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Coconut Oil for Gout

| Modified on Jun 20, 2024

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Posted by Lisa (San Francisco, CA/US) on 02/21/2009

Arthritis/gout: I've had my first gout attack and was in excruciating pain for 4 weeks. I tried pretty much everything: ACV, turmeric, ginger, prescribed pain killers, acupuncture, cherry juice and the pain subsided but not much...

I lost faith in my doctors who prescribed me a bunch of pills that did not go well with my body not to mention long term liver damage. So finally I read posts from people who gave coconut oil to their pets. So I tried 2 tbsp of coconut and within 1 day felt better. Now I was still taking 2 tbsp of ACV along with the coconut so if the combination work better or not but I did feel 95% better. I am now taking less ACV and more coconut oil.

Folks, when you are desperate, you'll try anything to get healthy but keep in mind, you want to take unrefined, raw virgin coconut oil. I do not understand why most of our food has to be refined and over-processed? I hope the food industry will improve our food quality in a very near future. I even started researching on raw milk (which unfortunately is hard to find and gets quite expensive) where in some culture take it to cure their arthritis problems. Good thing is virgin coconut oil is pretty cheap and widely available online. I even use coconut oil on my face and hair, works great on my hair.

Replied by Muhammad Baqir

Hello Lisa,

Your article is very informative and thank you for that information. My wife is suffering from gout pain for almost 2 weeks, no pain killers are working. should I use non refined coconut oil without any hesitation. Please guide me if you anything else about this gout.


Muhammad Baqir

Jo J.
(Unites States)

Yes Muhammad. Unrefined coconut oil is what you need to use. Also Sencha green tea, ginger root tea and rose hip tea are all good. You can find them on Amazon.