Turmeric and Oregano Oil for Folliculitis

Turmeric, Oregano Oil
Posted by Dave The Kiwi (Auckland) on 08/11/2015 6 posts
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Hi all

I have suffered form scalp folliculitis for about 15 years I think. I did try antibiotics years back and whilst they worked for a while, the problem came back worse than ever thereafter. So I decided to try and find a natural rememdy.

There is a long list of things I have tried. Steeped garlic, ACV, tea tree oil, African black soap, Head and shoulders shampoo, Emu oil, Emu Relief Balm, Witch Hazel, Tumeric powder and capsules, listerine, Neem oil, collidial silver, malt vinegar and probably a few other things that I have forgotten.

But I think I am now on to something. I am using a 3 pronged attack. T Gel shampoo every day ( Neutrogena - yes it smells ), Turmeric capsules ( 4 x 600mg per day split 2 in morn and 2 in evening ) and 3 x Oil of Oregano ( 1500 mg capsules with 2 in morn and one in afternoon ).

There is a significant improvement in my scalp condition with no new lesions and all the others healing.... wow!!!!

So weird to finally see an improvement!!! I hope this helps others!!


Update1 and about a week on. No new breakouts. I have modified my attack slightly to try and maintain the upper hand. Its almost like when I look at what I have used before that the enemy adapts to what I am using and builds up a resistance to it. So my new attack is an increase in Oregano oil to 3 of same capsules in morn and 2 in afternoon and 2 same Tumeric ( Circumen) capsules in morn and 2 in afternoon. I am continuing with the dailt TGel shampoo as well as using Witchs Hazel through out day. I am going to win this!!