Essential Oils for Folliculitis

| Modified on Mar 18, 2024

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Posted by Maria (Spain) on 03/28/2016

I have had folliculitis on my butt area for over 10 years. I have treated it with a mupirocin ointment (bactroban) which worked great but after the treatment the pimples made a fierce comeback. Recently I have heard of essential oils for killing staph bacteria, being the most effective lemongrass, lemon myrtle, mountain savory, cinnamon bark and melissa. I bought a handcream with at least 20% urea and every night mixed a small nut of cream with a drop of lemongrass E.O., applying it to the affected area and leaving the cream overnight. Within a fortnight all the pimples were gone ;). Now I have to deal with dark marks but it is a relieve that there are no new bumps, even if I don't apply the cream every night. If you can find pure urea mix it with your regular body moisturizer and add 1-2 drops of the essential oil. Hope this remedy works for y'all.

Essential Oils
Posted by Karlene (London, Uk) on 11/04/2011

Hello I have had folliculitus for a number of years unknowingly (occassional flare-ups) but came on aggressively in my scalp this year and my doctor treated me with antibiotics flucanozole(2 courses) but it came right back and my hair was falling out. The antibiotics worked but only for awhile, I realised that it must be a fungal and not bacterial infection and made the connection with an overgrowth of yeast in my body so out of desperation I tried Oil of Oregano (3-4 times a day... I swear by this now) as it's a natural antibiotic and your body does not get accustomed to it like prescribed antibiotics. I can say that after two weeks, the bumps are gone on my scalp and my hair is not falling out anymore. You should take a pro-biotic with it though and I am on a yeast free diet as well as low GI sugar diet for awhile.

Good luck!

Essential Oils
Posted by Emie (Baltimore, MD) on 10/13/2008


My 18 month old has been battling folliculitis for a month now. She's been treated with a topical and oral antibiotic with little success. I went to 2 different doctors and neither one tested her for MRSA because they said her pustules were not 'bad enough'. So I went to an herbalist who told me to give her Oil of Oregano but she refuses to ingest it (it's very strong and tastes horrible) so I use it topically mixed with olive oil. I use a tea tree mixture to clean the rash which seems to help but it keeps coming back. Anyone have any suggestions for herbal treatments that she might be able to tolerate? I'm going to try tumeric but I doubt I'll be able to get her to eat it even mixed with something.