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Posted by Bunny (Clinton, Maryland) on 03/20/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I came across this site approximately 2 weeks ago to the day. I've been dealing with BV and yeast infections for the past 2yrs. My doctor on several occasions stated that BV is caused by having multiple partners and/or from unprotected oral/vaginal sex. I would have sex with my partner and then a few days later I was suffering from fishy odor, discharge and irritation. I Would go back to the dr. each time complaining of the aforementioned symptons. He once again prescribed metro gel or metro tablets. I found the gel to be a waste, but the tables did work until the next round of intercourse. Which unfortnately, wasn't on a regular basis. I happen to read one of the posts regarding Probiotics-L. Acidophilus, Rhamnosus and B. Longum. I decided i have nothing to lose but the nasty infection, etc. I went to The Vitamin Shoppe and purchased PEARLS IC Probiotics 1 billion CFU and a bottle of Ultimate 10 Probiotic-13 billion live organism. I take 2 of the pearls ,one of the Ultimate, multi vitamin and one 400mg folic acid tablet in the morning w/ breakfast. And then one or two of the Pearls at bedtime. I'm happy to type that feel soo much fresher and dryer!! Amazing!! I noticed I'm less constipated as well. Just want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I feel like a FREE WOMAN NOW!!

Posted by germanygirl (hamburg, germany) on 03/01/2008
5 out of 5 stars

i suffered from BV for almost six months after taking just one round of powerful antibiotics! the smell was awful, and my self esteem really began to suffer. i just went to work and came straight home! i knew i had to restore my good flora, and it does take time, so i had to be patient. i kept going to my gynecologist, and thankfully, she encouraged my attempts to find a natural cure, and respected my desire to refrain from taking any more antibiotics. after finding out about probiotics, i started with just regular acidophilus, which did nothing! then, i found out that they need to contain more than acidophilus, specifically L. Rahmnosus and bifidobacterium longum. This combination worked magic!! it is sold in the United States...i was living in Atlanta at the time, and found it easily at co-ops and health food stores. also widely available online. just make sure those two are in there along with the acidophilus. i should also mention that i was suffering from IBS at the time, which also cleared up. i still take probiotics (one a day) to maintain intestinal health, and they are great. (this was three years ago.) generally only get sick once a year, and a bad cold doesn't turn into bronchitis anymore. good luck!

Posted by Jerr (Chicago, IL) on 02/22/2008
5 out of 5 stars

BV, I was just diagnosed with BV. I was smelling myself and the doctor said no one else could. I did not believe that. I ran to the heath Food store because I could not see myself taking antibotics all the time. I found Nature's Way Primadophilus Intensive $30 in a matter of 2 hours the odor was gone. I took it for 5 day. The package recommends to take it for 10. The symptoms were gone for 4 weeks I'm taking it again, now and I'm happy I do not smell anything.

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