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Lithium and Vitamin C for Gout

| Modified on Jul 20, 2024
Lithium and Vitamin C
Posted by Lorenzo (Portland, Oregon) on 04/02/2008

Lithium and Vitamin C eliminates painful gout flare-ups.

I have had gout since my early 20's. I am part Islander, and it tends to run in our genes. I was not diagnosed until I turned 29. Most doctors thought I had other problems, but finally a podiatrist clued me in. Since then, I have tried a number of different medications and home treatments. Sure, Allopurinol is great, Promethecin is good, but these drugs can cause liver problems in the long term, esp. if you don't drink enough water. My doctor (an Osteopath), finally found an experimental treatment that seems to work nicely for me. More importantly, it's natural and I can get off allopurinol and promethecin, at least for a while, and give my liver a break. 10-15 milligrams of Lithium taken twice per day, plus about 1000 - 2000 milligrams of vitamin C. This magic combination has made my gout pain disappear. I still eat meat, but avoid my trigger foods (mushrooms, mussels, beer, any kind of stewed meat). This has not only eliminated my flare-ups, but my knees feel better than they have in a decade. I strongly recommend you switch to this med. as soon as possible. Lithium is a natural mineral with a long history of people taking it in large quantities for other problems (like depression and bipolar disorder). 20-30 milligrams a day is nothing compared to the 200 that is prescribed to most people suffering mental issues. You may need to buy the lithium off the internet, as nobody sells it in health stores.You can buy lithium in 120 milligram tablets. Just break them into 4ths and take one each day = 25-35 milligrams. The Vitamin C can cause bright yellow diarhea, so adjust your Vitamin C intake down if you start having problems. I now take 500 - 1000 milligrams a day and my digestive system is fine. Finally, a simple maintenance cure.

Lithium and Vitamin C
Posted by Maria (Gippsland, Australia) on 11/04/2010

I had a look for Lithium on EC and the first page I went to was about gout. I had never heard of lithium for gout before. Then I remembered a neighbour who was in her 60's and had been prescribed Lithium for other issues, no longer suffered from the gout attacks that she had occassionly suffered.
Very interesting, as recently I spoke about my husbands bout of gout. He has been using bi-carb soda (baking soda) for years to help relieve muscle pain from over doing it either through sport or other excessive physical work. Although it was definitely the cherry juice that worked at the time, I now wonder if him not having had any more gout is due to his periodic use of the bi-carb soda. Plus he does try to drink more water.