Lithotripsy for Kidney Stones

| Modified on May 31, 2024
Our readers share their experiences with lithotripsy for kidney stones.

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Posted by Margaret (Okanagan Valley, Bc Canada) on 02/27/2013

Caution with Lithotripsy, they literallly implode these stones inside you, and, if the techie is inexperienced they can do permanent damage to your kidneys, We experienced Lithotripsy in desperation for help and it sounded simple and safe... Beware , not true, we have been dealing with high blood pressure (was not there before) since coming out of that procedure. So the kidneys can almost turn to blasted mush! Our favorite is Chanca Piedra, and the four herbs in apple juice, simmered for half hour, Hydrangea, Uva Ursi , marshmallow root and gravel root. Take care of your water works and be careful with the procedures THEY call safe!!

Posted by Tom (Boulder, Co) on 02/08/2013


I had a pretty goood size stone a year ago about 10 mm and I opted to go through lithotripsy. It was kind of expensive but VERY painful. I wanted to relay my story. My conversation with the surgeon was, Him: "Your stone is kind of big. You may have to come back for another treatment. " Me: "Hit it really hard with the ultrasound. I don't want to have to come back" Him: "Ok, but it's going to bery very painful"

When I woke up, I was in so much pain, I was stomping around the outpatient room screaming and cursing. They let me do this for an hour or so before they sent me home with my friend. Everyone watched and was understanding; it's just the way it is. It felt like a prize fighter kicked in the kidneys full force about 100 times!

It worked though. Just so you know what it's like.

Replied by Jeff

I've had lithotropsy on three occassions and have never experienced pain from the procedure as you are reporting.

But, in considering lithotripsy, you do have to realize that once the stone(s) are broken up, you still have to pass the "debris". Still a far better approach than the surgery alternative in my opinion.