Natural Remedies for Folliculitis

Apr 02, 2017

Natural remedies for folliculitis include turmeric, apple cider vinegar, colloidal silver, healing underlying health conditions and changing body care routines. Folliculitis is an inflammation or infection of the hair follicles. It can be caused by a bacteria or fungus and may be aggravated by underlying health conditions or body care practices. Folliculitis can be irritating, painful and embarrassing, depending on the location of this condition.

What Causes Folliculitis?

When the hair follicle gets infected or irritated, folliculitis can result. Our bodies naturally have bacteria and fungus on them. When the hair follicle gets irritated by shaving or tight clothes, small breaks in the skin can allow bacteria to enter the follicle and infection results. If you are anemic, have a depressed immune system or are prone to acne, you may be more likely to have outbreaks of folliculitis.

Home Remedies for Folliculitis

There are many natural remedies that you can find at home or at your grocery store that are quite effective to heal folliculitis.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an inexpensive and easy to use home treatment for folliculitis. This remedy can be used internally or externally. For more information about treating folliculitis with apple cider vinegar, see this page.


Turmeric root is a bright orange root vegetable commonly used in cooking. But this simple herb is a strong and effective natural antibiotic. It works against staph bacteria, a common cause of folliculitis, as well as many other bacteria.

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is a gentle but powerful natural treatment for folliculitis. It can be purchased in health food stores or even made at home. Because it is effective against bacteria and fungus, it is a useful remedy for folliculitis.

Body Care Products and Routines for Folliculitis

Shaving can aggravate the hair follicles, resulting in folliculitis. At the same time, for some, clean shaven skin may be easier to keep clean, making shaving a solution for folliculitis instead of a cause. You will need to monitor the effects of shaving on your folliculitis to see what works best for you.

Many shampoos and body soaps can aggravate folliculitis. Shampoos and soaps with sodium laureth sulphate are linked to folliculitis and numerous other health problems. You may find that using natural shampoo alternatives eliminate your folliculitis breakouts. African black soap is also helpful to many with this condition.

Folliculitis and Underlying Health Problems

If you are anemic, you body will not fight disease as well. For some, healing anemia is the solution to folliculitis. Blackstrap molasses is a common natural remedy for anemia.

Sometimes folliculitis is caused by fungus. If you have a history of antibiotic use or a systemic candida infection, you may need to deal with an underlying fungal problem. Probiotics, milk kefir or the anti-candida diet may be the answer to your folliculitis, in this case.

Have you tried a natural remedy for folliculitis? We would love to hear about it!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Turmeric  

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Posted by Joe (Sydney) on 09/17/2016
5 out of 5 stars

H.i I was diagnosed about 2 weeks ago that I have Folliculitis Decalvans, the dermatologist gave me prescription for Rifampin 300mg twice a day and Clindamycin 300mg twice a day for 8 weeks. After purchasing the medication I did some research as I knew taking this much antibiotics for that period of time was not going to be good for my health, and reading that in some cases the bacteria came back more aggressive. I came across earth clinic site last week and I am at day 3 drinking turmeric 2 times a day and before I shower I have massaging apple cider vinegar on my scalp.

Day 3 - my scalp has almost no redness left and only 2 small pimples today. Before this my scalp was red and full of blisters and lumps, and now they are 95% gone.

My wife who has been really looking at it day in and day out is shocked with the results.

Not sure if this will last working so well or if I made the mistake and not getting on the antibiotic asap but so far so good.

The turmeric gives me a slight tummy pain but nothing really. My head is at 95% if I can keep it at this level I can live with it. Should I have jumped on the antibiotics?

Replied by Eileen
Harrisonburg, Va

No, It will return as soon as the course is finished. Better to use natural ingredients. 😀

Replied by Karthikeyan
San Francisco


Thanks for sharing the information. Like to know, have your taken turmeric powder or used root in juices? Also how much qty have you taken.

Thanks, Karthik

Replied by Dee
Denver, Colorado

I have tried everything the only thing that works for a long period of time is acid water, its up to u how much acid to have in your solution. Keep oil away from the affected area and shampo often to open pores and drain pus. White Vinegar will clear up scars and also gives relief but acid water is the best.

Replied by Pam Crabtree

Try colloidal silver with turmeric. That's the only thing that help me my immune system, which is compromised from R.A. Plus my iron level is low.

Replied by Julia
Surrey, Uk
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

Yes, vinegar is great for helping to clear the skin, but even this does not seem to last and I keep having to rotate treatments as the infection seems to become resistant to things. Garlic is also great, I boil some up or use bought cream, and put it on at night and cover it over, then wash everything next morning. Bicarb is also great, just dampen the powder and smear it on. SO many things really, that reduce the PH or anything that fights fungus helps, like various essential oils, and coconut. I found that all the creams given to me by docs were useless, but anti fungal foot powder works (I use it on trunk of body, tummy and back mostly) as it is dry instead of creamy. If I get too hot it gets much worse, but powders help keep it dry.