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Carrot Juice for Gout

| Modified on Jun 06, 2024

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Posted by Brandon (Big Lake, Minnesota, USA) on 06/15/2012

OMG I found a drink that cures all of my gout attacks within 24 hours, and has never failed, no matter how bad the attack was. I know this sounds like an advertisement, but trust me it is not. 50/50 Tropical/carrot juice. I drink it and within 24 hours the attack is completely gone. In each bottle there is 3 oranges, 2/3 passion fruit, 1 Guava, 2 1/3 pears, 2 3/4 Apples and 12 1/2 carrots. Something about this mixture seems to reduce the acid levels enough to be an, almost, instant cure! Try it and you will see!