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Pantothenic Acid for Gout

| Modified on Apr 23, 2024

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Posted by Judy (Denver, Co) on 08/28/2016

Had a neighbor that had gout so badly she spent most of her time in a wheelchair. I gave her some B5 to try. When she ran out she was desperate to know where to buy it, etc. because it worked.

Also knew a man that had partially ruptured achilylies (spelling?) tendon and had to wear a boot. I told him to try B5 - few days later he could walk normally.

I take at night before bed with nothing else.

Pantothenic Acid
Posted by Leslie (Kansas City, KS) on 10/04/2007

My husband used to suffer terribly from gout. Now, as long as he takes 500mg. of pantothenic acid (one of the B vitamins) every day, he is fine. Also- cutting back on eating meat helps greatly.