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Noni Juice for Gout

| Modified on Apr 23, 2024

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Posted by Rick (Tuscaloosa, Alabama) on 09/29/2009

I am 57 years of age and use to have severe gout attacks. But not anymore! This Novemember 09 I will not have had a gout attack in 5 years. Get a bottle of liquid noni extract,,,,,put 20 drops in four ounces of water and drink it every morning when you first get up and wait 30 minutes before you eat or drink anything. Noni extract is much stronger than noni juice are pills. There are lot of things on the market that say they will stop gout but this one I know works.

Noni Juice
Posted by Richard (USA) on 11/19/2007

Been doing my own experiment with noni for six months now since i have gout and joint pain with inflamation when i drink the noni juice about 2 oz three time s a day i am free from gout and very healthy the whole body is. When i stop talking noni after about a month the gout and joint pain and inflamation is back.Go back on the noni and am healthy again nuf said--Rick