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Posted by Eve (Ocean City, Maryland) on 02/03/2011

I bought a small tub of Coconut oil. It was rather expensive. It says it is "natrually refined. " What does that mean? Is that not as good as unrefined? It is from the Philippines and was $50. Can I still use as a cream and as a food?

Replied by Carly
(Seattle , Wa - Usa)

How many ounces did you get for that price? It seems exceptionally high cost to me, unless you got a LOT of it!

I don't know about refined vs unrefined... But I do know it needs to be virgin, or extra virgin, and organic. The whiter it is the better too....

Replied by Carly
(Seattle, Wa - Usa)

Oh, and one more thing - I pay about 20 dollars for 56 ounces.... Check around on the web. There are online health food stores selling good quality VCO for MUCH less than you paid!

General Feedback
Posted by Sue M. (Worden, Il) on 01/27/2011

It's amazing to me that if you live long enough you will see how things turn around with the truth of how one can benefit from "natural" foods. Dr. Oz had a segment on his program of just 3 of the benefits of coconut oil. So, now with his endorsement of of coconut oil, I'm sure everyone will try it. With myself, it's been a very slow process(on and off for a year). I started out taking too much and felt terrible. I'm sure I had candida. What helped me the most was introducing a good probotic and then getting on a coconut regime. Between the two, I cannot tell you how good I feel. Now I'm taking the VCO 3x's a day. Not everyone can handle taking a tbps or more of the VCO right out of the gate. So, start small and work up. The benefits are wonderful.

Replied by Carly
(Seattle , Wa Usa)

Hi Sue... Yes, I saw that Dr. Oz show!

Coconut oil is apparently very theraputic to Altzheimers patients when given at the dose of 5 tbsp a day. (You would NEVER start out at this amount however, always start slowly and build up! )

I was so glad to see someone as main stream as Dr. Oz giving out such wonderful advice! Half of the housewives in America Know of / or like Him, so this is a very good thing in my opinion!

I have been taking 2-3 tablespoons of organic VCO (Virgin coconut oil) every day for over a year now. Someone on here posted that it kept them awake at night after taking it at 5pm.... Oh yeah, this WILL happen! This is why I only take it before noon. It will wake you up!

Always remember... START SLOW, so you don't get the dreaded "Herx" reaction (google it if you are new to all of this "natural stuff" people! ;-)

You didn't get to the point you are at in a week... So once you turn to natural things to feel better, don't expect to be "cured" or feel better in a week. It is a process that takes TIME. :)

General Feedback
Posted by Merryanne (Orange City, Florida, Usa) on 10/19/2010 115 posts

I have been reading a lot of your instructions on food and the use of oils, I find it all very informative and have been on a vegan diet and low fat and low sugar diet, and like it: but my question is: is it healthy to use small amounts of Lard to stir fry in a iron skillet or use olive oil to stir fry in the iron skillet. I do use coconut oil in my vegetables when steaming and sea salt, Thank you from Merryanne

General Feedback
Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 05/27/2010

What I understood after reading a book on VCO is that the important thing is that it is very white while solid and like water while liquid. Then you have pure oil. I buy mine in Germany, indeed in a glass jar and it is very expensive. It smels of coconut which for the skin is a bit funny but you shouldn't buy the deodorized one because then it is not pure anymore. I was suprised that they don't accept the huge, thick glass jar back for recycling, it seems such a waste to throw it away every time the oil is finished..... They wouldn't even need to give me money for it, I could give it back when I go for a new one but no, they say that it is difficult to wash them. I have seen a less expensive brand in an Asian shop but it looked yellowish so I didn't buy it. You hardly find VCO around here, either in Germany, France or Switzerland (I am lucky that I can do my shopping easily in three countries). The scare against saturated fats was quite effective. By the way, you shouldn't really use something with less quality for your skin because it absorbs the product so you get it inside anyway!

General Feedback
Posted by Indigo (Atlanta, GA) on 12/10/2007

I see some people have had some issues with coconut oil not working for them. For me coconut oil has been a God send! However its not some magic elixer that is going to fix every ailment for everybody. Apple cider vinegar has done wonders for a lot of people, but I have my own personal uses for it b/c it does not do for me ALL the things some people claim it does. For instance, I know that my skin will go crazy if I'm not on birth control pills. And I also know a little bit of coconut oil (and I do mean a LITTLE bit) is an excellent moisturizer for those with problem skin. Although Virgin coconut oil is WONDERFUL (I put it on just about anything I eat at home) its not a cure all. If you have something off balance in your body,all the coconut oil in the world may not be able to help you. Go to the doctor for pete's sake! VCO is great for prevention, but once the damage is done, you're better off seeking professional help. Oh and make sure you are taking Extra Virgin Coconut oil.And not just coconut oil. the right one solidifies 77 degrees...I just put it on hot food to melt it.

Replied by Maggie
(Springfield, Il)

Sorry you feel the need to use birth control pill for your acne. The pill is conected with breast/uterin cancer and heart disease, as well as just messing up our system the way it is beautifully intended to work. As for acne, I found that pure lemon juice used on a cotton ball for an astringent works great for acne. Pure olive oil as a follow-up moisturizer is great and absorbs quickly with no greasy feal. I use a cotton ball to apply that as well. I hope this helps. It's a whole lot cheaper all around.

Replied by Barbara
(Toronto, Ontario)

For the person taking the birth control pill for acne instead you should try Tumeric spice or tumeric capsules (main ingredient must be curcumin and nothing else) fortified with black pepper to help absorb it. Tumeric is also a miracle herb in which it eliminates many ailments almost within 30 minutes depending what exactly you are suffering from. For alergy sufferers 1 tsp of tumeric powder spice mixed with 1 cup of milk will clear up your sinus, pain and watery eyes completely and you will breath again. Tumeric is a pain reliever because it eliminates inflammation and cures a lot of other problems too. I found a lot info about tumeric on this site as well.

Replied by Cheryl
(Summerville, Sc)

In my experience, most acne is a virus and an imbalance in good bacteria in the colon. It's often not enough to take probiotics or coconut oil because it does not kill it entirely. The best one thing for acne is black walnut because it is very good at killing all the things that cause breakouts AND will balance the good/bad bacteria at the same time. And yes, cleansing and supporting the liver is important too, but if you're not killing things when they come out, you're just re-circulating everything. I suggest working with a professional on this one because killing stuff is not an easy process most of the time and it's hard to know if it's die-off or you need to back off because your organ are in overload.... Because that's what probably caused the problem in the first place. There are different parasite killing herbs for different parasites, viruses, etc... So if you're going to get the job done... You need to know which one you have... Get tested.... Muscle testing is best and I'm an advocate of nutritional response testing.... Good luck!

Replied by Sharyg
(Miami, Fl, Usa)

Ditto on the turmeric. It really does work great for skin. There is also an indian Turmeric cream which will clear your complexion super fast and make it beautiful as well. It is called _______ Turmeric cream. Try it. You will keep buying it forever.

Genital Warts

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Posted by Mike (San Francisco, CA) on 04/30/2007

After extensive research on the web when I discovered I had genital warts I decided to give coconut oil a chance. I couldn't bare the thought of going to a doctor and asking them to look at a growth on my butt, worse, there were some just inside my colon (which is typical with genital warts on the anus). After 6 weeks of 2xdaily enemas and massaging in a tablespoon of coconut oil over the warts... they are completely gone. A lot of information on the web says genital warts don't go away without serious treatment (burning off, laser, freezing, etc). I am a believer in coconut oil. It worked on me. It also made my skin glow and feel baby soft. I found myself caressing my skin, amazed at the pleasant silky feeling. Rubbing it in my hair made it super shiney and healthy. I want to fill my hot tub with coconut oil and marinate in it for days.

Replied by Katie
(San Jose, CA)

I also heard castor oil helps too!

Replied by Jennywren
(Perth, Western Australia, Australia)

.. And apple cider vinegar. Dab on affected area several times a day for a week or so. Works for me!


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Posted by Sarah (Champaign, IL) on 07/24/2008

My thyroid level was low. The doctor said I must go on thyroid prescription. I said give me a few months to try virgin organic coconut oil. I took 3 to 4 tablespoons daily in smoothies or melted on salad or just ate it. (It looks like crisco, which worried me, but I was determined not to have a lifelong prescrip.) At the next blood test in 4 months my thyroid function was "excellent" and to top it off my cholesterol had dropped the bad level and raised the good level. The docotor was pleased. I needed no prescription. I did gain 2 pounds, but considering how much oil I ate and for how long it was not an issue.

Posted by Teresa (Guelph, Ontario, Canada) on 04/04/2008

I have been taking coconut oil since the summer. I have the symptoms of an underactive thyroid. I was shocked when I read the causes. The coconut oil also helped to improve my skin tone. I feel for everyone that has this problem.

Posted by Karen Sheridan (Essex, England) on 01/30/2008

Coconut Oil: Has really helped me with my thyroid condition and has given me energy when it has not been functioning that has really helped.

Posted by Melynda (Niagara Falls, Canada) on 01/29/2008

I have had a chronic thyroid condition including goiter and hypothyroidism for years. I have been taking thyroidisine prescribed by my doctor, 1.75 mg per day for 1 1?2 years. The weight loss was slow and I always feel as If there is something stuck in my throat. I would often start coughing and throwing up, because of the condition. my T3 levels were at 90, after a year they are at 3, finally. However I now take coconut oil reliving the constant pain in my neck, therefore i take it everyday. it makes me feel alive, after many years. The weight loss has been slow, I will mix a tablespoon in my coffee in the morning. I spread it on bananas, just so I am getting the desired amount. I find it still hard to swallow, and when I combine my thyroid prescription with the oil, It makes all the difference in my comfort level of my neck area. Slowly, the goiter is shrinking. i will continue to buy coconut oil, the benefits are very great. It still often uncomfortable and I have weight to loose, It is a slow process, but the oil makes a great difference in my energy and throat irritation.

Replied by CH

FOR THE LADY WHO ALWAYS FEELS SOMETHING IS STUCK IN HER THROAT: I was reading the part about something stuck in your throat and hard to swallow, I had a problem for about 5 months where I always felt their was something stuck in my throat, I had every test in the books, problem got worse, I finally had a test where they go down your throat and they found a web at the top of my esophagus that had grown across and the tore/removed the web, After my throat got over being sore from that, I no longer had that feeling anymore and could swallow again.

Posted by Carolyn (Lorain, OH) on 02/25/2007

I have been taking virgin coconut oil for eight months now because I read it will help regulate my thyroid. I am hyper-thyroid and have been on medication for the past four years.Last month I stopped my meds.because I was told my thyroid is in remission now. I believe the oil is what helped me.

Posted by Linda (Orlando, FL) on 02/22/2007

Hypothyroid/Coconut Oil: I suffer from hypothyroid and have taken levoxyl for about 7 years. I also have suffered with fatigue for most of my 47 years for a wide variety of reasons (anemia, depression, hypothyroid, sleep apnea, RLS). It seems I have every condition that can rob one of sleep and energy. Anyway, I was looking for a natural form of thyroid support and came upon information about coconut oil being helpful (about two weeks ago). I just found this wonderful site this week, which I intend to frequent OFTEN, and I thought I'd contribute my experience with coconut oil. So far (2 weeks) I have a bit more energy. I have gained about 8 pounds since January (I tend to be slim), which I want to lose. I hope the energy helps the weight loss. I'll keep you posted.

Posted by Michelle (Rock Springs, WY) on 01/13/2007

I had a low functioning thyroid, very dry hair and skin. Since taking the Virgin Coconut Oil I no longer need my thyroid meds. My hair is soft and silky and my skin has dramatically improved. I cook with it and I also put it on my face 2x per day. What a miracle, I have also noticed an increase in energy. Other cure I found for it was diaper rash. My baby had a really bad rash while teething, her bottom would bleed and none of the creams at the store seemed to do anything at all, so I tried the coconut oil and with one application her bottom cleared up dramatically and the next day it was completely gone!

Posted by Rosemarie (Salem, OH) on 06/20/2006

I take Virgin Coconut Oil for thyroid function. It has cured flaky skin, cholesterol, glucose. I dropped almost 10 points on glucose, my skin is so soft I feel new! My good cholesterol was raised by 10 points, also. I am careful to take this everyday at the same time, with the same amount ingested (1 Tablespoon). I have never experienced any of the problems reported. It has made my skin so soft that my husband has to touch me all the time!! He can't believe the difference! I have always been very careful of eating right and exercising--this fits right in with my other regimes.

Posted by Geri (Monrovia, CA) on 05/07/2006

I know among many other things that pure Virgin Coconut oil helps thyroid, regulates body temp. Tropical Traditions website has the best info, product, and prices as well as giving the money from sales to the islanders who actually produce it. I provide health product recommendations to people and this is one of my top items, along with Apple Cider Vinegar.