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Posted by Kate (Australia) on 07/23/2016

Redwin tea tree shampoo-QV gentle conditioner-Benzac ac wash 5%

The back of my head started getting really itchy. I initially I thought it was just psoriasis I have a patch at the front of scalp that's also a bit itchy, the back of my head was much itchier though. I had a good look at the back of my scalp and I had all these red itchy pimples. Anyway I went to the doctor and she told me it was folliculitis and gave me medication. I when through three different medications. It would get better for a little awhile then come back. Bactrim worked the best it went away for almost a month.She also gave me some cream to put up my nose that didn't help either. My folliculitis actually started getting worse and spreading all over my head. I had it for like 11 month when I finally found something that worked. I use these products Redwin tea tree shampoo, Qv hair gentle conditioner(careful not to get it too close to your scalp) then I use benzac ac wash 5% and leave it on for like minute or so(i used them in this order). Id been using the shampoo and conditioner for awhile doctor suggest them, they didn't seem to do anything and then on a whim I decide to see if the benzac wash would help.

This did dry out scalp a bit but I saw results in 1 weeks after 2 weeks I had one pimple, 2 1/2 it was gone. I continued use this stuff for a month then I stopped with the benzac and only used it if I thought I was getting an itchy spot. After about 2 months of a clear scalp I decided to go back to normal shampoo and conditioner, redkin was the brand. After about a week using that it came back. So I went back to my routine Redwin tea tree shampoo-Qv conditioner-Benzac wash and it went away again. I'm gonna stick to this shampoo and conditioner now, my scalp doesn't seem to like other ones. I hope this helps someone.

Replied by Andrea
(Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania)

Hi Kate! Is the Redwin Shampoo only available in AU? I believe that all my scalp issues are due to menopause. After 5 years or so (yes, 5 years) the scalp issues have been changing. What a terrible predicament right? I hope you are continuing to do well! Thanks! Andrea

Posted by Bats (Perth, Wa) on 03/10/2015

I see I posted on here about 2-3 years ago.

I've had scalp folliculitis for about 15 years. The only thing that ever got rid of it was antibiotics I'd taken for other complaints - sinusitis, bronchitis. The spots would disappear for up to 4 months but always come back. Clearly a bacterial problem, in my case.

The last I'd reported (in 2012) was that a course of anitbiotics had worked, but as ever the problem returned after weeks or months.

I went to see a specialist about 18-24 months ago.

First word of advice from him was - there is no cure for this condition. Only treatment.

He offered to test my scalp to see if he could identify which bacteria (or fungus) was causing the problem. I didn't bother as I figured it probably wouldn't help.

His only suggested treatment was a shampoo called Sulsun Gold. It says on the bottle - For problem dandruff and other complaints. Active ingredient is Selenium Sulfide 25mg/ml. Cost about $10 for 200ml here in Oz. I looked for it in the UK last year but couldn't find it at any pharmacy. You can buy it on ebay.

Anyway, I tried it and it worked. I cancelled the next specialist appointment it had worked so well. From 10-15 of these awful, painful spots at any one time, to none within a week or so. And two years later, still no spots.

Instructions recommend using twice a week. Now I wash my hair at least once daily as it is fine and greasy. Sometimes up to three times daily as I work outdoors in the heat and also go to the gym most days.

I did downgrade to Sulsun Blue about 4 months ago, which is a weaker mix. 1% selenium sulfide. Cheaper at $6 a bottle. In between all uses of Selsun, I use a perfume free shampoo - Simple.

I would occasionally get the odd pimple even during this time. No more than two. I'd up the usage of Selsun Gold and they would go away again.

Last week I had the worst outbreak in over 18 months. I hadn't used Gold for some time, preferring the use of Blue every other day as an alternative. No idea why they came back with a vengeance. 15 spots on my scalp again. Painful too. Chocolate, maybe, the day before, but I'd had that at other times without a reaction. That Old Wives' Tale that chocolate causes acne?

I returned to S Gold and a week later all spots have gone again, even the very deep ones. My scalp is completely clear.

So I'll be on Sulsun shampoos for life, but it's a small price to pay. I know that if I stop using it, the condition will come back but it genuinely works for me.

As part of a general health check, I have been tested for all kind of potential problems (Vit D, diabetes, insulin, iron, etc) and the only thing that showed up was slightly high on 2 types of cholesterol. I am not anaemic.

Now I'm not saying this will work for everyone. It may well be that there are many different causes of this condition. All I'm saying is it works for me.

I'm sure some people will shy away from this as this is not a herbal remedy, it is a chemical. My attitude is, give it a try. It might just work.

Good luck.

Posted by Velcra (Brooklyn, New York) on 06/05/2014

My sixteen year old son has suffered half his life with this frustrating condition. I have posted here before having had good results with PanOxyl acne soap. However, it did reoccur and dried out his hair. On a whim I purchased a new shampoo on the market (like most sufferers, we have run the gauntlet of antibiotics, soaps, home remedies, etc). The shampoo is by John Freida and it is called Root Awakening - Purify and Nourish Shampoo. It cleanses the oily scalp but is kind on hair. After several weeks his spots have been GREATLY reduced - to the point where he was not embarrased to get a hair cut! It is no more expensive than any other shampoo and it is worth a shot. Good luck. Would love to know if it works for anyone else.

Posted by Jb (San Diego, California Usa) on 06/11/2010

Looks like my folliculitis was caused by an allergy to PPD, an ingredient found in every permanent hair dye in the US (and banned in Europe!)I had an itchy rash, boils and swelling on my hairline and scalp for months. The first dermatologist I consulted diagnosed folliculitis and put me on minocin for 10 days. When i didn't help, he suggested I stay on it for 10-12 weeks. No thanks! He also gave me an antifungal shampoo which did not help. The second dermatologist also thought it was folliculitis and was going to do a biopsy, but when I mentioned that I had colored my hair a few days before and it seemed to make it worse, she suggested a True Test allergy patch test. We found that I am extremely allergic to PPD and a few chemicals related to it. I have not used PPD since for about six weeks and my skin is much better--knock on wood. I have my fingers crossed that PPD was the problem. It's nasty stuff--a petroleum derivative that may be carcinogenic as well. Now I just need something to color my gray roots!

EC: Hi Jb:

You might find some interesting info in this thread - see post by Darwin:

Posted by Thalia (Detroit, Michigan) on 07/03/2008

WOW! I has folliculitis on my thighs and on the sides of my calfs which is like hair bumps. I used the selsun blue on it and WALA! not completely gone but what an improvement. Its great stuff. And it also works for tinea versicolor overtime. I have already noticed a difference on my arms. I just hope I don't turn blue!! LOL