Lemon & Olive Oil: Effective Kidney Stone Home Remedy

| Modified on May 08, 2024
Lemon Juice and Olive Oil for Kidney Stones

Kidney stones, notorious for causing excruciating pain, can be effectively managed with a simple yet powerful home remedy: a combination of lemon juice and olive oil. This natural solution has garnered over 350 positive reviews on Earth Clinic, highlighting its success in easing discomfort and facilitating the passage of kidney stones.

Why This Remedy Works: Insights from Over 350 Positive Reviews

The remarkable efficacy of this lemon juice and olive oil remedy is well-documented, with over 350 positive reviews on Earth Clinic. Users have reported significant relief from kidney stone pain and an easier passing of the stones. This success can be attributed to the unique properties of each ingredient:

  • Lemon Juice: High in citric acid, lemon juice helps break down and dissolve certain kidney stones, reducing their size and easing their passage.
  • Olive Oil: Acts as a lubricant, facilitating the smoother passage of the stones through the urinary tract.

This combination not only helps alleviate the pain but also aids in expelling kidney stones more comfortably.

Understanding Kidney Stones

Kidney stones, hard mineral formations in the kidneys or bladder, cause severe pain during passage. Symptoms include sharp pain in the back or abdomen, pain during urination, discolored and odorous urine, frequent urination, and nausea. Immediate medical consultation is vital if you experience symptoms resembling kidney stones.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil Remedy for Kidney Stones

Preparation and Usage

Combine two ounces of lemon juice with an equal amount of olive oil. Drink this mixture, followed by plenty of water. Repeat two to three times a day until the stones are passed, usually within 1-3 days.

Selecting Ingredients

  • Lemon Juice: Freshly squeezed lemon juice is recommended. Bottled lemon juice can be substituted temporarily.
  • Olive Oil: Opt for cold-pressed, organic olive oil. Avoid substituting with other oils like coconut, which may cause nausea, and stay clear of hydrogenated oils.

Timing of Consumption

For optimal results, take the mixture on an empty stomach, especially not after heavy meals, to prevent vomiting. Ensure sufficient water intake after consuming the remedy.

Additional Tips for Effective Treatment

  • Dietary Adjustments: Light meals rich in fruits and vegetables help maintain hydration and nutrient levels without stressing the digestive system.
  • Salt Intake: Adding a pinch of sea salt to your meals or water can aid proper hydration.
  • Exercise and Rest: Gentle activities like walking are beneficial, but avoid strenuous exercise. Prioritize rest, even after pain relief, to support recovery.

Community Experiences

Our readers have shared their positive experiences with this remedy for kidney stones below. We encourage you to share your experiences and feedback on using the lemon juice and olive oil remedy, as it can be incredibly valuable to our community. Let us know how this natural remedy worked for you!

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Posted by Bambi (Wichita KS) on 02/14/2024

I have dealt with kidney stones for a lot of years. It is excruciating pain. Mine tend to make me constipated and can even not not allow me to urinate. I also UTI's. Olive oil and lemon juice have saved me from going to the hospital. I would throw up if I take too much at one time so I do shot glasses. I can swig it down.

I wonder if I need to do this for maintenance so I don't create them. Also I just realized the one I have now might because I ran out of magnesium which I didn't as taking every day.

Replied by XYZ

After exhausting my attempts to find a cure with all kind or remedies from allopathic to natural and not so natural supplements, numerous other modalities I resorted to Homeopathy. Trust me, I 've tried everything there is to try and can write a dissertation on many diseases from my extensive 12 years research.

I quickly realized that I need a practitioner, since my condition is chronic, with whom I have scheduled 15 min free consult via zoom, she is in the UK, and her monthly fees are reasonable.

Meantime I do what I can on my own. Dr.homeo site is very helpful and I bought at least 20 different remedies for my condition and trying them all, one by one, when I need INTERVENTION to survive another scary health related episode. I already know which remedies DO WORK for me, for homeopathy is all about finding what will work for you. As someone had said "homeopathy is like a spark for a car engine - if it starts its engine, the rest is up to your body, how to heal it." But to get CURED I need to work with a practitioner.

This is from the Dr.Homeo site:

Kidney Stones – Dissolve Them Fast with Natural Homeopathic Medicines


Find the cause of your kidney stones. Good luck and be well.

Replied by Cindy
(Illinois, USA)
450 posts

I just drink lemonade and take a swig of olive oil every once in a while and haven't had any issues since. Strangely, olive oil isn't nearly as gross as it seems, just taking a shot out of the bottle.

Replied by XYZ

This is a well known recipe for gallbladder stones, liver diseases etc.

I used to do 3 days fast starting my day with olive oil and lemon juice and heat on my right side. I won't recommend it, it is not for everyone, but it does remove all kind of stuff from your guts, and digestive system.

There is a protocol how to do this fast, but like a said, it must be carefully, preparing your body in advance. Read about it on the gallbladder attack site (one word).

I didn't know it helps with kidney stones as well. Thank you

Replied by Hollyhock

Yes, olive oil and lemon juice worked for me as well! But consider using chanca piedra (stone breaker) occasionally throughout the year. I usually take it for a few weeks and then take a break.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Peter (tampa) on 02/07/2023

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil

I have a Question: For how long you can drink this mix? I have a two 9 mm kidney Stones, I'm drinking this for 5 days already. I'm worried about my stomach,

Replied by Hollyhock

How many times a day are you drinking it? I did at least 2 to 3 times per day and got rid of the stone around the 3rd or 4th day. But I am not sure how large it was, by the time it came out it had dissolved to a very tiny size.

Replied by Katzie

Golly, Peter, there's nothing to worry about tummy-wise. Both lemon juice AND olive oil are wonderful for you. If you have too much lemon juice, your tummy WILL let you know. And Edgar Cayce even advised 1tsp olive oil daily for health. Hey, at the very least your system will be less acidic & you will have a nice shiny coat!

Stay well, heal healthily!

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Hollyhock (Somewhere in the northeast) on 07/01/2022

Lemon juice and olive oil! Once again Earth Clinic has come to the rescue! I have been dealing with blood in my urine and lower back pain for over a year. I finally researched it here and read all the comments on lemon juice and olive oil. I thought well it wouldn't hurt to try it. It worked! I felt a sharp quick pain while urinating after 3 days of taking it. My urine is now clear light yellow! I am shocked that something so simple to do would work so well! Thank you!!

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by K (Texas) on 12/08/2021

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil Remedy for Kidney Stones:

This is working for my husband with a variation made necessary by a weak stomach. We tried the full dose of 2 oz each (lemon and olive oil) followed by a bottle of water and it was all quickly brought back up.

I switched tactics and broke the cocktail into 8 doses of 1/2 TB (1/4 oz) each lemon juice and olive oil, given every half hour for four hours. This was followed by about 1 cup of water so that the total amount of water drank was almost 2 liters in the end.

Of course, the pain took quite a bit longer to go away - it didn't go away completely until the 7th dose - but it did eventually go away and we're encouraged by that.

There's no sign of a stone yet but there's also no pain so, we're watching and waiting and grateful for the relief!

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Robert (Virginia) on 04/12/2021

Had a kidney stone with episodic severe pain for approximately 30 hours with nothing to suggest the stone was moving. Heard about the lemon juice/olive oil treatment and took my first dose; 2 oz of each mixed together.

Within 40 minutes, the pain came back with a vengeance but it was different as the stone was moving.

3 hours later I was nearly pain free and 3 days later and still no pain.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Cathy (Central Florida) on 05/28/2020

My husband used the Lemon Juice & Olive Oil remedy for 3 days, and gave up when he didn't pass the stone by the end of the 3rd day. It is now the 5th day (2nd day without Lemon Juice & Olive Oil), and he just passed the large stone! Thank you to all of the other reviewers for their posts about this remedy! It saved a trip to the specialist, along with scoping, and whatever else they would have recommended.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Tim C. (United States) on 03/15/2020

I am a 58 year old male who has suffered kidney stones now and then (too many times) It was kidney stones that brought me to Earthclinic. Last night, in the middle of the night I was awakened by that terrible feeling of pain that would not go away. Reluctantly I forced my self awake and back to Earthclinic to be sure of the dose, 2 oz lemon juice (fresh since I had it on hand) and 2 oz olive oil.

I forced myself to drink it all. I also took 3 ibuprofen in hopes of dulling the pain. Struggled on for another hour or so, trying to find a comfortable position and feeling nauseous. Finally, the nausea forced my to throw up. Thankfully, after the purge, the kidney stone pain dissipated, later that night I peed and found a small stone, the next morning a bigger stone came out. When I touched them they immediately dissolved. Thank you Earth Clinic.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Bill (Las Vegas, NV) on 07/11/2019

I had stones 6 times the last time in 2004. I thought that I was going to pass a stone in 2010, took lemon juice and olive oil and have not had a problem since. I build up a lot of uric acid so when I feel a possible stone I always go for the 2 Oz lemon juice and olive oil drink down and follow up with water.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Kathleen (Indiana) on 02/02/2019

Lemon juice and olive oil for kidney stones -- I did the lemon juice and olive oil remedy and it worked! I'm doing it again today and tomorrow... unbelievable it worked!!!

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Angela (Or) on 08/24/2018


I realize this has worked for a lot of people, but I now think it is very dangerous. First of all, once you realize you have a kidney stone, remember that you do not know the size of it, where its lodged, or what you're dealing with. That is unless you get scans to find out. I currently do not have health insurance, and so a month ago when I was in the worst main of my life - vomiting, having what felt to be birth contractions, screaming in 10 pain for a month straight. The ER turned me down. Let's not go there as to why. Basically, I live in a small town where the hospital is completely incompetent.. I was on my own to figure out what to do because of nowhere to get help.

I tried the olive oil/lemon method, as I was fairly certain that what I was facing was stones. What happened is it dislodged and re-lodged somewhere else, got stuck, and put me in life-threatening pain. There were mornings I think I left my body, ready to die.. Gray/white as a ghost and unable to get up. After dealing with the incompetence of the ER once, I wasn't going to do it again.. The lemon juice/olive oil made my condition SO MUCH worse.. I simply can't recommend moving something around with oil when you have no idea where it's going to re-lodge or go. It may not always channel out of your body smoothly.

Finally, I read that magnesium was powerful at breaking up calcium-rich stones. After 1-2 weeks of taking magnesium (CALM brand) powder (stirred into 12 ounces of water twice daily), the pain diminished, and finally, a PEA (maybe larger) sized stone was released. More pieces came throughout the week. Now I'm healthier than ever.

USE MAGNESIUM to break up the stone, not Olive oil/lemon juice.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by John C. (Greenville S.C.) on 04/05/2018

Lemon juice / Olive oil for kidney stones:

I had a 13mm stone lithitripsied 2 years ago (60K). Got another stone 7mm and told the Dr.I was going herbal this time. I tried this remedy 1 time and the next day it slid right out of me.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Cathy (Metro Atlanta) on 02/12/2018

A few months ago, I could tell that I had a kidney stone. I've had one before and recognized the symptoms. With the one before, I went to the ER and over the course of a year, they tried EVERYTHING to get that sucker out. Nothing worked. Thousands of dollars and much anxiety later, they had given up on me and I quit going to the doctor every week. Two or three months later, I finally passed it. This time, however, when I realized what the symptoms were, I turned to Earth Clinic. I followed directions to drink 2 oz. of olive oil and 2 oz. of organic lemon juice. I passed the stone about 2-3 hours later. Thank you, Earth Clinic!!!!!

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Markwt (It Really Works!) on 02/11/2018

I had a 5 mil stone. Drs had me scheduled for surgery next week. I started 2 times a day 2 oz lemon and olive oil plus lots of water. It passed today! Like everyone said it really works!!

Replied by Donna

How many days did it take for your stone to pass? Was it painful? Thanks for your reply.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Rick (Acworth, Ga) on 06/15/2017

6/16/2017. Excited. Had kidney stone 6 months ago and it cost $1200 out of pocket for two trips to emergency room. It passed with toradol and flomax (I assume because pain stopped for last 6 months). Got those familiar pains again, but I kept the extra toradol and flomax so I couldself treat at home. Toradol pill took 55 minutes to kick in. I like having the toradol available for emergency, but I know that kind of stuff is horrible for your body. So I started the 2 ounces olive oil and 2 ounces lemon juice 3 times a day. Did this for two days. Just passed the kidney stone into a strainer that I kept also. Literally 10 minutes ago. I am so extremely excited that this worked so quickly. Also had zero pain the last two days. And it was obviously moving. Remember I stopped taking the toradol once I started on the olive oil and lemon juice. Thank you to whoever came up with this!!! This was my third stone. I had surgery for the first one because I didn't know much about them. And the taste really isn't great, but not bad. If you mix it good, tastes like salad dressing. And gone in 3 big gulps. Thanks again!!! Awesome!!!

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Mel (Los Angeles, Ca) on 02/23/2017

Life Changing - Olive Oil and Lemon Juice

This WORKS. One member of my family has struggled with kidney stones for years, making stones too large to pass and requiring outpatient surgery. After another expensive ER visit and CT scan, we decided to try the olive oil and fresh lemon juice remedy. What an amazing result! Whisked between 1 or 2 oz each together and chased with a tall glass of water. He only had to drink it once to pass the stone without pain! Since we stared this remedy, he has never been to the hospital again. Life changing.

Ps we recommend using a "grassier" olive oil vs "fruitier" one to make the mixture easier to drink. Makes it tart and refreshing vs tasting like goopy salad dressing.