Vitamin Supplements for Kidney Stones

| Modified on May 08, 2024
Our readers have found certain vitamins and supplements to be useful for the prevention and elimination of kidney stones. Read on to learn from their experiences!

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Posted by Daniel (Edmonton, Alberta) on 01/23/2013

To all suferrer's of kidney stones. here is the simplest method to completely eradicate kidney stones.

1. magnesium capsules/tablets (1 per day)
2. vit b6 (1 per day)
3. celery juice( blend the stalk of celery stalk)

Drink at least 1 cup before going to bed and do this for 2 weeks or more. The stones will not disintegrate but will be dissolved by the actions of magnesium, b6 and celery juice. Apple Cider Vinegar and lemon juice is good but taking it daily will irritate your throat. Continuous taking of baking soda, allupurinol has some side effects.

I am a uric/oxalates stones sufferer so I know what I am talking.

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Posted by Ben (Scottsdale, AZ) on 08/15/2006

I have had some good luck dissolving calcium phosphate kidney stones with Vitamin C tablets.cThe ones I used were 1000vmg tablets, sustained release.vI took two tabs about 3 times a day (6000mg total) every two or 3 hours, with a good deal of water. After a while, I would pass small crystalline fragments into a strainer. I've been told calcium phosphate stones will dissolve in acid urine, but calcium oxalate stones won't.

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Posted by Bertha (Phoenix) on 04/23/2006

I have read two books by a great American researcher and nutritionist: Adelle Davis. She thoroughly explains why kidney stones are formed, that kidney stones can be prevented and that kidney stones can be dissolved. Magnesium is essential because it acidifies the urine and in acid urine stones cannot be formed. Vit B6 prevents the formation of oxalic acid kidney stones and calcium has to be present in the diet because if calcium is lacking in the diet, the body will withdraw it from the bones and form the stones just the same. As magnesium interacts with calcium, if both minerals are taken in the right proportions (300 mgs of magnesium per 1 gram of calcium) kidney stones are not formed and/or can be dissolved. This is what has kept me free from stones for the last 20 years. As soon as I FEEL there's grit in my kidney, I increase my intake of magnesium and problem is gone in 24 hours.

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Posted by Shirley (Tenn)

Take 2 or 3 magnesium tablets 1 B6 tablet every day and drink more water. My husband had them often, since he started this, he hasn't had any in years.