Colloidal Silver for Folliculitis

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Reem (Annandale, Va) on 01/12/2013
4 out of 5 stars

I've always had skin issues, and used to suffer from folliculitis and other ailments related to the hair follicules. However, I think the current condition I have may be different. I have folliculitis-like pustules on my thighs and bikini area, but it was on-set, I believe, by taking a Bikram Yoga class or by the beginning of the Fall season (which coincided with each other). Last year, a similar episode happened to me around the same time of year. I went to the dermatologist, who prescribed antibiotics which I reluctantly took--it healed the condition, until I decided to try bikram again this year (almost exactly a year later and during the same season). It's come back. This time, I tried to treat it by ingesting Colloidal Silver and using Witch Hazel topically, which seems to help but not heal. I also noticed that the pustules go away completely while I'm on my menstrual cycle, but resurge as soon as I'm done. That is why I think it may not actually be folliculitis. I'd really rather not have to go to the doctor again because I feel like he'll just give me the same antibiotics as last time without actually diagnosing the problem. Any advice or help?