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Posted by E (Queens, NY) on 05/20/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I have never heard of coconut vinager but I know coconut oil is great for your hair! It is a wonderful deep conditioner! Here is a great video on how to use it best

General Feedback
Posted by Patty (Naalehu, Hawaii) on 05/04/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Aloha, we are a family that are in the coconut business in Hawaii. We have been harvesting and processing coconuts for over 20 years. We sell fresh chopped up ripe coconut at a weekly farmer's market, and also make a yummy coconut candy, simmered with raw sugar.

Before coconut oil had made such a comeback, we always knew it was good. When we are chopping the fresh ripe coconut two or three days a week, we always make sure to eat some.

Anyway, I have now incorporated the oil also in to our diet, as my husband has been diagnosed with early Alzheimers. (Yes he ate coconut, but probably not enough to keep it at bay)

I just put in on toast in the morning with a bit of jam or honey.

As for myself, I am a 56 year old woman that has had coconut as a part of my diet all these years. I also have a different diet than my husband, he was raised local style, alot of good fish etc. but lots of meat and oils. Personally I have always said that it is the coconut that keeps me so full of energy and so healthy. (I also eat lots of local fruit and vegetables)

Coconut rules, I always knew that!

General Feedback
Posted by Sue M. (Worden, Il) on 01/27/2011
5 out of 5 stars

It's amazing to me that if you live long enough you will see how things turn around with the truth of how one can benefit from "natural" foods. Dr. Oz had a segment on his program of just 3 of the benefits of coconut oil. So, now with his endorsement of of coconut oil, I'm sure everyone will try it. With myself, it's been a very slow process(on and off for a year). I started out taking too much and felt terrible. I'm sure I had candida. What helped me the most was introducing a good probotic and then getting on a coconut regime. Between the two, I cannot tell you how good I feel. Now I'm taking the VCO 3x's a day. Not everyone can handle taking a tbps or more of the VCO right out of the gate. So, start small and work up. The benefits are wonderful.