Diatomaceous Earth for Folliculitis

| Modified on Apr 13, 2023

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Posted by Sarah (San Francisco, Ca.) on 10/07/2011

I have been researching folliculitis for so long now, because I get rashes on my chest and shoulders all the time. Have been on all sort of meds. The itchy scalp and rash thing also could be demedox mites. Something I had never heard of until recently, but found are very well known in Asia and eastern europe mites as being the culprit for these conditions. The one thing that seems to work is Diatomaceous earth. It is drying to the hair, so better to apply on thr scalp only and wear a cap to bed. It kills the mites. It also dries up acne on the body. I had acne on my lower back that would not go away. After about 3 days of DE dusted in my skin, it was gone and hasn't returned. The rash on my shoulders and chest came back though, so I am now using ACV and the DE for that. Many people are afraid to use the DE, but I have for months and it is harmless. Food grade diatomaceous earth, it had so many wonderful uses. A bit messy, but worth it. Look into it. It helped me when nothing else did. :) I also put it on my dog for fleas and drink it in the morning, It cleans your insides and makes your skin bright.