Mustard Oil for Folliculitis

| Modified on Mar 18, 2024

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Posted by Zed (London, Uk) on 01/02/2013

Hi, This is a wonderful website, I have been gratefully using some of the natural remedies that all the users and main contributors have been posting to much effect!! so a big thank you to all!!

I wanted to share my tips as you all have been helping me indirectly. ;-)

I have recently been suffering from Folliculitus/ scalp infection?, the doctors gave me the usual steroid creams that have only made the issue severe, I stopped using this a few months back and started to use the ACV/Hydrogen peroxide shampoo, Bill kindly posted and also his essential oil mix of tea tree oil and lavender oils mixed together at a ratio of 4:1, this has worked well for me, but didnt completely resolve it... My dear mum/grandma advised me the old African/Indian remedy for scalp complaints is pure "Mustard oil", but I need to make sure I have no other infections on my body as I can reinfect myself, so they advised the following:

- Bath every other day in "Dettol". ( 3/4 cap fulls in the bath, soak for at least 30 mins)
- use ACV/h202/filtered water shampoo, leave on for 5 mins and then wash off.
- dunk hair in the bath water with dettol mix and just rub into scalp
- Dry hair but don't rinse the dettol off, as you need it to dry on scalp slightly.
- Once hair has completely dried.... I use 4 drops tea tree oil and 1 drop of lavender oil, mixed into the same amount of mustard oil, warm slightly and then gently massage into the WHOLE of my scalp.
- Cover head with a towel or whatever you can find and then sleep with this on overnight.

I have found that the above has helped me tremendously!! after 4 days of usage, my scalp is about 99.9% clear!! My gran advised the mustard oil never fails! as its anti fungal and the tea tree oil is antibacterial, so what ever is causing the inflammation should be killed off in a couple of weeks. Once your scalp is better, just do the above regime once a week as a preventative measure.

I hope the above info helps someone, like you have all helped me!

all the best and good luck! Zed

Replied by Zed
(London, Uk)

Hi All, Just and update for you all...... the mustard oil has been working well, it has cleared up the infection but not the odd spot I still get from my scalp Folliculitus.

Grandma has updated me on some changes to help clear this up, that I thought I would share with you.

I still use the hydrogen peroxide, ACV water shampoo, but have dropped using the essential oils ( tea tree/lavender) as they were starting to irritate my scalp..... Instead I just use the mustard oil, but instead of just applying this at night, I mix 1 part mustard oil with a little cold filtered water into a bottle and give it a good shake...... You will notice the mixture changes in colour and consistency to look like more of a lotion than oil ( this is how it should look! ). I apply this to my head nightly, and wash off in the morning.

I have found the water reacts with the mustard oil and you get a different reaction, making the mustard oil more cooling and easier to apply.

I also now have non pasteurised yogurt 1st thing for breakfast and wait at least an hour before I eat anything else?, my gran says this helps with the internal cooling/cleansing.

Hope this update helps someone.

All the best, Zed.