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Borax: Unlocking the Health Benefits of a Natural Compound

Joint Pain

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Posted by Scsharon (Piedmont, Sc) on 10/24/2017



I had been struggling, for many months, with extreme joint stiffness, after a back injury last year. After much research, it seems that perhaps I've been taking too much Calcium (3,000mg plus greens) and not enough boron to balance that out. So, I cut way back on supplements, and started the Borax as per Ted's instructions. The stiffness is nearly gone after 3 days! But, I get some very strange symptoms...wanting to run, jump and twist to get rid of a strange feeling in my bones... It is so wonderful to be able to walk easily, now, but am concerned about this strange feeling!! Could it be detoxing me too quickly? I took one small dose today...and feeling strangely now. I also increased magnesium to balance out the boron..'.please help! Thank you.

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Usa)

Yes, stick with your program, low dose and you will continue to improve...I'm doing the same

Joint Pain
Posted by Daniel (California (ca)) on 10/27/2016

I HAVE BEEN USING BORAX POWDER OFF AND ON FOR A WHILE...AND notice some pain in n legs and muscles...detox pain...and stopped for a few days and again used it...and off n on...and I began have hip pain and stiffness in joints around hips and legs..and I had not used borax for a few months..about 2 months and I began using it..again a few days ago...and the hip /joint pains have diminished..I dilute a cup of borax powder in a half gallon of water..and shake it up everyday...until the water is saturated.. with borax powder and the left over borax is on the bottom of the bottle..and I shake it up every day...i make lunch with a rice maker..i cook rice...chopped veggies...and change it up every day...but when...the rice maker turns off and its ready to eat..I add a half cup of the water infused borax solution..just one time every day for lunch...and in three days hip/joint stiffness issues have noticeably....subsided a am going to continue this way of getting borax into my bod...and see what happens

Replied by Mia
(New Jersey)

Hmm. Maybe I am doing my math wrong. But if you use half a cup of the borax water you are making (1/2 gallon water plus one cup borax) then you are getting 1/16th of the cup of borax, which is a Tablespoon of borax at lunch daily. That is 12 times Ted's recommended dose for men daily. Ted recommends 1/4 teaspoon daily for men.

(Illinois, Usa)
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A half gallon of water won't hold a half cup of borax but, STILL - you're absolutely right. It's STILL a whole LOT of borax! I use a teaspoon in 500 ml and just squirt a very small amount of that in a glass of water, once or twice a day. I don't know how much that is per day - I doubt it's even a half teaspoon - but even using small amounts of that same bottle to massage my feet a couple times, it will probably last me about a month.

I just started but even that small amount gave me loose stools a couple of times. When I added that little drizzle to water twice in the same day. Or...maybe it was on days I massaged my feet - hadn't thought of that...of course, I don't have any "issues" at the moment, other than letting the plantar warts on my feet come back a bit so I can try a sort of "leave-on" ascorbic acid/coconut oil scrub/mask I've been thinking about on them...

Replied by Dot
(Bon Aqua, FL)

The weird feeling sounds similar to restless leg syndrome. This can be caused by fluoride. Borax detoxes fluoride. Agree you could be detoxing too fast and need to reduce your dose of borax. Magnesium citrate is the best form of mag to take to avoid possible diarrhea. Helps calm muscle spasms or need to keep moving.


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Posted by JHoff (Wilmington) on 05/26/2023

I've been taking 1/8 tsp of boron daily for about a week now and my joints feel better already, but my skin is super itchy. Is this related to the Boron or no? Thanks.

Replied by Neco


Wegen reinugung im körper Giftstoffe durch Haut ausgeschieden, auch bei der Tuvalette und Schwitzen...!


Due to purification in the body, toxins are excreted through the skin, even with the toilet and sweating...!

Knee Joint Pain

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Posted by Sarah (Kalamazoo, MI) on 03/07/2021

Hello, I'm going into my third week of drinking borax Ted's way. I am female but drinking the male amount of 1/4 tsp in a huge jar of water. My question is why the male and female dosage difference and should it be on an empty stomach? I try to get all my water in before noon and borax after noon 2 hrs after I've eaten. I struggle with weight, libido, and joint paint. Oh and yeast, lots of candida. Thank you for your time. My knees feel better after week 2!

Knee Joint Pain
Posted by George (Newquay, England) on 07/25/2017

I have been using Borax in the recommended dosage for about two years now. I have digested it two ways: in 1 litre of water and in my fruit smoothie. The latter being the easiest for me. I am now 67 years of age.

I started having serious pains in my knee joints about three years ago. I was recommended for surgery to undergo total knee replacement. First my left knee, then later, my right knee. I found an article on Borax, by chance, while waiting for a hospital surgery date. I decided to give Borax ingesting a try.

By the time I was given a date for surgery, I even attended the pre-op interview. At that interview, I decided to postpone the surgery and give my knees a second chance using Borax.

Two years later, I have both my natural knee joints in place. While I still have very minor discomfort, now and again, I am pleased I decided not to have the surgery.

It is not a "magic bullet" solution. It takes dedication and determination to go and stick with Borax. At my age, I feel my muscle strength and bone health to be as good as it was 10/15 years ago.

What I failed to mention: During my knee pain era, I was taking 2 - 4 pain killers everyday, only available on prescription. I have not used (Tramadol) for over 18 months now. Another "blessing in disguise."

I hope my story and it is a true story, is of benefit to someone out there.
Thank you and stay well.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

GEORGE,,,,,,,, you have done a great service to the folks on EC. I also do Borax, but addressed my bad knee with blood platelet plasma and ozone in a shot. Our medical folks say joint cartilage cannot be regenerated.

Most folks agree that Borax will control arthritis, but you are the first to say that it will regenerate cartilage. Hope you are right.... good buddy.


Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

ORH, doesn't gelatin regenerate cartilage?

Replied by Shannon
(Columbus, Ohio)

Thank you for sharing your story💞

L4-L5 Disc Bulge

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Posted by Rick (Irvine California) on 10/09/2023

I have a 6 millimeter posterior bulge in the L4-L5 area of my back. I had great pain whenever I lifted something, usually towards the evening. Taking advil at night would help yet the thinning of my blood taking advil would leave blood spots on my arms whenever they were bumped or scratched.

I've been taking boron solution for 7 years now. One teaspoon of borax into a quart of distilled water. I've been taking one teaspoon of this solution every morning and every night with meals. Which now I just remove the jar from the refrigerator and take a sip. This gives me approximately 7 milligrams of boron every day. I now have no pain when lifting and I love working on my race car and I can lift transmissions and heavy parts with no pain arriving that evening. The only reason I see so much bad publicity about boron is that big pharmaceutical industry just can't make any money off it because it's a cheap mineral.

All I can say is it works for me and I'm living proof of it and have the mri's to prove it.


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Posted by Piper (Toronto, On) on 09/05/2010

Used borax to treat family for lice. Mixed dishsoap with 1 tbsp of borax to make a shampoo. Used borax in hot water to wash bedding, stuffies. Use dryer. Put borax in spray bottle with hot water to spray carpets and pillows and furniture that couldn't be laundered. Vaccuum. Be careful doing this around crawling babies or small toddlers or pets.

Replied by Ahney
(Western NY)

Use 1 level Tbsp Borax and mix with 2/3 cup very warm water. Stir well until dissolved. Add small amounts more warm water to dissolve any remaining Borax. Add 1/3 cup 3% Hydrogen Peroxide and mix. Pour this over your head and body in small amounts at a time until gone while rubbing into scalp and skin and let dry. Lice and chewing lice die when the come in contact or ingest it. Use on humans of all ages, horses, dogs and cats. Use an Elizabethan collar on cats so they don't clean and ingest it while it's wet. Stay warm while wet, and ask your Vet before trying this for the first time. Use a hair dryer to stay warm while drying. Cats with liver disease must ask Vet FIRST because it can cause death.

Lichen Planus

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Posted by Shahnaz (London, United Kingdom) on 05/16/2010

Hi Ted, I have SLE/Sjogren's syndrome since 18 years, and for the past few years had a rash on my right leg shin and gradually its spread on my other leg, over my body. the rash is called lichen planus. as the itch is driving me mad, im up to try anything to relieve me as it is getting worse, the medicines are not helping so i stopped everything. currently detoxing, having a complete vegetarian diet, juicing and started to drink the soda bicarbonate. I have washed my infected wounds with borax, it helps drying but makes it very itchy. could you recommend anything for this skin condition please. Much obliged, shahnaz

EC: Hi Shahnaz,

The Q&A page on the Lichen Planus section has one answer from Ted:

Replied by Ted
(Bangkok, Thailand)
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Borax helps drying, however, to stop the itch, a tannic acid solution may be needed. A weak one for topical application is 1/2 teaspoon of tannic acid per 1/2 cup of water. It is then applied and the itching should stop within about 2 minutes. To remove the drying after the itch goes away, a couple of more applications maybe needed, then apply moisturizing oil. The oil I use is grape oil mixed with some aloe vera oil, or any appropriate moisturizing skin care oil might be helpful.

The only problem is in some countries, such as Canada, tannic acid is not obtainable. An appropriate substitute such as tea tree oil, lavender oil and some sunflower oil in equal amounts might help. If tannic acid is taken internally a very low dose such as 1/4 per liter of drinking water is free of side effect and further help the SLE conditions also by denaturing them and prevent their spread. I am now currently using borax/tannic acid/ and H2O2 for similar symptoms, and baking soda as in 1/2 teaspoon twice a day in a cup of water will further reduce the symptoms.

Replied by Robin
(Northern Michigan, US)

Hello Shahnaz, I want to comment on your SLE. Please look into using Celtic Sea Salt. It has a lot of minerals we cannot get anywhere else but from a live salt. CSS has not been refined, processed, bleached, leached or otherwise. It is not that expensive and a ceramic hand grinder is the best to use with a wet salt.

Too often, an autoimmune disease is cause by mineral deficiencies, in my experience.

Best, Robin

Lichen Sclerosus

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Posted by Lynn (California) on 10/28/2016

I keep trying so hard to do the borax drink. 1/8 tsp in a liter of water. Every time I try it (drink the whole bottle by days end), I get nerve pain. All of my skin burns like a sunburn. Mostly my face and upper back.

Last time, I persisted for several days but gave up. It was too painful.

Tried it again just yesterday after a 2 mos break and again, the skin burning!

Any ideas anyone? I wanted this to work so much because I have Lichen Sclerosus (genital) and just was diagnosed with Oral Lichen Planus. They are thought to be autoimmune but it has not been proven for a fact but for now, I consider them auto immune.

I also have stiff legs and left side sciatica with a numb baby toe on the left foot. I wanted this to help with muscle stiffness (joints are fine) that may be fibromyalgia.

Thanks all...

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Lynn,

Every remedy is not for every person. Maybe borax is not for you. Or maybe you need much smaller amounts. (My husband uses only a tiny pinch a day or he gets side effects. Over many months though, we have seen results from that tiny amount.)

You might consider topical magnesium oil instead for your pain and stiffness.

I hope you feel better soon.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Lynn, how about trying much less Borax?

Replied by Natural Hippy

First Lower your dose till you can take it without any issues. Try going from 1/8 to half of that, 1/16.
If you still have issues half the dose again.

Also, add only a few flakes of Epsom salts. The magnesium will assist the Borax. You only need a pinch per table spoon of borax so a flake or two a day is enough.
Once you have found a dose that works for you start doing that for 3-5 days on the borax supplementation and 1-3 days off supplementation.

Lastly, It is important to consume the liter of water on your days off of supplementation. Putting water in your body is going to be one of the most important factors in assisting the borax. I recommend always using distilled water. If distilled is not available you want the cleanest water possible with no added minerals. The borax and epsom salts you added are the minerals you want.

Hope this helps! Remember your healing is in your mind and your hands.

Replied by Art
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I have a friend who can not take borax at any dose, even a few grains of borax will result in intense itching that lasts for a day or two......possibly an allergic reaction, but borax is not doable for this person. Failing the borax, she tried using boron which started to help her arthritis, but within days of starting on boron supplementation she started to become depressed......the type of depression where you don't want to get out of bed or do anything. She tried decreasing her dose to just 3 mg per day and the depression persisted so she stopped taking it for a few months and tried again, only to return to that depressed state, so she stopped taking boron altogether.

As far as drinking distilled water always, there seems to be varying opinions on that idea. Here is what Dr. Mercola has to say on that subject, suggesting that always drinking distilled water may harm you in the long run and result in early death. I would tend to agree with his findings.


Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile , Tn)

ART,,,,,,,, glad you have chimed in on the dangers of distilled water. What folks need to understand is that distilled water is a powerful solvent because the hydrogen bonding has an affinity for all positive minerals. It will leach them out of your body. Not overnight, but over a period of time.

I have written about this years ago and got beat about the head and shoulders. Thanks for your input.


2182 posts


Yes, I try to limit my distilled water intake to the colloidal silver that I use. For regular consumption I generally drink filtered water.


Elaina Jensen

About distilled water.... I just remember being instructed by our dog's veterinarian to only give our dog distilled water at one point for a medical condition unrelated to anything neurological and the dog started having seizures. Our dog was then prescribed phenobarbital for those seizures - which really sedated him and we weren't happy about. We couldn't believe this was happening.

After about four days of distilled water and the phenobarbital, the seizures kept getting worse. We stopped the distilled water and went back to putting regular tap water in his water dish. The seizures stopped and we stopped the phenobarbital too. We never had a problem with seizures after that.

I learned to have a lot of respect for distilled water and to be very careful how it is used after that.

EC: Elaina, we have cross-posted your important feedback to our pets section - epilepsy page. Thank you!


Dr. Mercola is wrong. I've been drinking 1 1/2 gallon a day since 2014 and after 4 or 5 days I started to get a pressure headache, which was a detox symptom. After 18 to 30 days I had more energy. He also said it will leach minerals from your body, it will but only the bad ones, not the ones you get from fruit and vegs.



You have to replace the minerals that were removed in the distilled water. Himalayan sea salt, the pink kind, makes distilled water the healthiest water you can drink. The exact minerals our bodies need are in this salt, all 84 of them.

Replied by Tim

Lynn, the directions I've found elsewhere are after mixing up the bottle is that you're only supposed to take an 1/8 tsp of what you just mixed up. Don't drink the whole bottle in 1 day!! I think you're only supposed to take around 7mg a day.

Replied by Austin

Lynn, I have the same reaction of feeling sunburn on my hands and face after taking 4 mg of Boron. It does mention a dose of borax of 1/8 tsp for fungal infections or other health issues, but that is a big dose to start with, 1/8 tsp will have about 50mg of Boron in it, I only took 4 mg today and I burned on my hands and face. I am considering reducing to 2 mg/day for a week, with added magnesium, and see if my burning reaction subsides, then increase. Have you tried taking it with aspirin as mentioned above - did it reduce the burning?

Replied by Lynn

UPDATE to my post from 10/29/16.

I tried again a few days ago with 1/8 tsp in 1 liter water and this nerve burning pain! What is different this time is that I have gone off my daily multivitamin 2 weeks ago and have been taking a daily Ginger Root capsule (to help with heartburn and Fluoride detox from taking cipro last year). I don't know if these two things (or just one of them) is the reason I'm not having the nerve burning this time but I'm just glad I don't so I can continued on. This is day 3 of using it.

Replied by Stere

The increasing the pain is caused by the "HERXHEIMER EFFECT" (it's a reaction to treatment in which the symptoms of disease gets worse at the start of therapy a paradox sign that the infection source of the disease is under attack.....It's getting worse before getting better.

Please keep me updated....

Good luck....

Replied by Jill

Lynn, have you tried an autoimmune gut healing protocol like GAPS (gut and psychology syndrome/gut and physiology syndrome) or AIP (auto-immune paleo protocol)? I had symptoms of lichen sclerosis for years (it started more like interstitial cystitis) until my daughter was diagnosed with multiple food allergies including foods that are eliminated in both of those diets. When I adjusted the food our family ate to accommodate her food allergies my symptoms went away! Now if I eat much wheat/gluten (like if we're visiting relatives and I have little control over what I eat) my symptoms tend to start coming back. It could also make a huge difference to get the guidance of a functional medicine doctor too. A lot of FM docs are chiropractors. You can find an FM doc on a search engine.

Replied by Ann Duncan

I agree. I've been drinking distilled water since I got a MegaHome distiller nearly 5 yrs ago. I herxed the first week. My body appreciates distilled water. I get my minerals from my food.

Replied by Linda
(Rogers AR)

Hello Jill,

I also have lichen sclerosis and have for 4 years. I was excited to hear you controlled your symptoms by taking gluten out of your diet. I have currently gotten thru week 1 of no gluten ( but no changes yet).

How long did it take you and any other suggestions? Thank you for any help!


Perrin's Blend is the best cream for LS that I have tried. I've had LS for almost 20 years. I am so sorry you have to deal with this also. I believe a vaccine in my seventh month of pregnancy may have caused mine. Only God knows. Within two weeks? Diagnosed. Never had issues until then. 😔

Replied by LIZ
(Hilton Head Island)

Lynn, dissolve 1tbsp of borax + 1 tbsp of bicarbonate of soda with +/- 1 cup of very hot water (borax will not dissolve in cold water). Once fully dissolved, you can add +/- two more cups of water. Place it in a large washing bowl and seat in it for about 20 to 30 minutes. If you are too seriously affected by LS as I was, do this procedure twice a day. Stay longer time soaking in this solution if you wish to. This is healing water and won't harm you at all. The longer, the better. You'll find immediate relief almost after the first bath. Then go on with it as many more times a day, a week or a month you need, until you're done with it. Apply a soothing oil in the affected area after each wash. I personally use organic apricot kernel seed oil. Do not use any body lotions or stuff loaded with harmful ingredients and chemicals. Make sure you use organic and natural products, more so for that extremely delicate and sensible part of our bodies.

It will help a lot to stop eating carbs and detox your body from harmful food too. Go walking or exercise each day and spend time enjoying the healing benefits of the sun as much as you can.

Distress, distress, distress.
Consider yourself healed!


Thank you for this! I have been suffering from LS for over 7 years and was told by the doc that it is something I will just have to deal with the rest of my life. I, of course, am choosing not to believe my doc, but thus far have not found a solution. Will definitely try this!

Lichen Sclerosus, Hemorrhoids, Knee Pain

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Posted by Liz (Hilton Head Island) on 04/08/2024


After a year of suffering of this terrible and embarrassing condition, I was cured with Borax. All those women who like me suffer of this problem, know exactly how terrible it is to suffer of this ailment. The more itching it got, the more things I tried to treat it with, but nothing ever worked. Thus, my getting more and more stressed about it, caused the itchiness to worsen and becoming unbearably intense. I tried applying organic yoghurt, kefir, apricot kernel seed oil, olive oil, castor oil, black seed oil, oats milk, apple cider vinegar baths, baths, took oregano drops, and other things I don't even remember anymore. I scratched myself so hard at times, that brought myself to tears just by seeing my private part completely hurt and bleeding at times. The itchiness woke me up many times in the middle of the night, and I remember going to the bathroom, inspecting myself and seeing my labial area in total flames and with red specs all over. I was in fire and ready to scratch myself with a hard wire brush. I had Borax at home, which I was already taking now and then, but it never occurred to treat myself with it. I started doing research and came across an article of a lady who like me, walked on fire with this thing, and found relieve with Borax. I follow her advise but with some tweak, and today, I can almost say that I am cured. I started taking borax and bicarbonate of soda baths and after the first wash, I felt alieve for the first time in over 12 months. I started to sleep longer and found peace in my highly stressed body. I was saved as healing was happening. At first I was doing it about 3 times a day. Then, as it got better and better, two and then once a day, but I wash with that solution in the toilette seat three to two times a week only now, and sometimes, just one time. After the wash, I pat dry myself and apply apricot kernel see oil to sooth the delicate skin down there.

My husband also did the exact same treatment to treat hemorroides.

I can also 100% confirm that a pain I had in my right knee is completely gone, as well as the pain starting to develop in my left knee, after drinking it with water every day. I noticed that after I was healed from the Lichen Schlerosus. I was so absorbed and worried about that problem, that only after I recovered from that devastating condition, I noticed that both my knees were also pain free.

Who would've thought that a simple product off the supermarket shelve would be the solution to this problem, and so many others.

Replied by Rosa

Many years ago I had a bad case of Candida albicans. Tried many things and itching was bad. My doctor prescribed homemade borax capsules which were used as vaginal suppositories. I bought gelatine capsules, filled them with borax, pinched holes on them, and used one capsule at night and another in the morning! Cured for the rest of my life!

Long Term Use of Borax

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Posted by Bill (The Philippines) on 06/02/2018

The borax dosages that EC quoted from Ted are quite correct. Also bear in mind that borax has the same toxicity profile as common table salt. When you take the male dose of 250 mgs of borax(1/4 tspn) you are only actually ingesting about 113 mgs of boron -- and the woman's borax dosage(1/8 tspn) is ony about 55 mgs of boron.

To further help you to understand the dosages, usefulness and importance of Borax for our bodies, you should watch this video:

The Boron and Borax Miracle (Dr Jorge Flechas)

I've also been using Ted's male Borax Water dosages on a regular basis for about the last 11 years (since 2007) without any problems at all -- and I'm 68 y o.

Replied by Bern

Bill I would suggest your numbers of boron are off here. Borax has a mass of 1.73mg/cm3 and is 11.36% boron. 1 tspn holds 4.98cm/3. So 1.73mg/cm3 x 4.98cm/3 x 11.36%boron works out to be 979 mgs of boron per teaspoon full of borax. 1/8 tsp or 0.125 tspn x 979 mgs of boron/tspn works out to be 122 mgs of boron. 1/4 tspn would be 244 mgs/boron. Seems to be fairly high amounts considering some are thinking the 1/8 tspn is only 20 mgs of boron and 1/4 tspn is 40 mgs/boron. Correct me if you think my math is off here.


Hi Bern,

I just used this Borax form to calculate the amount of Boron per dose:

Borax Na2B4O7

Sodium content = 22.99 x 2 = 45.98 (Atomic Mass X 2) etc.

Boron content= 10.81 x 4 = 43.24

Oxygen content = 16.00 x 7 = 112.00

Molar Mass of Borax = 201.22 (I'm calculating the molar mass from the anhydrous form of borax since the water in the decahydrate and pentahydrate forms become irrelevant whenever borax is dissolved in water)

So the % Boron in 1 mole of Borax = 43.24 / 201.22 * 100 = 21.49%

That means that 1/4 teaspoon(=1000mgs) of Borax will contain 21.49/100 X 1000 = 214.9mgs of Borax.

And 1/8 teaspoon(500mgs) of Borax will contain 21.49/100 x 500 = 107.45mgs of Borax.

So, as you can see, these amounts are fairly high doses of borax, which is why -- if you are following Ted's Borax Water protocol -- you would make sure to drink the one liter of water + borax throughout the day and take this remedy on a 4 days on and 3 days off basis.

Dr Rex Newnham -- the Aussie researcher who actually discovered and used borax to cure his own and other peoples serious arthritis problems only took 30 mgs of borax twice a day for a total of 60mgs borax per day everyday. He also admits that he was effectively taking only about 6 mgs boron per day. But even that small dose was enough to completely cure the serious arthritis problem he had in his hands in only three weeks.

You can also try Walter Last's more dilute and gentle Daily Borax Protocol if you prefer.

Replied by Bill

I need to correct two errors from my last post on this thread, with apologies.

The end result of my calculations in my last post should have read like this(with all corrections in bold):

So the % Boron in 1 mole of Borax = 43.24 / 201.22 * 100 = 21.49%

That means that 1/4 teaspoon (=1000mgs) of Borax will contain 21.49/100 X 1000 = 214.9mgs of boron.

And 1/8 teaspoon (500mgs) of Borax will contain 21.49/100 x 500 = 107.45mgs of boron.


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Posted by Michael (Lakewood, NJ) on 06/30/2007

Borax treatment for Lupus: I am on day 5 of my 1/4 tsp borax & 1/2 tsp baking soda w/ acv treatment for my Lupus & it is Working!!

I have severe skin problems, butterfly rash, redness on farhead, etc., it is really getting less noticeable each day.

Still have a little brain fog & head pains, some joint pain but all lesser, I did camphor 10% alcohol rub (couldnt find powder), with eucilyptus, and it did help. Im wondering if after 2-3 wks all symptoms are gone if they come back again??

Replied by Jan C
(Earth, Ny)

After doing this, try a pinch of borax in your drinking water. Also check out Dr. Hilda Clark's website and try all of her cleanses. They have worked wonders for my Candida. Colloidal Silver worked to cure my Rosacea!

Mental Clarity

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Posted by Anonymous (Bronx, NY) on 08/17/2014

I've been using Borax for exactly one week now. 5 days on, 2 days off. I use a 1/4 teaspoon per 100ml of distilled water. I also take a triple magnesium supplement along with zinc. I am now going to incorporate food grade hydrogen peroxide. I haven't felt this clear in a long time. I also experience gas like side effects. That's about it. I will continue to use this for the next 4 months.

Replied by Lamar
(Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

I've been on Borax twice a day, morning and bed time for the last 8 years, I feel the good News is it works… as long as I set reminders to remember to do it…

I share info at times, never pushy about it, seems to be a great surprise is that anyone still does Home Doctoring.


(san diego ca.)

Lemar, I do not understand your last paragraph ... hoping it's not a side effect.


"I share info at times, never pushy about it, seems to be a great surprise is that anyone still does Home Doctoring."

Seems pretty clear to me. He's saying that he's not pushy about his great findings (a lot of people only go to the Cabal for doctoring), and he's surprised people are still doing old tyme home remedies.

EC: Bit confusing but he's saying it's a great surprise to others whom he shares the borax remedy with, that people are still doing home remedies.

Mg. in Borax

Posted by Denise (Superior, WI) on 03/19/2023

The description of this article says 1/4 teaspoon contains 940-1000mg. of boron in 1 liter of water. Just before reading this I watched a video from the same Earth Clinic site, titled ''Borax Cures and Health Benefits". In this, at 4:18 the lady says 1/4 teaspoon of Borax in 1 liter of water provides 110 mg. of boron. One of these should have a correction.

EC: Hello Denise,

Thank you for bringing to our attention that the paragraph in the article is confusing. We will revise it to ensure clarity.

Additionally, there seems to be an error in the word you typed. Instead of "940-1000mg of boron," it should be "940-1000mg of borax."

As mentioned in the paragraph above the one you copied from our article, one gram of borax contains 11.3% boron. Therefore, ¼ teaspoon of borax is roughly equivalent to 113 mg of boron, which is close to the amount we stated in our previous 2016 borax video.


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Posted by Susannah (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia ) on 10/04/2010

Hi Ted, thanks for the info. I've been trying the HP Borax solution on some moderately bad rosacea for the last week or so. I've seen some improvement but I notice you say Borax should be taken internally to effectively kill the mites. I'm very hesitant because I'm three months' pregnant and I've received advice that it could cause miscarriage. I'm hoping you or anyone else might have some knowledge about this or might be able to recommend a safer alternative. Many thanks.

Replied by Lily
(Brisbane, Australia)

Hi Sussanah, I take borax about 4-5 days a week at about 1/4tspn in 1 litre of water then stop for a week. I would not recommend taking it while you are pregnant. It is just not worth the risk. Start taking it after you have finished breastfeeding.

Replied by Susannah
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

Hi Lily, many thanks for getting back to me. That's pretty much what I thought -- I'll hold out until after breastfeeding and look for other safer remedies.