Clay for Folliculitis

| Modified on Apr 13, 2023

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Posted by P1nk_fl0yd (Serbia) on 11/18/2014

Finally I found out what is working for me. I have folliculitis on my scalp for 2-3 yers now. I have to mention that it is not as bad as I have seen but non the less its not good, especially bcs I work as a trainer in the gym, so you can imagine.

I've tried everything. First I tried to cure it with antibiotics, first round vibramicin + aknefug oxid wash, which worked only for the time I was on them (20 days).. then year later I tried augmentin (called panklav in my country) for almost two months, same story. Then I took it in to my hands and started exploring my options. I found out on the internet that bactrim + topical antibiotic ointment work and I tried that. After the therapy I was clear for one month, but then it came back.

So I gave up on antibiotics and everything that modern medicine is using to "cure" us and started exploring alternative ways to cure it.
I didn't mention that after the last antibiotic therapy I was topically treating my head with mix of lemongrass oil, tea tree oil with the turmeric oil for base.

So I tried pretty much everything from vinegar, turmeric orally and topically, baking soda orally and topically, lemon grass oli, tea trea oil, oregano oil locally and topically.

After all of that I said forget it and I started detoxifying myself. I stopped eating dairy and lot of other things that I wont go into right now.. bottom line I tried applying healing clay on my head. I was mixing it with half a lemon juice and little cannabis oil (industrial). I couldn't leave it over night bcs of a itch a head when I lay my head down, but I was using it over the weekend in the day time for about 6 h. After only two times applying it it was much much much better.

Now I'm doing the same thing not with clay, but with zeolit. It is amazing. I use it orally and topically, and now I can leave it over night bcs it doesn't itch like clay. I've been using it for only couple of days but I can see it's working really god.

I will post again in a week or two, but I wanted to let you all know that you can try this.

So for everyone who doesn't like to read everything, HEALING CLAY AND ZEOLIT ( which I think its better (stronger)).

Hope this helps..