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Posted by Indigo (Atlanta, GA) on 12/10/2007
1 out of 5 stars

I see some people have had some issues with coconut oil not working for them. For me coconut oil has been a God send! However its not some magic elixer that is going to fix every ailment for everybody. Apple cider vinegar has done wonders for a lot of people, but I have my own personal uses for it b/c it does not do for me ALL the things some people claim it does. For instance, I know that my skin will go crazy if I'm not on birth control pills. And I also know a little bit of coconut oil (and I do mean a LITTLE bit) is an excellent moisturizer for those with problem skin. Although Virgin coconut oil is WONDERFUL (I put it on just about anything I eat at home) its not a cure all. If you have something off balance in your body,all the coconut oil in the world may not be able to help you. Go to the doctor for pete's sake! VCO is great for prevention, but once the damage is done, you're better off seeking professional help. Oh and make sure you are taking Extra Virgin Coconut oil.And not just coconut oil. the right one solidifies 77 degrees...I just put it on hot food to melt it.