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Posted by Pam (Ocala, FL) on 01/30/2007
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I started taking coconut oil when I saw Doctor that wrote, "The Cure," on Rachael Ray Show. It is supposed to help with hormones. I have to admit, I'm not using as much progesterone cream since I've been using the virgin Coconut Oil. I put about a tablespoon in my morning oatmeal.

Replied by Cat
(Washington, Dc Usa)
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I started supplementing my diet with coconut oil (3 tbsp 3x day) one week ago to help with weight loss ... and I've had a wonderful and unexpected side effect. I've been dealing with perio-menopause and hot flashes for the past six months. Interestingly, within 24 hours of beginning my coconut oil dosing, the hot flashes that I had been suffering from have all but stopped! I have gone from having about 20 hot flashes a day to maybe one or two, at most. Most days now I don't have any! Also, I am not always good about taking all my doses and one day I even missed all of them and the hot flashes did not immediately return.

How to Take Internally

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Posted by Kathryn (Waukesha, Wi) on 11/01/2017

Re: How to take coconut oil -

I swallow a spoonful as if it were a pill. Down the hatch and there you go!

How to Take Internally
Posted by Sandra (San Antonio, Tx) on 09/08/2013

I would like to benefit from Apple Cider Vinegar and Virgin Coconut Oil. How would I include them in a daily regime?

How to Take Internally
Posted by Brian37 (Auburn, Wa) on 02/22/2013

Try adding the Tablespoon of VCO in your hot cofee or tea. It is wonderful. It totally melts and is easy on the stomach. I do it daily. So good taste. And provides great energy.

Replied by Fran

I just spread a tablespoon of coconut oil on my toast each morning!!

Also I have recommended coconut oil on the paws of family pets, they will lick it off..

It is very high in antioxidants! Helps with hot spots and flaky skin!!!

How to Take Internally
Posted by Stephanie (Greenwood, In) on 12/09/2012

I put Virgin Coconut Oil on apples and on angel food cake and its so good!

How to Take Internally
Posted by Lita (Mandeville, La, St. Tammany Parish) on 07/25/2012

Hi, I just started a fews things that I got off this website, which by the way I am obessed with. I want to know how can I take the coconut oil? Its seems a bit to much to take by itself, just wanted a few ideas on how I can take it internally. I would like something that I can do everyday without to much hassle.

Thank you, Lita

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Lita, There are plenty of ways to get coconut oil into you internally. You can cook with it and I have mixed cacao and honey w/ it for a treat. The easiest way of all I have found, to get it into my body, is in my morning coffee. It tastes good with a subtle coconut taste. Very easy, hassle free! Hope this helps, Lisa

Replied by Plumhappy
(Eugene, Oregon)

I like to put coconut oil in my oatmeal. You can just swallow it from a spoon as well but it gets my gag reflex going.... I fry my eggs in it and love using for oriental cooking and curry. Curried butternut squash soup is fabulous with coconut oil in it.

Replied by Lita
(Mandeville, La St. Tammany)

Thank you that does help but I put the molasses in my coffee. Do you think by puting both it would be to much? Thanks Lita

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Lita, That should not be a problem using both in your coffee. I know I have used them both in my coffee and had no problems with the combination. Try it and see what you think. Enjoy, Lisa

Replied by Sara
(The Beach, Canada)

Unless you have loose bowel, it would not be too much at once, and very helpful if you have constipation... without giving you diarrhea. Sara

Replied by Wendy
(Columbus, Oh/usa)

@Lita: Yesterday, after getting home from work, I decided to try 1 tablespoon of molasses and 1 teaspoon of coconut oil in a cup of hot water. After it all melted, I sipped it. It was pretty good! I guess the only way to tell, is by trying it! :-)

Replied by Lita
(Mandeville, La)

Thank you, I will give it a try.

Replied by Lita
(Mandeville, La)

Does it make a difference in which molasses you use? I have regular molasses and not the blackstrap. Is there a difference?

Replied by Plumhappy
(Eugene, Oregon)

yes lita, there is a difference. Blackstrap has more nutrients in it but does have a strong flavor that some fine hard to swallow. Regular molasses is usually just used for baked goods. Also, try going to tropical traditions site for a ton of recipes for coconut oil use in food. No, I don't work for them, but they do have a great product and regularly have great specials on thier coconut products that are organic. Thier recipes run from main dish to dessert, vegan, gluten free and meat dishes.

Replied by Gettingearthy

Hi Lisa from Thousand Oaks, CA. Question for you. I am new to EarthClinic and so VERY glad I found this website. I've been taking ACV in my morning water and have found a few other uses for it with positive results. I started OP just this morning and surprisingly, it went well! (I have a strong gag reflex so I thought I couldn't do it but mind over matter.... I did it. Can't wait to reap the benfits of this with time. ) Onto my question, I bought organic CO and use it topically on my face and as an all over moisterizer. My husband uses it on his scalp for his eczema - works VERY well! But to ingest CO... It's in a solid form when you buy it. If I were to just take a tablespoon of it, would I melt it first? I understand if you cook with it, it would melt. Same for putting it in your coffee????? I put a tsp. Of pure cocoa in my coffee for health benefits and I can only imagine CO in my coffee with the cocoa would be pure heaven. I want to start taking more CO for weight loss, too, but not exactly sure how to take it orally. Again, do I melt it first? Sorry if this seems silly. Everyone posts that they take CO daily but don't really say if they warm it up first or swallow it in its solid form. Thank you!!

Replied by Blitz_40
(Clay, Alabama)

I take a tbsp of coconut daily, but I cannot chew & swallow the solid form. I keep a glass drizzle bottle on an electric candle warmer. I turn it on in the mornings when I get up & the oil melts in about 30 minutes. I take my dose & then switch off the warmer until next time. I do use the solid for pulling, but I just let it melt before swishing. I just cannot do it for swallowing, I gag every time : )

Replied by Cathy
(Atlanta, GA)

You can purchase coconut oil in capsule form. It is very good for colitis and dementia.

Replied by Kristie
(Chattanooga, Tn)

I take a tsp every morning in solid form and chug it down with a carbonated beverage. That's the only way that I can swollow it.

Replied by Green Augustine
(Mold, Denbighshire)
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If you can't manange swallowing the oil, you can use organic coconut milk and make it into a milk shake/smoothie with yoghurt or kefir and fruit etc. you're still getting the oil but less concentrated. In his book on Coconut Oil, Dr Fife says that 1 tablespoon of oil equals 80 millilitres of coconut milk which naturally must be all well mixed to a smooth paste so you get the fat. He says you need 3.5 tablespoons a day, but when my kinesiologist tested me, my body was happy with just 1 a day. You can also cook with it, roast or fry, make cakes and biscuits/cookies etc, even spread it on toast. And it really works

How to Take Internally
Posted by Lili (St Ann, Jamaica) on 06/13/2012

Coconut oil is amazing for skin and hair. I would like to say that Jamaicans have long been reaping the benefits of ingesting Virgin Coconut Oil by using it in our cooking... Use it to saute your veggies... Fish... Etc. I cant imagine taking it by the spoonful like medicine...

How to Take Internally
Posted by Hem (Chennai, India) on 02/04/2012

Dear Group, I find that there is quite a bit of interest in using coconut oil for medicinal purposes. It is true that it is very good for various digestive and other problems and its fatty properties allow for healing very quickly.

However based on its usage in India, I would recommend that you ingest coconut oil by using it for cooking purposes rather than taking it directly by tbsp. I am not sure if that is good for the body. By using it for cooking purposes like frying, I think it is safer and will not give adverse reactions like nausea etc. As for skin and haircare, it is definitely very good, provides lustre and thickness to hair and is good for skin generally and especially in healing scratches and other minor problems.

How to Take Internally
Posted by Todd (Peoria, Az) on 06/01/2011

I tried this Pina Colada smoothie: 3 cups of water/ice, 2 cups of fresh pineapple, 1/2 cup almonds, 1/2 cup pitted dates, 2 tbs of coconut oil and 1/2 vanilla bean. Mix it all up in a high speed blender. It is fantastic!

How to Take Internally
Posted by Diamond (Cleveland, England) on 05/20/2011

hi debbie, thanks for getting back to me, ill start oil pulling tommorrow morning on a empty stomach, starting with a teaspoon first, till I get used to it. I'll post a comment in a week. Im due back at my dentist approx 7 weeks time, which I hope gives the oil time to start healing my gums. thank you.

How to Take Internally
Posted by Diamond (Cleveland, England) on 05/19/2011

hi, thankyou debbie, for your last feedback, could you please advise,

after I melt the coconut oil in a bowl, then put it in my mouth, do I just swish it round, then spit it out or do I swallow it. Im so sorry for being a nuisance just being careful. thank you.

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

Hi Diamond, No, you don't swallow the oil it because you will also swallow the bacteria that has been released by swishing with the oil.

Replied by Sheila
(Sandisky, Oh)

Hi, for oil pulling: Swish for about 15 minutes then spit it out in the toilet. I usually then swish with a little water then brush my teeth with toothpaste. Some will tell you not to use toothpaste but I just have to. Hope that helps.

How to Take Internally
Posted by Diamond (Cleveland, England) on 05/18/2011


I managed to get from my local health shop today, Unrefined pure coconut oil, I do hope this is the correct one. The texture of it is like lard. Do I just take a teaspoon full chew then to swallow it, or is it just a pinch first to see if I have any adverse reactions to it. I bought it because I have gingivitis I am also taking CoEnzyme Q-10 30mg 3 times a day. Any feedback would be gratefull thanks.

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

Diamond you could put it in a small dish and have it sit over a cup of hot water to melt it or you could put it in your mouth and that will also melt it.

Replied by Linda
(York County, Maine, Usa)

Hi Diamond - I've had success melting a teaspoon of VCO in my coffee every morning.... Not sure why I chose one teaspoon as I've read where some folks take multiple Tablespoons daily. I can say that I've noticed my teeth are brighter and the wrinkles on my face have plumped-up a bit; I've been doing this for several weeks or to put it another way, I'm halfway through my second jar..... Ingesting it may not result in the same benefits as if you were to pull with it - maybe I'll try that next! Regards, Linda

Replied by Leslie
(St. Louis, Mo)
5 out of 5 stars

If I may - Dental conditions rather automatically involve swallowing some of the contaminants in your mouth with saliva or food, so it would be a good idea to begin ingesting a separate spoonful of coconut oil just to be on the safe side. It would also help to get into the habit of brushing your tongue and the soft tissues of your mouth with the oil to be thorough.

Let me also add that feeding this to your cat, dog and/or horse will help their teeth and breath also in addition to being very good for their coats and digestion.

How to Take Internally
Posted by Tanoe Kaku (Tema, Ghana) on 04/24/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) in the form of capsules is grossly inadequate to obtain the expected health benefits. VCO is not medicne and does not behave like medicine in the body. VCO is used directly by the cells, just as they use proteins and carbohydrates for the work of the cells. The medium chain fatty acids in VCO are used by the cells for essential services, which make the cells work efferctively and efficiently. Hence, the cells require VCO as regularly as the other food nutrients.

VCO should therefore be considered as a component of food that promotes good health and has the potential to heal many diseases and ailments. VCO works best as it gets ingested with proteins, carbohydrates and other micro-nutients in food.

When VCO is taken as medicine, while processed unsaturated vegetable oils are consumed as food, it is highly unlikely to gain the expected health benefits. Processed unsaturated vegetable oils contain high levels of poly unsaturated fatty acids. These poly unsaturated fatty acids slowly cause many different kinds of diseases and ailments, which may affect the genes and the yet to be born.

When one adopts VCO in order to heal or prevent a disease or an ailment, then it is important that any food containing processed unsaturated vegetable oils be avoided. Further, the quantities of the VCO, as food, should be substantial I. E. Initially about the same volume or weight as the protein, and the carbohydrate level should be reduced considerably. When there is good relieve from the ailment, the quantities of VCO may be reduced to maintenance level and carbohydrate increased.

VCO gives excellent results as part of the normal diet. Raw VCO has no side effects, hence good results are achieved if it is used liberaly and directly as food or as body/hair lotion.

As a matter of interest, apple cider vinegar and fermented foods contain the basic short chain fatty acid, ascetic acid, which is used by the cells in the same manner as the cell uses the fatty acids in VCO to prevent and heal diseases.

How to Take Internally
Posted by Giglez2u (Morrill, Ne, United States) on 09/30/2009

Okay, I have a couple of questions about vco. First, when taking it internally, exactly how much? I am completely unfamiliar with this stuff... Sencondly, I am reading that it can be used in place of moisturizers and conditioners for hair/skin. Again, how much? I have dry/oily skin in places and have color-treated hair (quite oily though) I don't want to make my problems worse by over-moisturizing. But, I'm seeing that the benefits far outweigh the negs, so I am going to try this. Any feedback would be appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!!!!

How to Take Internally
Posted by LaToya (Bronx, NY) on 04/23/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I've started using VCO recently. I mix a teaspoon into my hot coffee. It tastes great, actually. Don't know if thats an ideal way to take it, but it tastes good.

Replied by Selena
(Chula, GA)

OMG I love this site. Sorry, this is about my 4th post in 2 weeks. I just wanted to say, I put coconut oil in my coffee too. It took me months to get off of a well known powdered coffee creamer. And boy do I love my coffee, it just wasn't the same without the creamy taste of the hydrogenated fat I was trying to avoid. But I finally made the switch to real milk in my coffee instead (now if I can just find a sub for the milk, haha). Recently, I thought I would try the coconut oil in my coffee (about 1/4 tsp. per cup) and Guess what, It reminds me of my forever longed for coffee creamer. I love it and recommend it.

EC: No need to apologize -- we love multiple posts. Send as many as you wish!

Replied by Bewitching
(Phoenix, AZ)

I have a dairy allergy, so I now use coconut milk in my coffee instead of cream. I buy the highest fat content milk I can find that is not preserved with any kind of sulfur product. I buy it at the local Asian store.

Replied by Lemonsour
(London, England)

Hi, I just found this site and have started on some of the most popular practices...basically Apple Cider Vinegar and Virgin Coconut Oil. I only started today so i am hoping to see some good results over the coming weeks. Just wanted to add to this thread, that i took ur advice and add one teaspoon to my coffee twice a day....and i think it tastes great! The boiling water melts the VCO quickly, and very easy to drink. So thanks for the tip. I have also started drinking one teaspoon of ACV in a glass of water, which is fine to be honest...not hard to drink at all. Now i just hope i get even a few of the great things stated on this website..fingers crossed!!

Replied by Rccola
(Clarksville, Tennessee, USA)

You can put coconut oil into gel capsules it works great! No bad taste at all. If you can't get to a store to purchase the gel caps then just get an old prescription and empty them out. Make sure you get all the contents out of the capsule and then fill it with the coconut oil, then swallow. Problem solved. :)

Replied by Stacey
(Fayetteville, Nc)

You can get gel capsules at your local vitamin/supplement store.

Replied by Danhar
(Alamogordo, New Mexico)

Any information on use of coconut oil for treatment or use on mouth sores due to chemotherapy?

Replied by Dreamerbob
(San Diego, Ca)

We keep a jar of VCO mixed up with cocoa and stevia. Take a spoonful several times a day and let it melt in the mouth. Tastes yummy.

Replied by Kat
(Long Island, New York)

I have been taking it like a pill. I just take a spoonful, let it melt for a couple seconds in my mouth then drink water and swallow... It's just like swallowing a pill. Super easy.

Replied by Lilli
(Kenmore, Wa)

A friend melts the VCO with dark chocolate (both are good for you) as a treat then pours the mixture in ice cube trays. She uses the VCO that is flavored. You can buy unflavored VCO for cooking. I use mine in green tea, coffee, and toss a blob in with any hot food I am cooking like stews and soups. The flavored VCO is great in Indian and other Asian dishes.