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Bromelain for Gout

| Modified on Aug 01, 2023

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Posted by Lilaclover (South Yorks, U.K.) on 11/28/2016
5 out of 5 stars

My first gout "Attack" was so incredibly painful. At 2:30 am. I phoned for a taxi to take me to the A&E, being wheel chaired in by a concerned taxi driver. I told the nurse I thought I had broken my toe. One look, and she said! You have gout .Told me to take painkillers, and see my G P, and was sent home on crutches. Doctor gave me drugs that my body strongly rejected, so I went to the Health store, where a VERY knowledgeable and a person said Bromelain 500.mg, and freeze dried Cherry capsules, would solve the problem,,,,, and they did,, thank goodness.

I always keep these two products in stock, and at the first tiny twinge. start the treatment. I am just recovered from a 5 day flare, but have NOT been incapacitated at all .

Posted by Ash (Lyons, Colorado USA) on 10/05/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Just wanted to share my Gout cure with anyone who could benefit. First, I have tried EVERYTHING for years and a have truly found a regimen that not only cures accute attacks, but has prevented additional attacks for the past two plus years.

1. Bromelain: Daily dose of 4 X 500mgs @ 1000 GDU's per 500 mg. For accuet attacks, 10 X 500 mg. capsule.

2. Water. At least .75 gallons per day.

3. Omega 3.6.9 blend: 4-7 capsules per day.

4. Coffee: Yes...it sweeps away Uric Acid, no kidding.

I no longer have to be obsessive about what I eat, though I do avoid most red meat and only have beer one in a while. I am a 36 year old, athletic male with a family history of gout, and first got it at age 32.

This really works, better than ACV/cherries, or what3ever. Bromelain is the dominant player in this regimen. It is amazing. Hope this helps!


Replied by Sylvanna
(Sydney, Australia)

you mentioned coffee, for gout did you drink it black, with sugar?