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Hydrogen Peroxide as a Natural Remedy: Benefits and Precautions

Lung Issues

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Posted by Paul Johnson (Scottsdale, Arizona) on 12/08/2008
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I got an H202 treatment at a clinic in Scottsdale and was shocked how it helped clear up my lungs. I was sick for a week but took it all in stride as I knew it was because the H202 was clearing out my lungs and other toxins in my body. I am a firm believer in H202 therapy and I looked at it like this...It can't hurt me...I might as well try it. And am glad I did. PJ

Replied by Usablegoods
(Waterford, MI)

So.... what was the HP Therapy you received that helped you?? Was it Inhaled? Drank?? The Dose? How many Days??? Please fill in all the blanks.....

Thanks for your info...

Replied by Jody
(Buckeye, Az)

Hey Paul, It's been a year since you had the treatment for your lungs, are you still doing well? I have a consultation next Monday to setup an appointment for having the peroxide IV. I have emphysema and am hoping to improve my quality of life.

Replied by Bharat
(Faridabad, Haryana, India)

Hey Jody, my father is suffering from COPD (chronic emphysema).I read about you going to try IV treatment for emphysema in December last year. Can you tell me about your experience with it so if we can also give it a try?

Replied by Sherryl
(Littleton, Colorado)

My chiropractor has recommended hydrogen peroxide inhalation for treatment of COPD/emphysema and totally believes this can work. Would like some input as to others who have tried this and how they are doing.


Posted by Aj (Vancouver, Bc) on 10/09/2009


I had a question in regards to the Hydrogen Peroxide treatment. I have tried it with great benefit, I stand behind it. My wife was diagnosed with Lupus, she has seen what it has done for me, but is worried about using it, because she is on medication and would like to know if it can react negatively with the prescription drugs.

I would love to be in contact with Bill Munroe.
Thank you


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Posted by Pat (Newton, New Jersey) on 12/28/2007
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I started with melanoma in 2005 on my face. Had extensive surgery but they could not get it all. In March 2007 it had spread to my chest behind my heart. Had another extensive surgery to remove it. In August 2007 found out it had spread to my face/neck/and chest. Doctor told me that they couldn't operate. Did some internet research and read about hydrogen peroxide and how it puts oxygen back into your cells. Rejuvenating them. Well, decided to try it. I either take a 1/2 bottle and soak my feet in it with warm water or take a whole bottle and take a bath in it. Well, last petscan in November there were no new growths and the ones from August were less intense. My LDH also has dropped to an all time low of 113!! Is it the peroxide, can't say for sure but I won't stop it. Will try to keep you posted on my progress. What an easy cure this would be. Better than dying from metastisized malignant melanoma. Good Luck!! I am not a doctor just a normal person trying to help myself. I also started wearing magnetic jewelry. Who knows!!!


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Posted by Jennifer (Carrollton, VA) on 01/18/2008
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I tried the Hydrogen Peroxide for Melasma: I've done 5 treatments, 20 minutes on the affected areas and it has substancially faded. I have it quite bad on forehead, cheek area, upper lip. I have also done the glycolic peels, Tri-Luma cream, etc. with no results. I am amazed this is working, and trying to determine if I can continue this to control the melasma.

Metal Reaction

Posted by Teresa (Edmonton, Canada) on 12/10/2011

Does anyone know if it is ok or not, ??I am going to try the H202 working with 35% graded cut to 3%, is it ok to put it in the dog water that is in a metal bowl, will H202 cause any reaction with the metal, and affect the dog.

Replied by Scearthgirl
(Summerville, Sc)

Hey, I don't know if the HP will oxidate the bowl or not, but I know when people use sodium chlorite, we cannot use metal because it oxidates the metal & will cause a harmful effect. Might be better off to use a glass or plastic bowl...

Milk Lasts Longer

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Posted by Desert Rat (Phoenix, AZ) on 06/06/2009
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I add about 1/4 teaspoon of 3% H2O2 to a carton of milk when I first open it. Since we slowly go through milk, it helps stop the milk from souring. If I still have the same carton in the fridge in two weeks, I will add a bit more. I have had milk last a month in the fridge without going sour!

Replied by Orrie
(St. Augustine, Florida, Usa)

What kind of milk are you using? Pasteurized, ULTRA-Pasteurized, Raw? I have found that the Ultra version (which has had all the vital nutrients removed by that very process, lasts WAY longer than the sticker date).

Mold and Mildew

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Posted by Holly (Anaheim, CA) on 03/11/2006
5 out of 5 stars

This remedy works great! I had been fighting mold and mildew in the shower for years. I had mold developing on my shower ceiling and I would normally use bleach in a spray bottle and had to wait for it to dry. I mixed 50/50 of peroxide and water, sprayed the ceiling, waited 10 minuted and it wiped right off with a sponge. I'm telling you this really works. I have never seen the shower so clean!

Molecular Hydrogen

Posted by Bachcole (Colorado Springs, Colorado) on 12/06/2015

I wish that you had a thread about molecular hydrogen.

EC: Here it is!

Once the thread gets more information on it, we can start a new page... For now it's a topic on our Hydrogen Peroxide page.


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Posted by Sue (Fairfax, Va Usa) on 11/26/2011

Does anyone know often it is safe to use (drugstore) hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash? How much should it be diluted with water? I've been using it about 75% H2O2 with 25% water, about 5 times a week, but afraid to use it more often in case it erodes the enamel. Thanks for any help.

Replied by Lily
(Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

Hi Sue, you use 3% hydrogen peroxide mixed 1 part hydrogen peroxide and 1 part water. I don't know how often you should use it but I have used it every day for a few days at a time when I have had a sore throat without any side effects. Cheers Lily.

Posted by Sara (Mumbai, India) on 09/09/2010
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Hi Ted I'm using HP 5% to 7% as a mouthwash in my tonsils-have started paining. Is it due to the use of HP? Pls reply- is it ok to use HP of 5% to 7%? I'm in very serious condition.

Replied by Tricia
84 posts

I can only get an off the shelf 6% HP here in Ireland. I simply use sterilized water half and HP half. I would think that using neat 5 - 7% would cause oral problems. As a mouth rinse it is probably not necessary to use the sterilized water.

Posted by Lynn (York, PA) on 02/02/2008
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I use over the counter 3% hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash, but have always disliked the aftertaste. I purchased a bottle of peppermint oil from the baking section of my local market, and put one tablespoon in an eight ounce bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Mouth feels very clean (and now minty fresh, too!) Others may like to add their favorite flavors, increasing or decreasing the measurement according to taste. Make sure to GENTLY shake your bottle before opening to keep peppermint oil evenly distributed, and keep your mouthwash in an opaque bottle (I use the same brown bottle purchased at the dollar store). Refrigerate if your bathroom is very warm, and keep bottle out of direct sunlight.

Multiple Cures

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Posted by Barbara (Ontario) on 08/16/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Hydrogen Peroxide is an amazing solution for pretty much everything. I've ingested so much of it that I've heard a buzz in my head. I cure my ear infections, sinus infection. My eye sight is sharper than before. Spent lots of time bathing in it submerged my entire body or just soaking my feet while watching tv. I can go on and on. So thumb up for the best med ever.

Replied by Becky
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RE: Hydrogen Peroxide Rocks

you sounds as though you healed from fungal in your head. Please share what you did. I have it systemically been trying to do things but what I really need is someones help.

Replied by Rakaia Lee
(New Zealand)


How much HP did you use for your feet? Straight 3%?

Replied by C. J.
(Bellville, Ohio)
4 out of 5 stars

I would very much like to hear more of what you did, Barbara if you are receiving this..... Or anyone else willing to share if, and how you've been interested in hydrogen peroxide for any reason. I am now using a 3% solution (about 1/4 tsp.) with a trickle of DMSO, both good grade, (the DMSO as a counter to excessive oxidation), and I am feeling a rejuvenation in my entire body. And my joints are "returning".

But I am having severe dental problems wherein it is inflamed up and down the side of my face, and I can't easily eat hard things. I have brushed with peroxide. I've also used tea tree oil on cotton as a compress on the infected gums which has spared me of dentistry for years.

This time tho is seeming more severe and stubborn. And yes, cavities. I'd like input on peroxide usages and such. I know ît is a masterful liquid! any info, testimony, suggestions and advisory help would be very appreciated!

Blessings, C. J.

Replied by Rachel

To the person with teeth problems, I used a great grade of clove oil on mine and had no trouble for several months now.

Replied by Gina

Use personal cavity filler from AliExpress, it works.



Please provide detail?

Replied by Irresistiblejohnny
(NY Ny)

I am 60. I just want to know the percentage of the food grade of H202 that you used for your eyes and ears and the mode of application.

Multiple Cures
Posted by G (Sydney, Au) on 06/10/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I love food grade hyrdogen peroxide. Kids and cats can = ringworm, so as soon as a spot appeared, several times a day we applied undiluted 3% hydrogen peroxide directly to the affected area and the ringworm was dead within a day. Continued to apply to the spot once daily after that. A week later, there's no sign ringworm ever existed - not a mark, scar or even discoloration, nothing. It's brilliant.

As for inner ear infections/colds/bugs/flu - we bought a big box of disposable 3ml pipettes. We fill one with food grade, undiluted 3% hydrogen peroxide, squirt it all into the ear, lay on our sides and let it fizz, bubble and tickle away until it stops (20 mins or so) and feel incredibly normal after that while people around us are dropping like flies with whatever's going around.

We also add 2 capfuls of food grade hydrogen peroxide to a humidifier if one of us is feeling a bit congested or wheezy and leave it on while we sleep - sleep like babies and are able to breathe freely.

Hydrogen Peroxide is amazing stuff.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Leizel (Bacolor, Pampanga Philippines) on 06/08/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Hi! I'm so gratefull that I've found this site. H2O2 really a big help for me and my kids. My kids always on medicines for coughs and cold, antibiotics and non stop nebulization for their asthma before. I thank God that He let me discover H2O2. Every time my kids have symptoms I just put 3 drops in each ear and drain. It really works now and no more meds. More power to your site and God bless!

Multiple Cures
Posted by Annie (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) on 06/08/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I am so grateful to have found this 3% food grade H202. I prayed and prayed for healing and suddenly I came across this valuable piece of info. Before going on H202, my pee stunk like it had garlic or iron in it. The toilet was so smelly even I could not stand the smell. Now after a few days taking the H202, there is no smell at al. I used to suffer from horridly painful cramps in my thigh and calf, now they are a thing to the past. I sleep better and have a bit more pain to clear in my legs, hopefully that too will be gone as the days go by. I heard that so long as the Hydrogen Peroxide has no stabilisers, you can pour it into a food grade plastic bottle and freeze it. Then when the water in it is frozen, pour the pure liquid, which is 35%, into a smaller containers and keep it frozen. Just take out enough and put that amount into a smaller bottle with a dropper in the fridge. Replenishing it as you use it up. Hope that helps. Careful, this pure form will and can burn your skin on contact. Annie Low

Replied by Michelle

I hope you are diluting the food grade H2O2 with distilled water only! If you mentioned this, my apologies