Ted's Remedies for Kidney Stones

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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 03/23/2005 388 posts

Kidney stone and gallstone may be related if we are talking about vitamin C deficiency. There is a much easier way (possibility) of testing what kinds of stones you have at your home and deciding which remedies will be best for you. The methodology is quite primitive, and it is just an intellectual guess. However, if you want to try it out here it is:

This can easily be done by collecting a cup of urine sample and, quite obviously, when you do have stones or developing them there is a good chance it will be cloudy. Separate them in different cups and try adding first cup with vitamin C, Second cup, you can reserve this and test for urine conductivity and sugar in your urine using a Brix (as shown in the pH - the scoop section) If your urine clears up, in first cup then you know it is calcium phosphate. There is an imbalance of calcium:phosphate. This can be corrected by adding magnesium, boron, and possibility of determine whether your diet is more or less calcium.

In practice this is from excess dietary phosphorous which comes from meats and soft drinks. For the second cup which you test for sugar and conductivity. It means the possibility of stones to form from excess sugar if your sugar levels are much higher than normal. If the conductivity is excessive, it means your stones will form from lack of drinking water. Of course, testing your pH for your urine and if it is too low (below 6) or too high (above 7.0) then you know that stones exists because of pH imbalances. These are just rough guesses. Acid urine might mean you are taking too much meat. Alkaline urine means you are taking too much vegetables. A cloudy urine could also mean vitamin deficiency. If you take a multivitamin day one and day two you have clearer urine, then stones are avoided.

If it does not clear up and you take vitamin B complex and your urine clears up it means you have vitamin B deficiency. On the other hand if you have gout, then it is obvious you have uric acid problem which can be alleviated by taking small amounts of lithium in water about 2-5 mg/day to dissolve that. Sodium bicarbonate might help but it is obvious that taking more water and eating less meat will be most helpful.

There are many causes of kidney stones depending on the types of stones.

1. Calcium oxalate does not dissolve in acid urine, but might be helpful in prevention through more alkaline urine. However, once formed, they are impossible to dissolve. This is not common in humans, but dogs are very susceptible. Oxalates are common in spinach and rhubarb. However, diets rich in oxalates are much to be desired in case of viral diseases or cancer as oxalic acid have anticancer properties. The mysterious anticancer drugs of Doctor Koch, glyoxylide is actually a form of oxalic acid, commonly referred to as glyoxylic acid (oxalacetic acid). There is in fact three U.S. patents that deal with diets rich in oxalic acid in dealing vascular, cancer and AIDS. There is a possibility of dissolving calcium oxalate. This one exception could be disodium EDTA and sodium bicarbonate (which is alkaline). In practice, if calcium oxalate is formed using Extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy (ESWL) is the most common practice by breaking the stones with the use of shockwave.