Lemon Juice and Olive Oil for Kidney Stones Cure

| Modified on Sep 03, 2023
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Lemon Juice and Olive Oil for Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are counted among the most painful medical conditions. Fortunately, a combination of lemon juice and olive oil, taken internally will often reduce the pain significantly and cause the stones to pass nearly unnoticed.

What Are Kidney Stones?

Kidney Stones are crystal aggregations of dissolved minerals in urine that usually form inside the kidneys or the bladder, and can cause a lot of pain when passing them. Kidney stone pain is severe and may be the first sign of kidney stones. Pain below the ribs or back, pain in the lower abdomen and groin, pain while urinating, cloudy or strong smelling urine that's colored red or brown, frequent urges to urinate, and nausea are common kidney stone symptoms.

If you are experiencing severe pain and suspect a kidney stone but have not been diagnosed with one, a medical evaluation is wise to rule out other serious health problems that may mimic kidney stones.

Instructions for the Lemon Juice and Olive Oil Kidney Stone Treatment Home Remedy:

Mix together two ounces of lemon juice with two ounces of olive oil and drink it all. Follow with plenty of water. Repeat this natural remedy treatment two to three times a day until the stones are passed, which usually takes between one and three days.

What Kind of Lemon Juice Should I Use for Kidney Stones?

Freshly squeezed lemon juice is ideal. However, bottled lemon juice has certainly been helpful to many as an alternative, especially until fresh lemon juice can be acquired.

What Kind of Olive Oil Should I Use for Kidney Stones?

Cold pressed and organic olive oil is preferred but other olive oils have worked well for many over the years.

Do not substitute any other oil for the olive oil. Even coconut oil, useful as it is for health, is not recommended for removing of kidney stones. 2 tablespoons of coconut oil at once is more likely to cause nausea and vomiting than 2 tablespoons of olive oil. And hydrogenated oils are never recommended as part of a healing protocol.

Do I Need to Use the Olive Oil and Lemon Juice on an Empty Stomach?

Using the olive oil and lemon juice on an empty stomach is the favored approach. Do not use the lemon juice and olive oil remedy with a heavy meal or full stomach. It will be harder to follow the lemon juice and olive oil remedy with the necessary water if the stomach is quite full. If it accompanies a heavy meal it is more likely to cause vomiting as well.

Additional Considerations

Consume light meals while using the lemon juice and olive oil remedy. Consuming mostly fruits and vegetables will provide nutrients and energy without overtaxing the system. They will also promote hydration of the body when it needs it most, since fruits and vegetables have high water contents. Don't forget to include some sea salt in your diet to keep water balanced. Some will even add a pinch of sea salt to a glass of water to ensure that extra water consumed isn't just flushed out.

Avoid high fat foods when using this remedy. The olive oil will provide plenty of fat. Additional fats could stress the gallbladder.

Light exercise, like walking compliments the protocol. Strenuous exercise or anything that promotes excessive sweating (which will be dehydrating) is not recommended until the stones have passed.

Pain will likely necessitate extra rest, however, if the remedy (or pain relievers) reduce pain, do not use this as permission to neglect rest. Rest is important when the body is experiencing a significant health issue.

Continue reading to be encouraged by our many readers experiences with this excellent natural remedy!

Have you tried lemon juice and olive oil for kidney stones? Please send us some feedback!

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Posted by Peter (tampa) on 02/07/2023

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil

I have a Question:

For how long you can drink this mix? I have a two 9 mm kidney Stones, I'm drinking this for 5 days already. I'm worried about my stomach,

Replied by Hollyhock

How many times a day are you drinking it? I did at least 2 to 3 times per day and got rid of the stone around the 3rd or 4th day. But I am not sure how large it was, by the time it came out it had dissolved to a very tiny size.

Replied by Katzie

Golly, Peter, there's nothing to worry about tummy-wise. Both lemon juice AND olive oil are wonderful for you. If you have too much lemon juice, your tummy WILL let you know. And Edgar Cayce even advised 1tsp olive oil daily for health. Hey, at the very least your system will be less acidic & you will have a nice shiny coat!

Stay well, heal healthily!

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Hollyhock (Somewhere in the northeast) on 07/01/2022

Lemon juice and olive oil! Once again Earth Clinic has come to the rescue! I have been dealing with blood in my urine and lower back pain for over a year. I finally researched it here and read all the comments on lemon juice and olive oil. I thought well it wouldn't hurt to try it. It worked! I felt a sharp quick pain while urinating after 3 days of taking it. My urine is now clear light yellow! I am shocked that something so simple to do would work so well! Thank you!!

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by K (Texas) on 12/08/2021

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil Remedy for Kidney Stones:

This is working for my husband with a variation made necessary by a weak stomach. We tried the full dose of 2 oz each (lemon and olive oil) followed by a bottle of water and it was all quickly brought back up.

I switched tactics and broke the cocktail into 8 doses of 1/2 TB (1/4 oz) each lemon juice and olive oil, given every half hour for four hours. This was followed by about 1 cup of water so that the total amount of water drank was almost 2 liters in the end.

Of course, the pain took quite a bit longer to go away - it didn't go away completely until the 7th dose - but it did eventually go away and we're encouraged by that.

There's no sign of a stone yet but there's also no pain so, we're watching and waiting and grateful for the relief!

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Robert (Virginia) on 04/12/2021

Had a kidney stone with episodic severe pain for approximately 30 hours with nothing to suggest the stone was moving. Heard about the lemon juice/olive oil treatment and took my first dose; 2 oz of each mixed together.

Within 40 minutes, the pain came back with a vengeance but it was different as the stone was moving.

3 hours later I was nearly pain free and 3 days later and still no pain.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Cathy (Central Florida) on 05/28/2020

My husband used the Lemon Juice & Olive Oil remedy for 3 days, and gave up when he didn't pass the stone by the end of the 3rd day. It is now the 5th day (2nd day without Lemon Juice & Olive Oil), and he just passed the large stone! Thank you to all of the other reviewers for their posts about this remedy! It saved a trip to the specialist, along with scoping, and whatever else they would have recommended.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Tim C. (United States) on 03/15/2020

I am a 58 year old male who has suffered kidney stones now and then (too many times) It was kidney stones that brought me to Earthclinic. Last night, in the middle of the night I was awakened by that terrible feeling of pain that would not go away. Reluctantly I forced my self awake and back to Earthclinic to be sure of the dose, 2 oz lemon juice (fresh since I had it on hand) and 2 oz olive oil.

I forced myself to drink it all. I also took 3 ibuprofen in hopes of dulling the pain. Struggled on for another hour or so, trying to find a comfortable position and feeling nauseous. Finally, the nausea forced my to throw up. Thankfully, after the purge, the kidney stone pain dissipated, later that night I peed and found a small stone, the next morning a bigger stone came out. When I touched them they immediately dissolved. Thank you Earth Clinic.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Bill (Las Vegas, NV) on 07/11/2019

I had stones 6 times the last time in 2004. I thought that I was going to pass a stone in 2010, took lemon juice and olive oil and have not had a problem since. I build up a lot of uric acid so when I feel a possible stone I always go for the 2 Oz lemon juice and olive oil drink down and follow up with water.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Kathleen (Indiana) on 02/02/2019

Lemon juice and olive oil for kidney stones -- I did the lemon juice and olive oil remedy and it worked! I'm doing it again today and tomorrow... unbelievable it worked!!!

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Angela (Or) on 08/24/2018

I realize this has worked for a lot of people, but I now think it is very dangerous. First of all, once you realize you have a kidney stone, remember that you do not know the size of it, where its lodged, or what you're dealing with. That is unless you get scans to find out. I currently do not have health insurance, and so a month ago when I was in the worst main of my life - vomiting, having what felt to be birth contractions, screaming in 10 pain for a month straight. The ER turned me down. Let's not go there as to why. Basically, I live in a small town where the hospital is completely incompetent.. I was on my own to figure out what to do because of nowhere to get help.

I tried the olive oil/lemon method, as I was fairly certain that what I was facing was stones. What happened is it dislodged and re-lodged somewhere else, got stuck, and put me in life-threatening pain. There were mornings I think I left my body, ready to die.. Gray/white as a ghost and unable to get up. After dealing with the incompetence of the ER once, I wasn't going to do it again.. The lemon juice/olive oil made my condition SO MUCH worse.. I simply can't recommend moving something around with oil when you have no idea where it's going to re-lodge or go. It may not always channel out of your body smoothly.

Finally, I read that magnesium was powerful at breaking up calcium-rich stones. After 1-2 weeks of taking magnesium (CALM brand) powder (stirred into 12 ounces of water twice daily), the pain diminished, and finally, a PEA (maybe larger) sized stone was released. More pieces came throughout the week. Now I'm healthier than ever.

USE MAGNESIUM to break up the stone, not Olive oil/lemon juice.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by John C. (Greenville S.C.) on 04/05/2018

Lemon juice / Olive oil for kidney stones:

I had a 13mm stone lithitripsied 2 years ago (60K). Got another stone 7mm and told the Dr.I was going herbal this time. I tried this remedy 1 time and the next day it slid right out of me.

Replied by Achyuth

I am actually mixing LemonJuice+OliveOil in water and taking as normal water. Will this have any problems? or we should not mix with water and take.

Please guys suggest me. Have recently found two stones of size 4.5 mm, one is in kidney and one is on bladder.

Replied by John
(Brussels, Belgium)


I really like the Lemon juice and EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) remedy concept, but I have a couple questions:

1) if the stones don't come out immediately and someone were to take the lemon juice & EVOO 3x/day for several weeks or even a month or more... would this be OK for the liver and / or the gallbladder or are there any risks to be aware of? I.e. having to digest all that olive oil and lemon every day

1b) is there a max time eg 1 month beyond which one should stop the remedy if the stone has not come out?

2) does this work for all 5 types of kidney stones, or just for some and not others?

I would be sincerely very grateful for your help in answering above questions.

Many many thanks.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Cathy (Metro Atlanta) on 02/12/2018

A few months ago, I could tell that I had a kidney stone. I've had one before and recognized the symptoms. With the one before, I went to the ER and over the course of a year, they tried EVERYTHING to get that sucker out. Nothing worked. Thousands of dollars and much anxiety later, they had given up on me and I quit going to the doctor every week. Two or three months later, I finally passed it. This time, however, when I realized what the symptoms were, I turned to Earth Clinic. I followed directions to drink 2 oz. of olive oil and 2 oz. of organic lemon juice. I passed the stone about 2-3 hours later. Thank you, Earth Clinic!!!!!

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Markwt (It Really Works!) on 02/11/2018

I had a 5 mil stone. Drs had me scheduled for surgery next week. I started 2 times a day 2 oz lemon and olive oil plus lots of water. It passed today! Like everyone said it really works!!

Replied by Donna

How many days did it take for your stone to pass? Was it painful? Thanks for your reply.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Sue (Fairfax, Va) on 10/13/2017

Does the lemon juice/olive oil treatment for dissolving and moving kidney stones need to be done on an empty stomach? The instructions on the page for it don't specify, and people seem to post success either way. And How much water does one need to drink immediately following the lemon juice/olive oil mixture? Thank you so much!

EC: Hi Sue, we've updated the article. Please check again! Thank you for your comments.

Replied by Sue
(Fairfax, Va)

Very helpful! You might also mention that, if people who try this remedy are not used to drinking so much extra water and are also eating more lightly, mostly fruits/vegetables, it would be wise to also make sure they are getting enough sodium (usually in salt.) Low sodium (hyponatremia) can be very dangerous.

Replied by Chris
(Oxford, Uk)

I have a 12mm stone plus at least one other, smaller stone in a kidney. No pain yet. In view of the rather large size, am I right in thinking that it would be best to take the apple cider vinegar and the lemon juice in order to reduce the size, but not the olive oil, since I don't want the stone to start moving yet at that size?!

I would be very grateful for any advice.

Replied by KT

Dear Chris,

I don't think you can stop stones from moving. I would be concerned that the stone could get stuck in a ureter. You don't want that to happen. The OO would provide the lubricant to help it slide out.

I did not know I had a kidney stone until I passed it. It was so large it ripped one of my ureters. You won't forget that pain. It won't necessarily be pain "down there" it will be more in your back. I thought I was in pain because of an old injury to my spine until it "gushed" out. I am female so it might be different for a man. It was not until I was examined by a urologist did I find out what had happened.

I had been eating a lot of spinach for the calcium but not getting enough magnesium. Taking magnesium with every meal may help you avoid stones in the future. I have a Nutrition Almanac that reports "the oxalic acid in foods like spinach and phytic acid in cereals bind magnesium, preventing absorption." You should Google for a list of foods high in oxalates. Beer, beans and chocolate are just a few.


Replied by Anon

It doesn't seem possible that olive oil would lubricate any part of the urinary tract. Doesn't it just get digested as a fat?

Replied by KT

Dear Anon,

I really don't know the answer to that but I think it is not worth the risk of getting a stone stuck, especially in the male urethra. I'm only going by posts here on EC and my experience when I was in excruciating pain and thought my kidneys were shutting down. On ingestion the pain subsided and I was able to void. On follow up doses when I have eaten too much spinach, I have used one TBS of olive oil with the LJ and that seemed to work okay but prevention is best...getting enough of a good brand of magnesium has proven beneficial.

I have recently learned one brand of magnesium has added an additional calcium filler that had been contributing to arthritis pain in my hands, feet, neck and spine. I thought I had found a safe vitamin C powder...the fillers in that was also contributing to the pain.

Because everyone eats different, everyone tolerates ingredients differently. All brands are not safe for everyone. By the piecemeal process of elimination for over two decades I have learned this. Our food supply has been engineered to last longer making assimilation difficult (Food, Inc.). This affects the binders and fillers of our medicine/supplements.


Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Rick (Acworth, Ga) on 06/15/2017

6/16/2017. Excited. Had kidney stone 6 months ago and it cost $1200 out of pocket for two trips to emergency room. It passed with toradol and flomax (I assume because pain stopped for last 6 months). Got those familiar pains again, but I kept the extra toradol and flomax so I couldself treat at home. Toradol pill took 55 minutes to kick in. I like having the toradol available for emergency, but I know that kind of stuff is horrible for your body. So I started the 2 ounces olive oil and 2 ounces lemon juice 3 times a day. Did this for two days. Just passed the kidney stone into a strainer that I kept also. Literally 10 minutes ago. I am so extremely excited that this worked so quickly. Also had zero pain the last two days. And it was obviously moving. Remember I stopped taking the toradol once I started on the olive oil and lemon juice. Thank you to whoever came up with this!!! This was my third stone. I had surgery for the first one because I didn't know much about them. And the taste really isn't great, but not bad. If you mix it good, tastes like salad dressing. And gone in 3 big gulps. Thanks again!!! Awesome!!!

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Mel (Los Angeles, Ca) on 02/23/2017

Life Changing - Olive Oil and Lemon Juice

This WORKS. One member of my family has struggled with kidney stones for years, making stones too large to pass and requiring outpatient surgery. After another expensive ER visit and CT scan, we decided to try the olive oil and fresh lemon juice remedy. What an amazing result! Whisked between 1 or 2 oz each together and chased with a tall glass of water. He only had to drink it once to pass the stone without pain! Since we stared this remedy, he has never been to the hospital again. Life changing.

Ps we recommend using a "grassier" olive oil vs "fruitier" one to make the mixture easier to drink. Makes it tart and refreshing vs tasting like goopy salad dressing.