Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide for Folliculitis

| Modified on Mar 18, 2024

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Posted by Teresa (Sumner, WA) on 12/30/2007

re: dermodetic mites on face. BORAX and PEROXIDE. Thank you Ted for your wonderful postings. You are truly the answer to peoples' prayers. I have been to many doctors and was told that what I had was acne and' folliculitus. I read your cures and decided to try it since nothing the doctors gave me (antibiotics, steroid creams and even Accutane) have helped. I thought it couldn't be that simple but it was. So to all the skeptics give it a try (borax and peroxide) You are truly an honest man and compassionate. Thank you

Replied by Ingrid
(Rolla, Mo.)

I have picked at my skin for several years I thought that I had eczema all this time. I discoverd that it may be follicalitis. I felt like a crack head on meth picking and picking up at the wee hours of the night. Ihave noticed it drying up within hours alreAdy. Now I can sleep tonight with ease knowing that ive found a cure. It does burn and itch a bit but I know that burning means healing. What a relief. Thank u thank u thank u. Just put a spayer on the peroxide bottle. Its working its working as I type this. Thank u thank u. Do it several times a day as possible.