Neem Oil for Folliculitis

| Modified on Apr 13, 2023
Neem Oil
Posted by Randall (Alameda, Ca) on 08/28/2017

I have been suffering from Foliculitis for over 30 years. Gave up on Western medicine years ago. Western dermatologists all say the same thing: antibiotics.

I have I have become my own doctor because nobody else can help me. I too have found that neem oil seems to be the best remedy for my folliculitis. I only seem to get it in my scalp. When I shave my head the condition seems to get better, probably because I can get to it without the hair. More to share soon.

Neem Oil
Posted by Corey (Sherman Oaks, CA) on 06/25/2009

Hello fellow folliculitis sufferers. i have been having chronic scalp follicultiis since 2000. I have been to many doctors and dermatologists and have found only temporary relief after taking courses of antibiotics and then as soon as i am done the folliculitis comes back. I have been on acne meds since i was 15 years old, up into my late 20's including accutane twice. I definately think there is some connection. I became my own health advocate and became a holistic junkie. I also believe that high acidity levels in the body (your ph being out of balance) and high levels of yeast and germ (fungal ) over growth are major contributors. I found relief taking MMS, after doing their program and on a maintenance dose of 6 drops in the morning and 6 drops in the evening, that it keeps my scalp folliculitis free, however if i stop taking it the folliculitis comes back.

About Five years ago the folliculitis spread to my face and i started getting severe acne cysts that would last for months and bleed. I found Neem to be especially helpful in clearing that condition up. I have tried every product on my face and when i found the Neem ___, with regular usage (daily) it cleared my face up. It does smell though so i use it at night before bed. Hopefully they will allow these product names so some of you can find relief. I am now trying the ACV and turmeric as well to see how they do.

Neem Oil
Posted by Yellow Dragoness (Australia) on 12/13/2015


I want to share what's helped for me.

- Neem Soap

- Cetaphil antibacterial soap

(both helped greatly, and about equally)

- Keeping nails trimmed, body hair short, and disinfecting clothes when washed. If it's in a particular area and you wear the same clothes (washed) there all the time, try buying some new ones.

- Washing once to twice a day.

- A light, non-comedogenic moisturiser when your skin gets dry. Otherwise leave it off.

- Let the air circulate around your skin and try not to wear clothes that rub too much.

- Leave infected hair follicles alone as much as possible. If you don't you'll only make it worse.

- Don't use washcloths unless necessary.

- Ensure you're dry before you dress.

- I've found that a good probiotic (I use Udo's) may help.

Over time this has helped me greatly, but it still hasn't entirely gone away. If I stop using the soap, it will get worse again.