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Posted by Lady Macbeth (Toronto, On, Canada) on 09/10/2009
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Worked Temporarily

Hi all,

So I haven't been diagnosed with BV, but have been to 3 doctors in the 6 months that I've been having problems. The problem began with a thin, milky, profuse discharge for the first month and a bad smell that never got overwhelming, but was always present. All 3 BV tests I had came back negative, but I'm certain that's what I've got since I've ruled out all other problems (got STI tests done at the same time and am in a monogamous relationship with my partner).

So the smell has ebbed and flowed. The discharge went away after the first month. I've been taking" _____ Multi-Probiotic", which was the most complete probiotic I could find. The smell goes away when I take this capsule consistently, but if I miss a day or two, the smell is right back, like it never went away.

I'm confused about this boric acid vs apple cider vinegar debate. As I understand, vaginas are naturally on the acidic side of the pH scale. A fluctuation in vaginal pH usually means things are getting alkaline, and that's what's causing problems. So why douche with boric acid and make things even more alkaline? I thought that sperm was sometimes problematic for vaginas because it's alkaline and vaginas are acidic? (I don't sleep with men, so I don't know about that personally.) I don't understand how boric acid can help, but all of these doctors are prescribing it to the people in this forum! I also don't want to start messing around with drinking vinegar because I've had candida problems as well as acid reflux in the past and vinegar/acidic foods don't do well in my body.

Does anyone have any good, scientific links to supply more information on either boric acid or ACV beyond just "it worked for me"? I'd like to know WHY it's supposed to work.

Also, folic acid. Why is it supposed to work? Beyond just the supposition that it's a "woman's vitamin" because it's a (very good) prenatal supplement for neural tube defects in fetuses. Please be careful about taking too much folic acid- I've seen some posters here detailing the amounts of folic acid they are taking- and it's a lot! Too much folic acid can mask symptoms of other B vitamin problems so be careful.

So. Other than my questions, I can say that I:

- Eat an extremely healthy diet, rich in leafy greens, colourful veggies, whole grains, very little dairy, no processed foods whatsoever, and no meat, other than fish maybe once every two months.

- I don't smoke, though I drink socially

- I take a multivitamin and a B 100 complex daily, as well a very strong probiotic, and a bowl of natural, organic yoghurt with breakfast (the B complex and multi are more than enough too cover my folic acid levels and I remain skeptical that folic acid does work until someone tells me why! :)

- I don't eat sugar, and have switched my caffeine source down from coffee, to black tea, to green tea. I've been drinking green tea now for a while, with no honey or sugar in it.

- I'm in a monogamous relationship with a person who I trust. And we're not even having regular sex due to this problem, so it's not getting re-aggravated by sexual activity.

- I use unscented bath products, don't overwash (once daily with natural, unscented soap), never use scented menstrual products (organic cotton tampons are all I use).

I'm living like a bloody saint! But the second I miss a dose of the probiotics, the stank is back!! If the probiotics work while I'm taking them, why don't they change the problem permanently? Is it only masking the problem? Is the problem wreaking havoc under that mask?

So why should I do the boric acid or the apple cider vinegar? If you've taken them, where did you get the directions/information to do so? I'm not sticking boric acid up my cooter without hard evidence that I'm not going to burn a hole into bowel-ville by doing so.

Likewise, the ACV. Drinking vinegar is not good for my body (candida) either.

The probiotics work, but only while I'm taking them! What to do people! What to do!

Good luck to you all!