Stop Shaving to Heal Folliculitis

| Modified on Mar 18, 2024

For some people shaving can cause or aggravate folliculitis. Shaving can cause very small nicks in the skin. Bacteria naturally resides on the skin. Once there is a little nick, the bacteria can get into the skin and cause an infection. If you stop shaving, you will no longer be giving the bacteria an entry into your body.

For some, giving up shaving would be a dramatic solution. If that is the case, try following up your shaving routine with an antibacterial product. You can apply colloidal silver or coconut oil to the freshly shaved areas. Alcohol, witch hazel and vinegar are all good antibacterials too, but they would likely sting the skin quite a bit if you apply them right after shaving.

Another option would be to consume turmeric daily to prevent folliculitis.

Have you found that shaving affects your folliculitis? Please send us some feedback!

3 User Reviews

Posted by Joe (San Diego, CA) on 05/04/2014

I tried everything for folliculitus, even went to dermatologist. Only good thing is he told what I had after years of wondering. Tried antibiotic creams, onions, vinegar, blueberrys, lemon - only thing that worked for awhile was oral antibiotics, then it came back. Then after a flare up and meeting some new girl, don't want to wake up with her with this stuff on my face, o yeah I only got it under my lower lip area on chin. any hoot I read a article saying I should stop shaving that area when possible and a miracle happened it went away. woot woot please try hope it works for u no b.s.

Stop Shaving
Posted by Jill (Punxsutawney, PA) on 01/11/2008

Quiting shaving cured my underarm folliculitis. I used to get terrible folliculitis when ever I would shave my underarms. Nothing helped. Then one day I asked myself why was I shaving? It's just a social convention, not a law, that women should have hairless underarms! So right then and there I stopped shaving. I haven't had a problem since. The next thing I did was to stop using deodorant or antiperspirant. Deodorants and antiperspirants work by suppressing the growth of underarm bacteria. When you stop using the products, you will get a "bloom" of bacteria as your body works to get back into balance. Just keep washing your underarms with soap and water as you normally would (every day), and in about 2 weeks you will have no more underarm odor because you have gotten back into balance. I know most people probably won't try what I am suggesting about not using deodorant, but it truely does work. The more we work to kill our normal body flora, the more they adapt to the poisons we use and the more virulent they become. After all they are fighting for their survival! Maybe its time for a little peaceful co-existance?

Replied by Jodi
(Rochester, NY)

Yes! i had the same problem with the underarm folliculitis but also on my legs as well. It was aweful! I stopped shaving and havent looked back. My legs are super soft and my arm pits couldnt be happier. My fiance doesnt mind.. he even gave up the deodorant with me, though I've since switched to a natural one by ___ -its a special detox one to remove chemical residue from old traditional sticks. More women should stop abusing their bodies in the name of "beauty". Natural is Gorgeous!

Replied by Dottywine
(Rowlett, Tx, United States)

Absolutely agree. Ever since I stopped shaving my armpits, I have not gotten any more bumps on my underarm (I also stopped using aluminum deodorant). I think it is a combination of what I did because every now and then I will shave and get a little bump, but not as terrible as they used to be. But, yes, the first step is to stop shaving. Instead, use an elipator or a cream or wax off hair.

Replied by Mrs. Dash
(Toronto, Canada)

Or you could just get laser hair removal. No hair = no folliculitis. I used to get really bad folliculitis/ boils from shaving my bikini line, so I just lasered it off. Now I don't have problems there. Lately, my skin has been really broken out on my inner thigh where I didn't get laser yet. I guess it is rubbing on my shorts and stuff. I'm just going to laser it too. Folliculitis is just so ugly and uncomfortable that it's worth the price to me. Plus - it makes your skin smooth and pretty and you don't have to shave any more.