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Posted by Hannah (Paris, France) on 11/24/2012
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Hello, I've been suffering from chronic symptoms that range from random pulsations in my stomach that cause anxiety attacks, vulvadynia, acne and strangely oily hair to more psychological and what I suspect to be hormonal issues for the past few years (I'm 25).

I have been on food allergy diets, and a series of antibiotics for constant infections, H-pylori, and Kidney infections etc. And do acupuncture regularly. I know something global is wrong with my body, but no one seems to know what... I'm sick of pumping chemicals and antibiotics into my body since they only reduce symptoms temporarily but leave me with a greater problem in the long term.

I took my first tbsp of Coconut oil yesterday and felt kind of weird and kind of good. Today I took a tsp. in the morning and plan on taking a tsp at night. I want to introduce it into my diet as gently as possible because my body is extremely sensitive and I want to make sure I tolerate it well.

I woke up today (kind of) and I was SO tired. I have been sleeping ALL day and had to force myself out of bed at 5pm (only because I was worried I wouldn't be able to sleep again at night.

In general I find I sleep a lot more than others and have a lot less energy, but today I just feel like someone bludgeoned me over the head... Is this normal?

Should I cleanse my liver or something else first before introducing the oil? I also feel I have a little bit of a headache, I saw that that was a side affect... about how long should I take the oil for before I know whether or not my body tolerates it?

I was thinking maybe I should do a liver cleanse, but I am a vegetarian and my problem is actually that I don't have ENOUGH fats in my diet, and I think I'm just about the last candidate for a fatty liver...

I guess, if I could condense this text, I would just ask, what is the most gentle way to start using Coconut oil, and how will I know if I should stop? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks