Hibiclens for Folliculitis

| Modified on Mar 18, 2024

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Posted by Lola1978 (New Orleans, La) on 03/08/2011

I have had severe folliculitis on my butt area for over 5 years. I have tried everything, including multiple trips to the dermatologist. For several years I thought I had acne, but after lots of research I have determined it is folliculitis. I've taken oral anitbiotics, used apple cide vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, tumeric - to no avail. But finally, I've found something that is working - hibiclens. Its an antibacterial wash that can be found at the drug store. Doctors use it before surgery. You should only use it once a week, and you need to make sure to mositurize. My dermatologist reccommended CeraVe moisturizer daily, to protect the skin. Also, she prescribed an antibacterial foam called Clindamyclin which is working. I have stopped using my scrubber in the shower, as it is a bacterial breeding ground and only use my hands to wash with no. Also, she said I should never re-use a towel. So far this process has worked incredibly well and I'm completely clear.

Replied by Canon
(Asheboro, Nc)

I also have had pretty severe foliculitus on my butt for around 4 years and recently tried Hibiclens to my benefit. The stuff really does help, however, it still doesnt clear it completely up for me. I use it twice a day in the shower. Nonetheless, Im still trying to find other remedies to completely clear it. Let me know if you find anything else as well!

Replied by Eh
(New England, US)

I also thought I had acne and tried so many treatments, peroxide, Salylic acid, tea tree oil, retinoids, etc. Hibiclens hasn't cleared it up 100%, but the difference is amazing and almost overnight.

Replied by Andrew L
(Los Angeles)

Has anyone experienced the Hibicleanse working great for a year or two and then not working at all out of the blue? Does it mean that my bottle is contaminated perhaps? Or is the staph now resistant?

Replied by Johnathan
(Memphis, Tennesee)
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Was it effective long term or just another shott term relief?