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Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda, Cherries for Gout

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Posted by Mike (Austin, Tx) on 06/24/2014

I have had gout for 20 years. First onset was terrible. have had far between episodes since but latest I could barely walk. Today I tried fresh cherries and shots of ACV with mothers followed by baking soda in water. I had about 2oz ACV and about half pound cherries teaspoonful of baking soda and water. Also plenty more water. I couldn't move my toe at all this morning. Now 6 hours later I can flex toes all the way! I think I will be fine for work in morning. This works relatively fast for me and I have been to doc more than once for drugs that take a long time. This is worth a try for anyone suffering like Me. I think I will have a low dose of all the above on daily basis for rest of my life. It works for me. Good luck for all.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda, Cherries
Posted by Robert (Weymouth, Ma) on 11/21/2011

I thought I had fractured my big toe on my right foot. It got worse as I continued walking on it. Swelling up and getting red. So I went to the emergency room and they asked me a few questions and they decided to take a few blood tests. What they found was my uric acid was very high. I had Gout! I'm 43. First time I ever had it. Never thought I would. They prescribed medicine. I thought, nuh-uh.

Came to earthclinic. I found the apple cider vinegar with the "mother", baking soda, honey, dried cherry capsules, alfalfa capsules. I placed 3 tspns of vinegar into 8oz glass of water with about a teaspoon of baking soda (Hammer). Put honey in my mouth which made it easier to drink the concoction along with 3 capsules of both the dried cherries and alfalfa. Within the hour I felt the pain dissipate. Later that night I took same before I went to bed, and next morning the gout was substantially diminshed in pain by 50%. That morning I drank another serving, and during the day it got better and better. Basically over a period of two days the gout was completely gone. I am goin to continue taking this everyday just to keep my pH alkaline.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda, Cherries
Posted by Jason (Durham, Nc) on 11/14/2011

I had what I now consider to be a gout flareup. I had had a few episodes over the last few years - I'm 40 and work out alot, ski etc and I'm always on the go and I'm 6'1 225. I never made the connection that it was gout - but now I know. Recently I had a flareup that was some of the worst pain I've ever endured. Brutal - as many of you know. So - I was reading these comments in the morning of the 2nd day with my foot just throbbing. I had to run around my office all day and was just miserable. I was so desperate for a cure, and upset that I had to go through this again I was beside myself. Thank you all here so much for sharing your experiences.

So I decided to do all the remedies at once and sent my staff member to the store to buy all of it - the ACV mother, alfalfa pills, dried cherries, tart cherry capsules and baking soda.

I mixed 10 oz water, 3 TBS ACV w/mother, and 1tsp baking soda and swallowed the alfalfa pill and the cherry pill at about 11am. I was walking up and down the halls of my office the rest of the day. At 2pm, I took another dose like above and by about 3pm, I knew something was up. I sensed the pain in my toe was not getting worse even though I'd been on it all day, and it even seemed to feel better than when I woke up and got out of bed that morning. I had read so many testimonials that I figured it would work but I still wasen't even sure I had gout. That evening I had another mixture before bed and laid around with my foot raised up - no ICE though. By morning I knew I was going to be better. By the evening of the next day, just about all the pain was gone. Thanks again!!

What I noticed in the two months or so since is an improvement over my entire body. I have been doing 1 maintenance dose exactly as above every other morning or so and have never felt better. My joints are loose - everything was popping for the first few weeks which felt great. I must have so much buildup that accumulated over the years that it took 4-6 weeks to flush out. My girlfriend started taking it with me to be supportive, and it did wonders for her stomach problems as well. We both feel like we urinate more regularly and generally better.

Thanks again for all the help - it changed my life and my view of medicine and organics, and home remedies.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda, Cherries
Posted by Angelo Osorio (Spring Hill, Florida) on 09/05/2011

When I woke up Saturday morning I was in terrible pain it was on my toe. At first I thought it was a spider bite? I called my Dad and he told me that we have a history with this happening in our family from his Dad(Granpa) to my Dad. "GOUT" I really don't like hospitals so I went straight to the internet to research this Gout and to see how I can find an easier solution than a painful trip to the hospital an a expensive bill. Then I read that 1/2 tsp of baking soda in a 4oz glass of water without going over 7 in 1 day helps as well as, V8 juice with a 1/2tsp of celery seeds, and a Teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar in a 10oz glass of water. I did this the entire day along with some cherries and celery sticks and the occasional intake of Advil about 800mg. Today is Monday and I'm 90% better and on my way to the beach with my kids. I thank you for all your feedback and good advise.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda, Cherries
Posted by Pj (Chicago, Il) on 05/12/2011

I had a gout attack two years ago and took medication. Three months ago it started and I used up the rest of the meds. This time it really came back and I was desperate for a non MD solution. I found this forum and I can't believe how great I feel two days later. I had a can of cherries, a glass of water with baking soda and then just started drinking Apple Cider Vinegar in water - t tbsp in a glass of water. I walked four miles today with no pain at all- in fact, I think I am better than I was a month ago. Thanks to all who posted!

Replied by Peter
(Canvey Island, Essex)

Hi there, I've been suffering from Gout for about a year now and have tried many medicines from my GP. I came across this website yesterday and went straight to Holland & Barret to buy the goods, I got the ACV with Mother, Baking Soda and Cherry Tablets, I've been trying to find the Alfalfa Tablets but can't get them, are they a key player in this remedy working? I've taken 3 doses of ACV, BS and CT but my pain hasn't eased and my foot is red swollen and the size of an Elephants??? Can someone please help???

Replied by Janet
(Kendal, U.k)

The Malic Acid in Apples is said to neutralise the acids that cause the pain associated with gout, also it, s a good diaretic flushing the system. Gout being a form of Athritis. MSM is also a very good pain relief. An alkalising diet is also suggested. But certainly worth googling the Natural way to address Gout..... Your ACV and baking soda should start to bring some results. Good Luck and Good Health.:)

Replied by Peter
(Canvey Island, Essex, Uk)

Hi again - Well since my last post on 18th I can say the pain is almost gone, I've been taking ACV with Mother, BS and Cherry Tablets twice a day, The swelling is still really bad and still can't put a normal work shoe on so relying on trainers but the pain is almost gone. Im seeing a Private Consultant tonight so will see if he can give me an injection to reduce swelling, Im still unsure if the Alfalfa capsules are a key player in beating this the healthy way... Can anyone assist?

Pam E.
(Southern California)
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Sprouted Alfalfa is safer than eating or taking the seeds!

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