly took--it healed the condition, until I decided to try bikram again this year (almost exactly a year later and during the same season). It's come back. This time, I tried to treat it by ingesting Colloidal Silver and using Witch Hazel topically, which seems to help but not heal. I also noticed that the pustules go away completely while I'm on my menstrual cycle, but resurge as soon as I'm done. That is why I think it may not actually be folliculitis. I'd really rather not have to go to the doctor again because I feel like he'll just give me the same antibiotics as last time without actually diagnosing the problem. Any advice or help?

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Cc (Las Vegas, Nevada) on 03/27/2012

I have been dealing with the effects and symptoms of folliculitis for about 9 months. The dermatologist prescribed a cocktail of medications with no result. I have read and tried just about everything on this blog, including ACV and White Vinegar. Please keep in mind that ACV and White Vinegar is an astringent, which causes the skin to dry out after the burning subsides. Also, vinegar will only provide temporary relief. If your using the vinegar, keep your skin moist with lotion and gentle soap. At one point, I think I gave myself a chemical burn.

Last week, my niece, who is very health conscious suggested I use Colloidal Silver. THIS IS THE MIRACLE CURE. Colloidal Silver can be purchased at any health food store for about 30.00. This product contains purified water and silver particles. It is best to purchase the 10 ppm. I also purchased a small glass spray bottle. For the past three days I have placed a tablespoon of sovereign silver under my tongue (tastes like water) every 3 hours, except while sleeping. I also transferred the sovereign silver to the spray bottle and sprayed my entire body. Further, I bought Cetaphil soap from Walgreens. The soap is anti-bacterial and is gentle on the skin.

Another quick thought, the silver is a metal which helps regulate the ph and acid in our body. Too much acid in our body weakens the immune system. Then, the body is unable to fight certain strains of bacteria.

Try the Colloidal Silver and in 2 days you will experience life as it was prior to having folliculitis.

Replied by Jaques

I make the CS, 10 ppm, costs pence and so easy to do. I've used it on my eyes when itchy, now I have foliculitis on my head to going to give it a go again. It's not something I take regularly but it's also helped my joints when I can feel. Inflammation, I hold it under my tongue for 5 mins & then swallow... I hear it gets it to your system better. When I've had sore glands I've gargled & let it slip slowly down my throat, worked every time... Its great stuff providing u don't overdo it.