Over the Counter Medications for Folliculitis

| Modified on Mar 18, 2024

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Posted by Jts263 (Monroe, La) on 09/14/2013

I have it on mostly ankles and arms. Get this cure benedryl or allegra works great. Start taking it as soon as you feel the breaking out. Prescription hydrocortisone helps to manage it after it breaks out. Something to dry it up. Don't put a hot compress on it like they say on other web sites? They are crazy. If u got it you know that's stupid.

The best topical which is awesome is called Veltin. It took me 8 years to discover this, by accident. My dermatologist prescribed it stating its a form of acne, but insurance won't pay for it because they say its not.

It works great cause it stops the itching and quickly reduces the irritation. None of the others do that. Mine breaks out on the areas that get really hot and sweaty were the clothes cover. Wearing socks cut below the ankles helps.

At least try the allegra. I suggest the 24 hr non drowsy unless its really bad then take two benedryl and the strongest hydrocortisone you can buy.