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Tamarind for Gout

| Modified on Oct 24, 2023

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Posted by James (Seattle, Washington) on 11/04/2007

I am not sure I had pseudogout (I.E. not tested for calcium pyrophospate' crystals). But I sure had all the symptoms for pseudogout Asymmetrical throbbing pain in the hands and feet and all the symptoms of acidosis. One of the other major symptoms of pseudogout is "acidosis that does not respond to bicarbonate". Which means that the apple cider vinegar or baking soda cures, as related on this website, just don't work. In the midterm for relief I used hydrogen peroxide. After the enzyme catalase breaks down the H2O2 2 to H2O and O2, The super oxide anion (O2) raises the PH of the cells. 1/2 a cap of off the shelf 3% hydrogen peroxide cut the pain. But the minute I drank a drink with sugar in it the throbbing would come back (imagine a world without deserts, soda pop or any fruit. Not acceptable.) I played around with this for six months. I used the Borax and it did not help. I did get a Borax poisoning rash on each palm and on the sole of each foot.May have overdone the Borax. So I switched to tamarind concentrate. Tamarind concentrate is available at oriental food stores. Weird that the lable calls is tamarind soup and then on the back gives instructions to make a "refreshing tamarind drink". Only costs $1.49 per 14 oz. jar. I do 1 table spoon mixed with cold filtered water a day. After a month and a half (and 7/8's of a jar of the tamarind concentrate) I can now eat as much sugar and citrus fruit as anybody without any throbbing pain in my right foot or left hand.

Pseudogout plagues more than 50% of people over 80 years old. Doctors give some pain relief medicine and that's about all. Otherwise it sounds like they just waite for the suffer to die. But, pseudogout is spreading to people as young as just over forty years old and doctors have no cure. I think that pseudogout is caused by low intercellular PH as regular gout is caused by low extracellular PH. Tamarind water is used in India and China in high fluoride areas to chelate fluoride out of the body. Fluoride has a very negative PH effect on the body. Most of it's work is done inside of the cells (intracellular). What I was amazed by is that I took only a table spoon a day of the concentrate tamarind and within a month and 1/2 I could eat as much sugar as I wanted (to test I ate 1,000 calories a day for three days of chocolate). Sugar has a very negative intracellular PH effect on the body. I am cured. But then I was never diagnosed with pseudogout I kinda self diagnosed myself. So what do I know? On the other hand. I have scoured the net for pseudogout cures and have not found any options. I think this tamarind cure (1 teaspoon with water once or twice a day) should work to help pseudogout and raise intracellular PH. Even if it doesn't the cost is low ($1.49 for less that than the whole cure), the risk is low (no side effects from tamarind water reported)and tamarind water has a pleasant taste. Please post this. Our pseudogout friends are in so much pain and are not getting any direction to turn to. This may not be the final cure for pseudogout But, it is at least something to try that might work. And I hope it works for them like it has for me. Cheer;

Replied by Dkay
(San Diego, Ca)

Help! I would love to see more solutions for pseudogout. My 39 year old son had it in one knee, then a year later had it in the other knee and a lump on his foot which turned out to be the same thing. I will tell him about the tamarind concentrate. I have read that it might be related to a Vitamin D deficiency--but there is not very much information about it anywhere.

Replied by Bobbi
(New Jersey)

So interesting since I have terrible acid problems that does not respond to baking soda or apple cider vinegar. I also have pseudogout. Does the tamarind help with the stomach acid?

Thanks so much for your post!