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Posted by Green Augustine (North Wales Uk) on 01/15/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I started researching coconut oil last year to help my sister with Alzheimer's. I also started using it myself as I was borderline under active thyroid and found my basal temperature went up from 36.1 to 36.6 on regular basis. For 2 years I'd suffered with sore eyes that felt as if grease was smeared across sometimes so badly I couldn't see to drive. My optician and my doctor both said it was dry eyes and gave me drops but they didn't help. I then went to a Consultant who diagnosed it as post menopause hormonal imbalance which meant my tears were not viscous enough to stick to the surface of my eyes, so I was given Visco tear drops which helped. About the same time I started taking the coconut oil and after about 5-6 weeks realised I was no longer having to use the visco tear drops. I ran out of the oil for 7 days and on day 5 I had to use the artificial tears again. Once I re stocked with Coconut oil, my eyes became problem free again. I was amazed. I can only think that the boost to my thyroid helped balance my hormones. And I no longer have pains in my joints which I put down to allergies! I recently got a stomach virus and doubled my oil intake plus having Kefir and lacto fermented vegetables like sauer kraut and I was was better within 4 days whereas most friends that had it were 12 days or more. For more good ideas read Mary Enig and Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions, full of life changing knowledge and research.

Replied by Om
(Hope Bc Canada)

Weston Price, Mary Enig et al. I highly question their understanding of nutrition in our times. Have there been No changes??

Dairy is dangerous now and I don't understand when people post recipe and ideas when dairy and meat are thoroughly poisoned plus the new wheat strains that brought havoc on the western population. Even so called grass fed animals do receive their potion of GMO's, like free run chickens, etc. You name it.

From vegetarian to vegan now, I am hungry quite often since foods are becoming increasingly unfit for health .But the good part is that one becomes innovative plus keeping in mind the fact that huge number of humans are on the border of starvation.

Most recipes and good old time food ideas don't pass the test any longer. Om

Replied by Andrea C

Hi xxx It's Raw Milk you are supposed to use. The problem with Dairy now is it's heated and treated and all the digestive enzymes are destroyed in it. But also unless it's Grass reared organic Grain Free Cattle there will still be problem's with drug and all sort's getting in to the Dairy via the Animals treatment.

But the other thing is the gland to digest milk shuts down by the age of 3 in Humans and this is to digest Mother's Milk. But Raw Milk it's self has worked Miracles in some seriously sick people and many 'Stone Age' peoples drink a lot of dairy and keep Cattle as well.

All 'Hunter Gatherers' around the World consume Goat's or Cow's milk when they can get access to it and also honey when they can get it. But lots of people say not to eat that too.

Some of us are fine with some of the 'Forbidden Food's' others are not. But Raw Milk, and Raw Honey is the only one's anyone should eat if ever.

My Body makes it plain as day what it DON'T WANT, if not right away in a shrt space of time. And then I got to suffer as it comes out and sometimes it feels worse than when it went in and for longer!

But i'd rather THAT than the result of carrying on? If it's started to do thing's I'm now aware of, what the hell has it done to me before my body started screaming for help and I can't see it?

Only a fool would carry on and not take the time and discomfort of being long term ill and suffering? I have spent years of pain and tears to get stuff out of my system that nearly killed me. stole my life, and they called it MEDICAL HELP? MEDICAL EXPERIMENT' .


Multiple Cures
Posted by T (Northeast, United States) on 06/05/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I began taking coconut oil internally for a skin issue. I can definitely verify that the results I've had are from coconut oil because I came off it for about 2 months and I went back on as soon as I noticed a difference.

The first thing I noticed was energy. I take the coconut oil (about a tablespoon) with my breakfast every morning, and my energy is through the roof. I used to feel like I absolutely needed a nap every day. Now, I'm awake all day no problems! I don't experience that usual 3pm dragging feeling that happpens to most of us. I just feel... idk more awake. It's really odd, but definitely great. I noticed my appetite has also been curbed. It's not in a starving way at all. It's as if the coconut oil helps my body metabolize my food more efficiently. I can relax and eat my breakfast around 10 am and the next time I'm craving a meal is at 6pm. I just drink water and tea between then, and I feel not "full" but satisfied. I don't really crave anything, I just feel sustained. Coconut oil has definitely helped my digestive system. I'm not sure if my recent weight loss is due to the oil or not, but I definitely did lose a noticable amount of weight. It's my body that I've loved, it just seems to have deflated the extra baggage. My bowel movements are also quick and easy. I'm more regular without feeling like my stool is too loose. Coconut oil just makes it a breeze to go. I also notice that my waste smells different, so that's a plus. I don't know if I can attribute this directly to the coconut oil, but in the months I took it, I definitely noticed overall mood stability, increased skin suppleness, reduced soreness after workouts, and it seems like my hair is growing in faster. Again, these are only results I've been able to note an absence of when I was off the coconut oil versus when I took the coconut oil.

A little shot of melted coconut oil in the morning honestly gave me a lot more than I bargained for! I love this stuff!

Multiple Cures
Posted by Cara (Los Angeles, Ca, United States) on 05/24/2013
5 out of 5 stars

A few years ago I stumbled on this site when looking for more natural cures for common ailments. I didn't like the idea of using antibiotics all the time, especially when I would be taking 750mg horsepills several times a day. Yuck!

Oil pulling with Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) has changed my life in several ways:

Sinus infections- I used to get these all the time! Since I started pulling, though, I feel any hint of congestion break, especially in the shower with that steam. I stopped pulling for awhile out of laziness and totally caught a sinus infection that was going around. Within minutes of pulling I felt the congestion start to break, especially in my ears! A little pulling, some cracking and popping in my ears and I was able to hear clearly for the first time in a few days! All the gunk started coming out. I need more tissues...

IBS-C- I was diagnosed with IBS several years ago but oil pulling I have much more regular and healthy BMs. My digestion is fabulous!!!

Teeth- People ask me how I get my teeth so white and when I tell them its not bleach they usually don't believe me at first! My mouth, teeth, and tongue feel cleaner and whiter for sure.

Energy- Overall my energy levels are so much higher when I oil pull. If I go without pulling for some time I'll go through a detox period where I may feel fatigued after oil pulling or break out slightly, but I know its a sign of healing.

I've read up and seen conflicting ideas about what it actually does. All I know is that it changes my body in a real way for whatever reason. I'm hooked... And tellin the world about it. Thanks Earth Clinic!

Multiple Cures
Posted by Suja Biju (Dubai, Uae) on 02/05/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Pure coconut oil which we extracted at home provides nice aroma for kerala dishes. It won't increase cholestrol. It helps me in reducing the hair fall and the dry skin problems.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Erin (Pittsburgh, Pa) on 01/17/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Oh Coconut Oil... Where to begin...

I have been using coconut oil for 4 months now on and inside my body. I will say first off that I do not believe in this systemic candida issue and these "die-offs. " I do, however, believe in eliminating processed foods from my diet, while eating locally, organically, and sustainable. It is a learning process. So organic virgin coconut oil is great stuff. Here is what I have used it for.

Yeast infection: I am currently suffering from repeated yeast infections... Check that... I am just not getting rid this yeast infection completely. I have tried the prescription pills and OTC creams. Coconut oil is great for relieving symptoms and the infection temporarily. It has been more effective than the creams or prescriptions thus far. My infection has always been minor/mild. I am getting insurance in a few weeks, so I have not been to the doctor recently, so it is undiagnosed, and I am very well aware that I could be misdiagnosing (but after hours and hours and months of reading, I don't think that I am). It began with diagnosed BV and antibiotics (so I know the difference).

Put some coconut oil in a glass, and put that glass in a stopped sink with hot water (about an inch worth). The oil will melt pretty quickly while you brush you do your bathroom routine. Dip an organic cotton tampon in, swirl it around in the oil, and put it on up there. It is pretty much instant relief for me. I leave it in 2-6 hours. After doing this for three days my symptoms will disappear but always temporarily. Basically it gets rid of the problem on the surface but not entirely.

May I suggest that EVERYONE read the V Book. There is a crazy amount of misinformation on this site. Read this book. The chapter on yeast infections is online so just google it. Learn about your body apart from only second hand naturopath advice which, if you understand the complexity of scientific experimentation- studies, you will understand that a naturopath (though sometimes helpful) is not a substitute for a doctor... Meh.. But to each their own. If you have reoccurring yeast infections, put some coconut oil up there to get you through and insist on a culture from your gyno.

Please do not get into these year/s long extraordinarily restrictive diets that drive you to the point of thinking every ache and pain is the candida monster thriving inside of you. Eating a little sugar does not cause yeast infections... Now, if you are drinking a liter of pop a day and over a quarter of milk with a bunch of cookies, etc...well...

Moisturizer/stretch marks: Coconut oil makes a great moisturizer. My boyfriend loves it. I would like to use it as a sexual lubricant as well.

After a month of regular use there is no noticeable difference in my stretch marks.

I do use it on my face and upper shoulders where I have the occasion pimple break out. Coconut oil does not reduce nor cause pimples as far as I can tell. I definitely do not breakout from coconut oil, but it does not seem to have much of an effect on existing pimples. Things are pretty much as they ever were, though I have received compliments on my skin.

Toothpaste: Google a recipe. I have been using it as a homemade toothpaste base for only a week now. Nothing incredible to report, but I do not think that I have bad breath.

Shaving cream: I only shave with coconut oil now! I put a little melted oil on my legs and shave away. It is great! Razor burn is not completely eliminated, but definitely greatly reduced.

Consumption/Internal Use: Okay... I have added 1-3 T in my coffee for... 4 months now, every morning. This does _not_ eliminate yeast infections. It does absolutely nothing as far as preventing/stopping yeast infections. No changes whatsoever from ingesting.

Eating this stuff does increase your metabolism. This means your heart rate will increase and your body temp increases so you will sweat more. I hate this. I have not lost weight (getting back into my yoga routine now.. Exercise and eating right is the only way to lose weight... There is no special tonic). The increased sweating (especially at school or in work when I tend to be more nervous) is terrible. I don't like it. I don't smell great from it either.

This is not a herx reaction or any kind of toxin die off. People that throw out "herx" every time someone has a negative reaction (most of them either allergic or due to severely depriving oneself of carbohydrates/sodium/sugar) make me insane. Look up coconut oil. It raises metabolism and heart rate. I do not have a mysterious systemic candida condition that everyone has and every single doctor ever attempts to mask from their patient's eyes in order to line their pockets with more yeast money. If you are sensitive to raised heart rates (I am and the first day was kind of rough so I had to start smaller and build up the dose) then start with just a little and work your way up. I am going to work my way back down on this one as I am not sure that a little increased energy is worth the sweatiness and warm sensation all day. We will see.

But most importantly, eating coconut oil does not do anything for yeast infections... At least not for mine. I will say that topical application as described above has worked better than Apple Cider Vinegar (did nothing... I started using Apple Cider Vinegar for everything and it did nothing for anything, but I do use it to cook), garlic (did nothing... Ingested and stuck some up there overnight a few times), yogurt (did nothing), probiotics (love for digestion but as suppositories they do nothing for me, and I have tried all of the most recommended brands made especially for vaginal flora harmony).

Replied by Iowama Quoting Dr. Terry Wahls
(Pella, Ia)

Hi Erin, I read your post and wanted to throw in a remedy for that yeast infection you've experienced. My daughter and I have sometimes developed them, usually after we eat too many sweets. We have tried the following with great success: Instead of dipping your tampon in melted coconut oil, moisten it with apple cider vinegar and leave it in for 3 to 4 hours, or sleep with it in. I hope this helps!

Replied by Faeqa
(Amman, Jordan)
66 posts

Hi Erin; I used black cumin (Nigella Sativa) for internal fungus and Yeast infection and it give me a very good result and a complete cure within one week, I think if you use it, it may give the same.

The way I used is: grind it then add ACV, let it stand around one hour to be a soft paste, take internally one teaspoon 2 -3 times a day (before or after meal), and put this paste externally 2 times a day

Not: don't grind alot of black cumin, just prepare for 2-3 days every time and keep it tightly in a jar because it oxidize by air.

Replied by Erin
(Pittsburgh, Pa)

Thank you both for the responses! Unfortunately, the ACV does not work for me (organic with the "mother").

Black cumin sounds interesting, and I will certainly look into that.

Really the coconut oil works (I say with hesitation), but the relief does not last. I am going to go to the doctor and insist on a culture soon to confirm that I have some resistant strand of yeast.

Replied by Heather
(San Diego, California)

Hi Erin from Pittsburgh, Pa! Thank you so much for being a voice of reason here.

I too think that people are a bit over zealous when it comes to systemic candida claims. I get that we may have fungal issues, but, well, no need to rehash what you said.

I've tried many things on earth clinic for my chronic fatigue syndrome with severe insomnia, lack of energy and brain fog. Going after mysterious systemic candida was an epic fail. However, using Ted's remedies I have been able to get rid of local fungal issues, and coconut oil internally and externally has improved feet fungus (white powdery heels) as well as improving my ability to breath deeply (previously had shallow breathing. ) The latter was a remarkable improvement, and reason enough to keep using it as a general health tonic.

It has made no difference in my hormonal acne, or hormonal troubles. It dries out my chapped lips and hands when I use it instead of lip balm or lotion. The jury is still out on whether it truly offers any increased energy, but I like that it may be effective as an antiviral, and that it helps with cellular energy including brain energy via ketones. Viral and energy metabolism issues may be the source of my many problems, which are all the same symptoms of the mysterious systemic candida.

I am aware of the dangers of consuming polyunsaturated fats, so only use coconut oil in a reasonable amount for cooking. If I go long enough without cooking in it, I'll take it now in teaspoons, not the tablespoons I was downing for many months for candida. I did not lose weight with coconut oil, and it didn't noticeably reduce my appetite. Other things have worked for those issues, including giving up grains and sweets, and alkalizing.

I've used both RBD and EVCO forms. It's the specific type of fatty acids that work, not the organic or non organic forms of those fatty acids. If you can't afford organic, go to Walmart and get a $5 tub of their cheap stuff (Luannes?). It will work the same regardless of what the slick marketers tell you.

Anyhow, I think people post to earth clinic miracle cures for things they've only been using for a few days, and this bothers me. Use coconut oil, yes! Try it to see if it works for a given condition long term (I'm still breathing great! ).

The HIV and Alzheimer's research using coconut oil is promising; as is its potential for preventing SIDs. If I had a bad virus, or a vaginal yeast infection, I'd use it for sure.

Replied by Erin
(Pittsburgh, Pa)

Heather that is really interesting, and I hope that the EVCO is helping you out!

I have stopped taking it internally. I was getting no benefit after about two months of consistently cooking plus drinking in my coffee. (1-3Tbls).

As far as for yeast, I would still recommend coconut oil for really any vaginal irritation, but I don't believe that it will absolutely "cure" anything.

As soon as I stopped reading all of the systemic candida/Weston A Price Foundation nonsense and started reading up on the cervix, I started to feel better. I was focused on every little uncomfort and every thickening of discharge.

I highly recommend that women view the Beautiful Cervix Project.

I also switched to a menstrual cup rather than tampons which seems to have relieved a lot of irritation.

I stopped using coconut oil as a moisturizer as eventually it did seem to be creating acne and was not really moisturizing. The oil (a small amount with excess wiped off) was just sitting on my skin and eventually made me itchy (no this is not a toxin die off symptom). Winter skin is obviously contributing to the dryness/itch as well.

I still use coconut oil toothpaste occassionally because it does get rid of any white build up on the tongue very nicely.

I am never going to understand why so many people take the word of literally 1-3 doctors/dentists that published unreliable studies over 20-80 years ago (Weston A Price published in the 1930s and never intended to advise what the foundation puts out and though the foundation cites hundreds of sources in their panel's individual publications; there is only a handful of peer reviewed medical journals which at best were creatively interpreted by the foundation's authors). (Crook was over 20 years ago).

I've read double blind trials and different studies that tried to indentify "candida hypersensitivity" which like "gluten sensitivity" just means that no infection or allergy is present so they call it "sensitivity. " All conclusively showed that placebo works as often as actual anti-yeast drugs used in treating systemic candida that results from severely compromised immune systems (and kills people).

Well...To each their own.

I certainly have nothing like chronic fatigue syndrome but experienced a lack of energy and a foggy brain pretty consistently. I found a vitamin supplement combo (B, E, K, Magnesium/calcium, and D, probiotics) that really helped along with increased exercise and water intake. Water is so crucial!

Replied by Ivy
(Tampa, Florida)

The cure to your yeast infections is 3tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar in a 8oz bottle and fill up the rest with distilled or purified water. Mix the two in a douche bottle and douche with it. You may also add 1cup Apple Cider Vinegar to bath water and soak 30mins. May need to do this every 3-4 hrs until symptoms are gone

Replied by Tina

Try organic cranberries..... Cranberries and lots of water help out with the pain and cleanses the bladder. I believe that all our herbs and plant here on earth are for something. Cranberries work well for bladder problems and pain into family. Stay away from soda and acid foods and drinks.

Replied by Plumhappy
(Eugene, Oregon)

Cranberry is traditional for bladder infections, however, if one has interstitial cystitis this will only aggravate the situation. Make very sure of your condition first. I did this when I thought I had an infection and it got worse. Cutting acid food of all kinds is crucial to keep IC at bay. That includes coffee and green and black tea, sad to say.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
2073 posts

While shopping at the grocer a few yrs back, I decided to purchase and try some cranberry juice and see what happens. Approx 6 oz juice on day one, repeat on day two, and by day three get a (at least temporary) boost in health. But it was only a few more days fallowing that my stomach became very upset with the caustic action of the Cranberry that is often reported.

In this case of aggravation, the simple alternative is the sugar D-Mannose. After suffering sudden and very high pertension, I was prescribed Lisinopril and got somewhat stable within an hr or two, but was yet hardly even able to walk (i was actually going about the house in a wheelchair) while a family member helped with chores. What better timing than I had just received some D-Mannose in the mail. I knew that my kidneys were at least in-part responsible for the hbp. I took about 2 grms of D-Mannose and within 20 min was out of the wheelchair and going about the house doing whatever needed done.

Fortunately, my digestive system has improved enough that the Cranberry doesn't aggravate near as much as before. Also I use concentrated soft-gels as apposed to otc juice.

As a side-note and in conclusion, I recently read an article recommending Cranberry as part of a regimen to improve urinary health of men suffering from enlarged prostate. The "holistic" approach proves the best in this case.

Replied by Katie

Hi maybe you should be tested for hiv and other sexually transmitted disease and change sexual partners sounds like your catching someone back or have an immune problem. I've definately had die off even before I even added the coconut oil and also took antifungal medication that helped in the past. I have changed my diet and am sticking to it which is the key factor to getting rid of candida. It could take more than two years to get rid of it. Fungus is extremely hard to kill of so I wouldn't expect any dramatic change for a long time rather than overnight.

Replied by Dana


Hey, I don't know if you'll get this or have considered this (since your post is from last year) however please consider that your yeast is from cross contaminating yourself from your sexual partner to yourself. Of course us ladies always have a little bit of yeast in our vaginas, but men can also have it, and not notice any symptoms (as well under their foreskin) and keep passing it back and forth. This is very common. I thought of this when you said about a lubricant. There are other things like vaginosis that can be ruled out with a yearly pap test (please go yearly if you're sexually active) and can have the similar itching sensation. I would always recommend using condoms until you're absolutely sure you and your partner do not have a yeast infection (or any other infection for that matter), so I would get him tested too if ever in the same situation. Hope that helps someone out there!!

Replied by Kari
(Az., US)

I too agree that something else could be going on with your immune system or cross contamination. I am in my 60s, was married at 21, had kids, etc. and have never had a yeast infection or bladder infection. I hope you will further check into why this is happening.

Replied by Marilee
(St. George)

The reason your yeast infection symptoms had immediate relief by inserting a tampon was not due to the application of coconut oil. I have had multiple yeast infections over the years...inserting a tampon gets rid of the itch and burn because the discharge from the infection is now on the tampon and not on your vaginal skin...which creates the itch and burn. You could insert the tampon without the oil and get the same results. I insert a tampon to relieve the itch and burn til I can get some diflucan which works everytime. 200mg. Or taking two 1000mg pills.

Replied by Connie

Wow, I have tried many of what was mentioned and couldn't disagree more. I have found coconut oil to be miraculous and organic apple cider vinegar likewise....As I read along I kept thinking this person sounds like a troll, someone paid to discredit natural remedies as they are competition to corporations bottom line...But that's just me...

Multiple Cures
Posted by Alicia (Vancouver, Bc, Canada) on 10/12/2012

Hi everyone, I am a female in my 30's, battling cancer and I am posting here in the hopes that some wise folks can answer me, I apologize in advance if my post is too long Earth Clinic! I would love as much details as you can please and feel free to email me directly:

serniczek17(at), as I never really know how to find my post and the answers on here. Ok so I have been researching coconut oil--I am using the organic, virgin, unrefined kind and started off by eating it daily in small doses. My cancer has thrown my hormones out of whack so now I'm in menopause and having horrible daily hot flashes, I can't sleep, I have these rage surges and generally feel like I want to scream and jump out of my skin. I haven't noticed any real improvement in these symptoms and have been eating the CO for about a month now, I drink it in my herbal tea. Advice welcomed.

Another side effect of the cancer is that I have developed wrinkles overnight and I hate it, I've always had such nice skin, I don't tan or smoke or drink and also read about ladies using CO on their skin. Again I see no improvement, I find that it really doesn't soak in, has any one used it on dry or wet skin? I have also been using sweet almond oil on my face and love the feel and I mix it with the CO on my skin, is that safe and are there any oils that I can mix for my facial wrinkles? I do like using the CO on my body as well but since it's so expensive I would much rather concentrate on my face. But the menopause symptoms are really killing me. If anyone can please answer all my questions in as much detail as you can I would truly appreciate it. My oncologists really don't want to deal with my concerns, only giving me synthetic hormones which I don't take as I am scared of getting another cancer when I'm older. I can't afford bio-identical hormones and they don't want to give me a blood test to even determine the levels of my hormones which is why I thought the coconut oil would be a good start. Thank you for reading, look forward to your help, please feel free to email me directly :)

Replied by Earl
(Middleton, Wi)

Check out the ketogenic diet. The Cantin Ketogenic diet talks about a "healthy fat usage" like coconut oil (expeller pressed), cold pressed virgin Olive oil, eating clean meats like organic chicken and Sockeye wild Alaskan Salmon. Reduce carbohydrates to 30 grams per day (it will be hard but could really save your life). Cancer ravages sugar but cannot survive on healthy fats. The idea is to get the body to a point where it will be fed healthy fats instead of sugar. The cancer "cannot stay alive when it eats the healthy fat. " Read her book (the Cantin Ketogenic Diet) ..... It provides exact menus for each day to make it work. Good luck.

Replied by Clockworkorange
(Hamilton, On)

@Alicia Vancouver

Not all coconut brands are alike. I have tried several and the best one I have used so far is N----va and A-----na. Never take coconut oil in pill. In order for you to get real benefits from coconut oil, you might have to start guzzle it. Don't just rely on getting in your food. Place it near a heater or some kind of heat source (DO NOT MICROWAVE) and drink it down by the cup. I read on another testimonial where someone drank a gallon of coconut oil to cure himself of brain tumour. I say its worth a try. The worst thing that can happen to you is you will poop alot and then after it will stop. When I first ate 4 tbs, it gave me the runs for a few days then stopped. If drinking it make you nauseous, drink freshly squeezed lemon juice. For some reason, I crave fresh fruits whenever I drink coconut oil especially citrus fruits.

I find I get more benefits from just drinking the oil than using it for cooking. I had a bad case of vaginosis (putrid), I realized I have an overgrowth of fungus and all sorts of nasties in my gut and so I started drinking half a cup or more of oil daily and within a few days the smell went away. I even put some on tissue to wipe myself. And ladies, if you drink coconut oil long enough, down there will aways be fresh and clean. And your poop won't stink as much. I used to be a regular user of coconut oil then I stopped. My skin was so great that I really thought it was the make up I was using. I even telephoned the company because they discontinued the makeup then I realized after I no longer drink the oil, my skin was going back to looking 30 something and not the 20 something I was used to. I am in my 30s and I was still getting carded at casinos and beer stores.

Now, I am going back to using coconut oil and I drink the amount based on the severity of my problems. For regular maintances 4tbs per day but you have a diseae I would start guzzling it down. You have to find your own balance and a good brand. If you can't keep it down drink fresh lemon juice. I could go on and on about the great benefits of coconut oil and why everyone should drink at least 4 tbs per day outside of what they cook with but I realize it is not for everyone and mostly people from the Tropics would understand. Just drink it or eat without food. Your benefit is at least beautiful soft, young looking skin. I drink it, I eat it, I put it on my body and in my hair. I even put some on my private to keep it soft and fresh. The above was my routine then I like an idiot stopped and now I regret it but I am back on my routine now.

I wish you health. If you need support, let me know.

Replied by Mandi
(Richland, MI)

Alicia, try apricot kernel oil for fine lines and's amazing.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Dianne (Houston, Tx) on 09/02/2012 6 posts
5 out of 5 stars

I have been using virgin organic coconut oil, for several months now. I have been taking a teaspoon of it twice a day. It's properties are anti-bacterial, anti-fungus and I love the taste, and I keep finding more uses for it. My last visit to my general practitioner surprised both of us, my blood pressure was lower than it had ever been 120/60 and I am 70 years old. The only thing I have changed since I saw her last was the addition of coconut oil to my diet. I am now using it instead of moisturizer, and use it instead of conditioner for my hair. The results are miracleouse! Additionally my german shepherd who is 12 years old has been scratching and driving me crazy. I took her to the vet and thought possibly she had parasites. After spending $300, and several tests -- they could not find the cause of it. I starting giving her a teaspoon of coconut oil once a day, and just realized she is no longer itching. Additionally, she has lost her "doggie odor. " As there is not a lot about coconut oil on your site -- I wanted to share this. I believe it is one of the "miracle" foods!

Multiple Cures
Posted by Coco Girl (London, England) on 06/04/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I have had a thyroid problem for 9 years and before that I never ate sweet things. I became a sugar junkie and could not control my sugar cravings. Since discovering coconut oil I don't have the overwhelming urge to eat sugar and have much more energy. I also have lost some weight and feel so much better. I eat 2-3 dessert spoons of coconut oil and use it for my face and body. I have smooth beautiful skin and its so much cheaper than all those expensive products I use to buy. Thank you Earth Clinic for another amazing discovery.

Replied by Gina
(Pasadena, Texas)

Hello. My sister loves taking the coconut oil too and uses it on her face. I also have sugary cravings too. But I have to watch my cholesterol. Is coconut oil high in cholesterol? Its supposed to be good for certain skin conditions too. If anyone can get me more info on coconut oil, I will apreciate it. Thank you so much. Love this website!

Replied by Dhristiailani
(Jakarta, Indonesia)

hey, I have been observing the benefits of coconut oil and I have a lot of answers! I am in high school and doing my personal project on the benefits of coconuts because I was startled when I started researching about coconuts! It is a one of those miraclous edibles sent to us by God. Coconut oil has been proven to mildly help diabetics control their blood sugar level and improves the secretion of insulin. For the kidney, it helps dissolve kidney stones and also prevent the accumulation of fat in the liver. Pancreatitis can be treated. It is also a stress reliever along with its dental benefits and for the bones too! And do you know most indians use it for hair care, it really works and also for skin care for heart diseases and for those of you who find it really hard to loose weight, try the coconut oil! It also helps in immunity and for infections.

the book "the coconut oil miracle" might be a help for those who want to know more!

i have been taking coconut oil, and I really see the benefits! You will see it too if you take them often. :) x

Multiple Cures
Posted by Umbrella Girl (Delhi, India) on 05/12/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Hi there! I've been a fan of coconut oil for some time now - been using it on my skin for the past two months and my acne problem had almost disappeared.

Then I read about taking it internally and decided to try that for the other health benefits as well. I weigh 45 kilos, so Ive been taking only a tablespoon VCO a day in the morning.

The first day I felt nothing, the second I broke out on the right sid of my face something bad. It was a cluster of pimples that refused to surface and just sat there under the skin! It was very painful. The third day, I had more painful spots along my jaw and the left side had two more painful pimples. But I stuck to the oil, halved my carbs intake and kept up a topical application of VCO. By day four, the pain was less, and it kept getting better throughout the day! Now it's day five and the pimples are coming to a head, are completely painless and my complexion has brightened! Over the last year my skin had gotten pretty dark and I thought maybe it was the coconut oil that was pushing the day's tan along. But today, suddenly, my face is three shades lighter! It's strange, I was even in the sun all day today! I guess it's the internal coconut oil working to push out toxins.

Now that I'm taking the VCO internally, I find I have a lot more energy, my skin has a healthy (albiet, pimply) glow and I feel great! I apply VCO on my face and rub it in gently, leaving it on overnight and washing in the morning.

My teeth are whiter too! I simply brush with coconut oil every day, no Western toothpaste for me, haha! I had a problem with pretty yellow incissors and now they are slowly becoming whiter and whiter and my mouth feels super clean!

I love VCO!

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Posted by Mihel (Clinton Twp, Mi) on 01/09/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I have been using this miracle food for a month or so now, and it has benefitted me in ways that I can't fathom would be possible with any other store-bought stuff, such as lotion. In the Winter, my hands crack and get very dry and have broken skin spots all over my palms. Since I've been using coconut oil in my hair as a natural gel, a face moisturizer, chap stick, and lotion, just having the oil on my hands has made perfectly soft and healthy and crack-free.

I use the oil to make a toothpaste and natural deodorant, which works wonders. I also have been losing much bad weight by taking a tablespoon of it daily by mouth. I've been cooking with it, and let me say, it seems to bring out the flavor in my food, rather make it taste oily and greasy like other cooking oils. My partner has been taking the oil by mouth each day also, and it has cured his gingivitis completely. The oil is a godsend, truly. I find that it has boosted my immune system, also.

Replied by Francisca
(Zug, Switzerland)

Mihel, funny enough coconut oil didn't help me when my hands were cracked during last winter. I hever had problems in dryness of the skin in the winter, at least not very noticeable but last winter my lips and my hands got very cracked. Coconut oil seemed to make things even worse. I can use it during the summer as a sun screen but if I try to use it in my bath, for example, my skin feels very moist right after the bath but in the morning it looks even dryer, no idea why! I suppose everybody is different..... At the time someone else said here coconut oil didn't help her either! Mine is of very good quality so it is rather weird.... The explanation might be that some oils and creams only moist the exterior of the skin actually sucking the moisture from it, like lanolin. Glad it works for you though!

Replied by Cecile
(Cape Town, South Africa)

Francisca, I was wondering how you react to fatty foods like mayonnaise, oils, cream and butter? You may have a fat allergy and the body is rejecting the coconut oil?

I didn't know I had such a fat 'allergy', couldn't explain the excessive heaviness in my upper chest(thought I had panic syndrome) and phlegm in my throat I was 'allergic' to every and all facial moisturizers I tried. I felt extremely ill after oil pulling with coconut oil. I investigated these weird symptoms... After a lot of searching I came across Donald Lepore's book 'The Ultimate healing system' he suggested that a lack of SULFUR causes this. I have been supplementing with B Vitamins biotin is necessary herbs like fenugreek, eyebright, dandelion and fennel contain sulfur I also took the sulfur Tissue homeopathic salts namely Calc sulf, kali sulf and nat sulf (I know you will easily find it in Switzerland). I still bath 2x a week in Epsom salts(magnesium sulphate) I eat good amounts of eggs, garlic and onions. My problem is complete solved INCREDIBLE sulfur! I would never have guessed.

My milk 'allergy' has been solved by bringing my potassium levels up Himalaya salt and carrot juice goes to show search and you shall find!

Coconut oil is again a firm favorite of mine!

Replied by Francisca
(Zug, Zug, Switzerland)

Hi Cecile, no, I am not allergic to fats! I even like a bit of fat on my meat, chicken and I eat a tbspoon of oil everyday, be it grapeseed oil, olive oil, avocado.... Like you I also eat a lot of raw garlic, onions and eggs. I don't drink milk though but the more I read the less I think that we need it! No idea why coconut oil didn't work for me in the winter or in my baths but I was not the only here who felt the same way. In the sun it is ok. Anyway, this year I don't have such dry hands and lips anymore. We were living in France last year and here the building is so heavily insulated that we can't have the heating on meaning we have a lot more humidity!

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Posted by Chris (Singapore) on 10/03/2011
4 out of 5 stars

Hi, I was pretty open to trying coconut oil being a lover of all things coconutty from young. I started taking 3 tablespoons of this oil daily and applying this oil on my face. I can report the following benefits so far: very good bowel movements (not that I had bad ones before but there is a definite improvement), more restful sleep and my complexion is certainly looking and feeling softer. I didn't think I'd describe it such but it really feels that way. [Would like to see some weight loss off me... There's been about 3 pounds shed... So, we'll see]. This has only been for a month since I started using (consuming and applying externally) it.

Recently, I've started having this itchy scalp which has so called 'degenerated' into dry flakiness as well! I've tried every anti-dandruff shampoo there is available - the bottles line my shelf in the bathroom, believe me! - yet I'm still scratching my itchy flaky head like mad! Anyhow, last night, I've decided that I'll massage coconut oil to my scalp each night and shampoo my hair in the morning daily and see how it goes... Today's the first day after a coconut oil hair treatment and the itching is less intense. At least I got by today's work without having to scratch my head silly behind closed doors!!!

Watch this space, folks... and to all you consumers of coconut oil, I hope you're enjoying a better quality of life now...

Time to give my head that coconut-oil massage now... :)

Replied by Jay
(Toronto, Ont, Canada)

To Chris from Singapore: Glad to see you using coconut oil. However the reason you are better but not cured is that you need to help the coconut oil with strong probiotics to balance the bacteria in your intestines. The fungus causing your skin and scalp issues probably initiated its growth from your intestines and overwhelmed the good healthy bacteria types there when your immune system was weak or compromised in some way(possibly antibiotics?). It spread to other areas whenever the environment was suitable. Now that you are attacking it, it is withdrawing to safe areas and will spread again if your immune system is weakened.

Taking a strong probiotic (one that has at least 6 different strains of bacteria) would help create a balanced intestinal tract and eliminate this fungul overgrowth at its source. I emphasize the minimum 6 strain probiotic (from a good health food store refrigerated section) because some people think yogurt will do the job. FOR AN ADULT, THE PROBIOTICS IN A SMALL TUB OF YOGURT A DAY IS NOT GOING TO BE EFFECTIVE FOR ANY PRE-EXISTING SKIN OR SCALP CONDITION.

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Posted by Arizona_sunsets (Casa Grande, Arizona, U.s.a.) on 03/18/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I started taking coconut oil 2 weeks ago, my local vitamin store(I live in a small town)and they only had coconut oil pills, I have been taking two pills a day(knowing that starting in moderation was the best idea). The bottle lists them as extra virgin, pure nature coconut oil, cold pressed.

Today, I got regular coconut oil by mail, and also found to my surprise that a local grocery store carried it, but it is more expensive than the mail order.

I am a female who is 38 years old, I was put on simvastatin for high cholesteral, and was having really bad side affects, then I started researching "statins" on the internet and could not believe the potential damage they can do to your body, including destroying muscle tissue! I quit taking the cholesterol pills.

Here are some benefits I have had from taking the coconut oil pills so far:

Menstrual- My period started early, usually painful, this time it was not, however my "flow" was heavy, and only lasted 4 days! I am happy about that.

Reduction in hunger-Often, at night I would wake up hungry, that does not happen since I have started taking the coconut oil pills. I believe I have also lost some weight as well. My hunger is not as "demanding" as it was before.

Sinus Issues-I while back I was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis, and had sinus infection and general problems on a regular basis, my sinus issues have pretty much stopped entirely since starting on these pills.

Acid Reflux/Bad Digestion-Gone! I have had this problem for a LONG time, now it is gone. After trying different enzymes, prevacid, and tons of other stuff, no more stomach problems! It is hard to believe.

When I first started taking the pills, I did experience a feeling that kind of fit the term "brain fog", I have since started only taking them later in the evening after I eat dinner, (since I experience problems with insomnia, I am also seeing if they help with that)and that seems to be a better time for me to take them.

I am trying the new oil on my hair and skin, before I shower, as I type this.

The oil tastes so much better than I expected! It is expeller pressed, so there is no overly strong coconut scent, it is a very lite, slightly creamy taste, and is less expensive. I will def. eventually try cooking with it as well.

I have had diarrhea twice since starting to take the COP's, however, this is something I have had off and on before, and at the first sign of it, I took two charcoal pills, and it did not continue.

I am going to also experiment and see if I get different results from the straight oil versus the pills.

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Posted by Kb (Atlanta, Ga, Usa) on 03/17/2011

THROW AWAY LOTIONS, MOISTURIZER, AND CREAMS My friends and I love this!!! Use virgin coconut oil(I keep mine in the shower or close by the heat will melt it) every time you shower. After you finish your shower, use melted coconut oil all over face and body. Don't worry about being oily it will absorb fast. I had very dry skin and eczema. Now as long as I use coconut oil, my skin is great!!! No bumps, zits, dry skin, anything. Vitamin E oil is also great for skin, and it naturally blocks UVs. It's good for really dry spots on skin, elbows, knees. I like to sleep with it on my face, goes well with the coconut oil, if you have very dry skin I would use both. If you look at the grocery store you can find the liquid clear vit E oil, it's the strongest.


No HARSH Chemicals!!!!

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Posted by Pattyc (Milwaukee, Wi) on 02/12/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I have "accidentally" found 2 cures using Coconut Oil. The first was when I had a terrible case of bacterial vaginosis. Every over the counter remedy I tried did not work and I was going on one month of having this infection, trying different medications and finally before I decided to go to the doctor to get a prescription, I tried some coconut oil in place of the other medicines, and the next day it was gone.

The 2nd instance of a cure was for my minor hemorrhoids, which are an occasional reminder of being in labor for 12 hours. Usually a little Preparation H will take care of it, but the most recent incident, the Preparation H was working only slightly, and this went on for almost 2 weeks. Usually this medicine works in a few days and it's gone but not this time. So I thought "what the heck" and tried some coconut oil on the hemorrhoid, and it was gone by the next morning... AMAZING!

Replied by Kay
(In The Valley, Ca)

Pattyc from Milwaukee, even though I don't suffer from either of these ailments, I have loved ones that do. I am curious to know if you applied the EVCO topically or if you injested it? Could you give us a little more detail? Thanks

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Posted by Sheri (Thibodaux, Louisiana) on 02/05/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I have been using Organic "Unrefined" Coconut Oil for going on nine years. It has cured my Fibromyalgia and Arthiritis as well as my weight problem. Please note that I also changed my diet to an organic way of eating. My skin is beautiful and ageless. IT Works! End of story.

Replied by Carly
(Seattle , Wa - Usa)

Hi Sheri - Thanks for sharing! You are the first person I have read from who has used VCO for such a long period of time, and this is very good to know! I have been using it for almost two years now, and don't ever intend to stop!

I have noticed that my energy level after taking it (in the morning in my coffee - 2 tbsp) is amazing - and another thing is that my eyelashes and hair in general have really started growing!

I have not lost any weight, Not huge deal, but would still like to drop 10 -15 like a lot of people have reported... But feel so much better using it, that I never intend to stop!

Replied by Tln
(Gainesville, Fl)

Hi Sheri, I'd love to know where to get and what kind of the unrefined Coconut Oil that you use. Also how much internally and do you use it externally? Thanks

Replied by Marybeth
(Norfolk, Va)

How much VCO were you taking and how long did it take before you noticed a difference in your arthritis and fibromyalgia? I have started using 4 T a day (going on 2 weeks and before then I was using 1 -2T) hoping to see some results in my RA. So far, none but I keep thinking it is too early.