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Posted by Tina (Vancouver, Washington) on 08/24/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I was doing some research on the internet a couple weeks ago about candida and started seeing links for information on virgin coconut oil.. My goodness the fantastical claims I learned of with every click of my mouse! I wondered if it could be true or maybe just hype like so many other 'miracle' cures. I was very impressed with what I read and sought out some organic oil.

I decided to start off slow, according to testimonies I read, especially since one of my issues is chronic candida. I also take levothyroxine for hypothyroidism and battle with weight issues, which have caused a whole host of health concerns.

I noticed right away an uncomfortable side effect of racing, palpitating heart. It happens every time I take the oil in a concentration, such as by the tablespoon, or spread on an akmak cracker, etc.

I have decided instead to use it in cooking and get my daily dose that way. I use it to saute veggies for a meal, or add it to my morning oatmeal, and even gently fried corn tortillas in it for chicken enchiladas one night.. it is such a delicate flavor that once stronger, more savory flavors are introduced, you can rarely detect the coconut. I find when I use it this way, I don't get the palpitation side effect. Other than the recommended amount of coconut oil, and the fish oil caps I take, I am on a very low fat diet right now.

I have mixed feelings because I have read some testimonies of people who didn't lose weight but in fact gained weight after starting on VCO so I hope I am not sabotaging my good efforts!

oh, also, I read that the claims made by proponents of VCO that it helps with thyroid problems are unsubstantiated.. any editorial feedback on this?

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Posted by Cindy (Seattle, Wa.) on 07/01/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I've had chronic bladder infections for twenty years.I've been on every antibiotic and only got worse. I've been taking virgin coconut oil for almost four months. Within a week the infections were gone. I haven't had any pain in four months plus I've lost ten pounds, have more energy, and almost no acne flare ups.

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Posted by Kay (Washington, DC) on 06/26/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I started using vco about 2 months ago. I heard about all the different health benefits of using it so i first began using it on my hair and my hair has never shined the way that it does now. I have also noticed that there is less breakage than before. After awhile i decided to start using it as a body moisturizer, it is awesome even my little sister who thinks of me as a nature junkie loves to use it. My skin has never been softer, even when i was using pure shea butter. I also suffer from body acne and that has cleared up. I know have soft flawless skin i can't wait to start taking it internally. VCO is the best thing to use if you suffer from any kind of skin condition. This stuff is great, i wouldn't trade it for the world

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Posted by Amy (West New York, U.S.) on 06/22/2007
4 out of 5 stars

Virgin coconut oil gives my husband diarrhea, it doesn't seem to do a whole lot for me in terms of weight loss, but it has helped my 2 y.o. daughter's immune system. I think VCO only helps with a balanced diet. My husband's diet is a typical Western diet, which is mostly starches, process/refined foods, preservatives and little fruit/greens. I eat plenty of fruits & veggies, but I did not give up the sweets/white flour, so VCO didn't help me lose any weight, even after months of taking it (1-2 Tbs. a day over toast or in oatmeal). My daughter, whom I now suspect is sensitive to gluten, has asthmatic tendencies and I was feeding her too much whole grains. I limited her whole grains, added VCO almond butter olive oil into her diet and she has not needed her nebulizer and her colds do not last 2-3 weeks. VCO HELPS, but it is not a miracle cure. Nothing is. Also, it is an oil, so I don't understand why anyone would put it in a cup of tea?!!?

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Posted by Sandra (Ventura, CA) on 06/21/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have been using coconut oil since last Sept. I use it for my skin, salad dressing and anything else I can think of. Oh, delicious on baked sweet potatoe. I give my four cats coconut oil on their paws everyday and their coats are beautiful. My one cat Sadie goes to the container on my dresser and helps herself to as much as she wants. Since my last blood work, my cholesterol has dropped from 252 to 240, HDL 86. My blood pressure dropped from 134/89 to 130/70. I love the way it smells and tastes. I use about one tablespoon a day. I am very happy with the results and will continue to use it, as well as my girls.

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Posted by Jeanie (Austin, Texas) on 06/12/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Coconut Oil cured my adult acne and keeps me from getting sunburned and promotes a healthy tan. I have fair skin and if I start using coconut oil I brown easily and it actually protects my skin and promotes natural tanning. I do not use sun screen. It also protects my skin from the water. I have been using it for years. I also cook with it...makes delicious fried eggs. It's the only oil that can withstand high temperatures without causing free radicals. I started using it about 10 years ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I am still cancer-free and rarely ever become ill!

Replied by Johnnie
(Tyler, USA)

Hi Jeanie, Just wanted to ask if you had surgery for breast cancer before taking the EVCO?

Replied by Jackie
(Newton Le Willows, England)

my sister has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and was wondering if coconut oil was any good for her could you please let me know how you benefited from using this it would be a great help thank you Jackie.

Replied by Rickilynn
(Bowie, Md)

Please research the benenfits of a raw diet to cure cancer. Also look into getting the book "The China Study"

Replied by Shari
(Dallas, Tx)

I read extensive research that vitamin C in doses of 3000 help control cancer, use natural suppleiments, not synthetic.

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Posted by Jeffrey (Bournemouth, England) on 06/07/2007
5 out of 5 stars


Replied by Thereaa

Can you please tell me how much of the coconut oil you used per day. I have the organic raw coconut oil.

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Posted by Deborah (Swansea, SC) on 04/28/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I previously wrote some negative feedback about coconut oil...but I now stand corrected. despite the bad side effects, the flu or food poison symptoms, and yep, I even gained weight at first. After suffering with IBS all my life, I have finally found a cure. I continued to take the VCO even after being sick with it and even gaining weight... I went to my Dr. this past Tuesday and told her I was on it. My blood pressure was a little high, but she told me the VCO was not causing it and she has never heard anything negative about it. she told me that my thyroid was enlarged, but I am sure it was like that before I took the VCO..I started on 2 capsules today, after being on 1 for the last 3 weeks. my weight is starting to slim down appetite has been cut in half...I have energy, the bumps on the back of my arms, are all but severely dry skin is now hair is better too. but the main thing is my IBS is cured...I have tried everything under the sun, and this is the only thing that has had this kind of results. and my large bulldog had severe hip problems, I give him 2 glucosomene and one coconut capsul every day. he is so much better..I took him walking today for the first time in a long time. we have always had him on glucosome but we have never had this kind of result, my dog also had bad side effects at first, and I stopped for a while, but he only got worse...he is just so much better now...its amazing. I don't know if coconut oil is for everyone, but I am a firm believer in it now, yes the side effects are bad at first, but be patient it gets better.

Replied by Braying_donkey
(Hamilton, On)

Capsules are a scam. Buy a bottle of the oil and take it normally.

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Posted by Sue (Orrtanna, PA) on 04/26/2007
5 out of 5 stars

My daughter and I are experimenting with the coconut oil and have seen some great results immediately. Her thyroid is working at 20 percent and the swelling is already going down after one week. I am taking it for the overall effects and also an organic liquid vitamin and am feeling great and have more energy. There are some small spots that look like melanoma from the sun and I'm putting the oil directly on them. I'm hoping to see results from that. Will keep you posted. I'm so happy we came across this. It's also helped with a very sensitive stomach.

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Posted by Jesslynn (Bellingham, USA) on 04/23/2007
5 out of 5 stars

re: Subject: Coconut Oil for Rashes and Healing of Scars. I am 40 yrs old and have very dry sun-damaged skin. I have been experimenting with vit E, aloe, green tea, olive oil, and just recently extra virgin coconut oil. About two weeks ago I had to have 3 biopsies on my legs. To make a long story short...I tried the coconut oil last night and woke up and found that my legs are much better. The redness from the scars and also a rash I have had for 3 months dramatically improved. I think this stuff actually works great.

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Posted by Stella (Walnut Creek, CA) on 04/17/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have been using the coconut oil for about a month and I love it. I was a lotion junky for whom price was not object. I once spent $60 on a body lotion! I spent even more for face lotions. I was never satisfied and always trying different products. I did not care if the product was natural, I just wanted the most effective thing. I even went to the Dermatologist bought their products. Well I just threw them all out. The coconut oil has been the best thing for my face and body. I have what I call the Double-Whammy, skin that is both aging and acne prone. The coconut oil has been perfect for me because it softens my skin while controlling and preventing break out. When I first put it on it felt so greasy I thought why am I putting this kitchen oil on my body! But after about 15 minutes it completely absorbed in the skin and left no greasy residue. It makes you you think about those other lotions you put on your body, I imagine they are similarly absorbed into your skin, kind of scary!

I love the coconut oil and will continue using it. But here's something odd. I put it on my Husband and he got terrible acne. I am wondering why something that works so great for me did not work for him at all? It's too bad, I would have liked for him to enjoy it too.

Replied by Raledo
(Medford, Or)

Your hubby might be allergic to coconut oil if he broke out. I know when you start taking it internally, sometimes it makes someone break out. But I use it all the time on my skin and I love it.

Replied by Carlos
(Spain, Barcelona)
5 out of 5 stars

To Stella from CA. IM a 28 year old man, Im a cosmetic and diet freak. I started using everything available. Then I went the natural way trying everything you can imagine from aloe to shea butter, ACV, molasses, soy... I basically have used everything you can think of, even those awful nivea for men. So I started putting EVCO and I also got initial break outs. It felt oily, I wasnt really feelin it. But my mother tried it and said it was wonderful, I came back to read the testimonials and I gave it another try. After few days, all teh dead cells and dry skin in my T zone are gone, I have a light rosacea also and its gone, I have uniform tone. I have read somewhere that coconut oil is detox. It reaches the under layers in skin and cleanses pores, getting rid of dead cells and dirt. Wash his face with warm water, exfoliate. Pat dry. Apply EVCO, massage it throuly for 5 min. Rince with hot water. Remove excess oil and dead cells with a towel. Now skin will be glowing. Apply a thin layer of EVCO again and you are done. Give it a week. New skin will come out after few days, light young smooth skin.

Replied by Meow
(Pekin, Il)

Your husband is probably NOT allergic to it at all, I would say that he had a "healing crisis" coconut oil is a great detoxifer. I would have him try it again for a while and see what happens.

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Posted by Yvonne (Bridgewater, NJ) on 04/09/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have been using Coconut Oil externally as both a hair conditioner and a skin moisturizer for about one month and have seen an incredible improvement. My face is clear of blemishes and very smooth. It has also helped soften my naturally curly hair. There is no need for all of the useless and expensive products I have been wasting my money on for all these years!

Replied by Shari
(Bedford, Pa)

How do you use coconut oil on your hair?

Replied by Betherfly
(Lakewood, California, Usa)

I would suggest trying this: either use a small portion (maybe the size of a dime-quarter depending on your hair length) mixed in with your shampoo. Let sit on hair for a few minutes, then rinse. If you are using it for its more healing properties on the scalp, this is probably your best bet. Alternately you could add it to your conditioner if you are seeking moisturizing properties. Coconut oil melts fast and easily in your hand, so be aware of that. If you keep it in the fridge, you should be able to scrape off a portion with a butter knife. I am currently using it in conjunction with Ted's other remedies for vitiligo, skin is pinking (thanks Ted) and also the moisture portion is great!! Hope this helps, maybe others have some more qualified insight. Take care. Beth

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Posted by Deborah (Palm Bay, Florida) on 04/03/2007
5 out of 5 stars

After reading other's comments I recognized that it was not just my imagination that my sugar cravings stopped after I started eating coconut oil. Also, my teeth and gums do feel cleaner all the time. (Grapefruit seed extract also helped my teeth to stay cleaner.) My scalp is starting to feel less dry and I am hoping this will alleviate my dry skin and hair completely.

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Posted by Renee (Los Angeles, CA) on 03/29/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I've been taking the evco for about 1 month now. I took it because I heard I might lose weight. When I first started the oil, I had diary for about 2 days. But, that stopped. As of now, the following conditions have cleared. The most important first:
1) No more bleeding hemmoroids. I was bleeding 2 or 3 times a week. I was going to go to the dr. but I started the oil and 1 week later, no more blood.
2) No more athletes foot. No more body odor or foot odor, or bad breath.
3) No more yeast infections.
4) Not one pimple on my face. I would get at least 1 pimples per week. I have now soft shiny skin and hair, my wrinkles have gone.
5) No more PMS symptoms: puffiness, mood swings, headaches.
6) And yes. I got into my size 6's which I haven't been able to in 5 years! My stomach is gone! No more cellulite. And I still kept all my muscle. Only the fat is gone. I started at 160 lbs and now, about 150. What more can I say?

Replied by Ibiza
(New York)
5 out of 5 stars

I've been oil pulling with organic virgin unrefined coconut oil for one week. I couldn't wait to report! How wonderful this discovery is! I have more energy, deeper dreams, whiter teeth, and more regular elimination. The most dramatic change is less mucus in my sinuses. I overhauled my diet and started using a neti pot with salt daily two months ago. This is because seven years ago, I became afflicted with allergies and sinus issues. I went to a specialist who recommended over-the-counter relief. Every season, I had to choose a new medicine because the previous one stopped working. Finally, two months ago, I had a horrible sinus infection which caused me to be put on three medications. That's when I said, enough is enough, no more medicine (which I suspect was having an adverse effect on other areas of my body, namely my liver). That's when I implemented a diet change and started using a neti pot. However, using the neti pot was time consuming because often I was unable to get any of the water to pour out of one or both nostrils due to mucus. Still, I persevered and used it every day. I have not had a migraine headache or had to use any allergy medicine since that time. Since oil pulling with the VCO, my neti pot time has been cut in half or more! The water pours out of each nostril easily. No more mucus plugs! It's unbelievable. I am even more confident that using the neti pot, oil pulling and eating a clean, basic, meatless diet will allow me to fully overcome my allergies and sinus issues. I also started using the coconut oil on my face with outstanding results. My face was becoming dry and dull, I guess due to age and hormonal changes (I'm in my 40's). Now, it's as smooth as a baby's bottom! I use a tiny bit in the morning on a clean face and massage it in completely. It does take a while to absorb so do it when you first get up unless you want an oil shine. I can't wait to use it on the rest of my body (need to buy it a gallon at a time from an online source). Lastly, I was immensely skeptical of using the coconut oil as a deodorant. However, yesterday, I did it for the first time since I didn't need to leave the house and live alone, hahaha. I have to say that it worked perfectly. And, I actually did end up going out in the summer heat. It worked then and all through the night into this morning! I just used a small portion and massaged it under my underarms. I'm not a fan of the smell of coconut oil (others love it) and it took about an hour for the smell to subside when used on the face and under the arms. So, I just have to get up earlier so that it's gone by the time I leave the house. I have no idea of how strong the VCO is as a deodorant since I didn't do too much; I'll rotate it along with the other natural deodorants I use.

Replied by Chevygirl
(Tuakau, Franklin, New Zealand)

Hi there, can you please tell me what is meant by 'pulling oil'? I've just started taking the oil orally and also using it for moisturizer, so will see how things go.

Btw... congrats EARTHCLINIC! AWESOME website! I'm addicted!

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
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Chevygirl, Oil Pulling is an Indian Ayurvedic whole body detoxification method only recently introduced into the western world. You swish veg oil around in your mouth for 20 min then spit it out. Be sure to use mouthwash before & after the pull. My first OP experience was beneficial with noticeable good results.

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Posted by Renee (Los Angeles, CA) on 03/29/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I just wanted to add one more item. I, too have been battling high blood pressure 150/90 along with my weight. I noticed my blood pressure has gone down to about 117/65. But, I noticed if I drink a cup of coffee in the morning, my BP will go way up. I am learning that with the increase in energy from the oil, I cannot drink the coffee because its as if it doubles the energy effect. So, my craving for coffee, alcohol and sweets are totally gone. My appetite is also gone.