Chanca Piedra for Kidney Stones

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Chanca piedra is a popular remedy for kidney stones. Studies support the use of chanca piedra to reduce and prevent stones.

Typical dosing of chanca piedra is 1,000 mg per meal in capsule form, or the tea taken three times a day. The alcohol extract is not recommended.

Have you used chanca piedra for kidney stones? Please send us some feedback!



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Posted by Mama to Many (TN) on 10/15/2022
5 out of 5 stars

A friend of ours related a story to us that I thought I would share.

Her elderly mother was in the hospital. Her mother has many health problems including dementia and heart problems. (I am not even sure why she was in the hospital.)

While in the hospital, her mother was having severe pain but couldn't tell them why (due to the dementia) and our friend and the staff were mystified.

Then our friend remembered that her mother had a history of kidney stones. She asked the doctor if they could check. Sure enough she had kidney stones, according to a scan. They wanted to do surgery, but it would be a few days out and of course, surgery had its own risks with her age and health problems.

Our friend asked if they could try Stone Breaker herb, that her mother had used it before. The hospital was not willing. They said they didn't know how it might interact with her medications, and she had a feeding tube so that complicated giving it to her.

Well, surgery was taking a while to schedule and our friend was very kind and but persistent. She finally found a doctor to agree to try it, even though, he said, it wouldn't help.

They gave her stone breaker 4 times a day. After a couple of days, it was clear that the pain was gone. Surgery seemed to have been forgotten and they were going to send her home.

Our friend asked if they could check about the kidney stones. The doctor was reluctant but did another scan, and what do you know, the stones were gone!

There are several morals to the story - one is that hospital patients benefit greatly by having an advocate, family who knows them, especially. Second is that kindness goes a long way, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar, as the old saying says. And third, stone breaker works!

~Mama to Many~

Chanca Piedra
Posted by Hackerszzz (Malaysia) on 08/11/2021
5 out of 5 stars

5 years ago, I had a kidney stone.

During the night, I felt very painful area around the liver area, and I thought I was having appendicitis. Went to the emergency ward, and they said it was something else. After doing MRI, it was a kidney stone stuck in the urinary tract between the kidney and bladder. But to proceed with the procedure they said I need to wait another 3 months, because of many others are waiting in line. I could only afford the government funded hospitals.

Tried to research the internet, and I found something about Chanca Piedra. Fortunately, this herbs grows wildly in my garden. I took a bunch of it and simmer it in water and drank it half a cup daily.

To my astonishment, the pain diminished. Previously I couldn't eat too much since if I eat too much it presses on the affected area and it became painful. I couldn't sleep well at night because of back pain and just tossing around the bed became painful. There is something in Chance Piedra that acts as analgesics. After drinking it, I can sleep better since the pain reduces to tolerable threshold.

One day, I have the urge to urinate, and it felt a bit difficult since I need to push harder in order for the urine to flow out. Suddenly, I hear a loud sound from the toilet bowl like a big pebble clashing down the toilet. It was the kidney stone, coming out without any notice. After that I felt a great relief, I can eat more food, since the pain was already gone.

Another thing that I notice is, my blood pressure reduced to a normal level. I've been taking blood pressure medication without any success, it only capable of reducing my reading in a small numbers. I'm not sure what Chanca Piedra has done to my blood pressure, but the normal value persists for a month. But it came back to abnormal level, perhaps because I was not taking Chance Piedra anymore.

Gonna try again if it could fix my blood pressure since changing several bp medications couldn't fix my bp level.

Replied by Jackie
(Hernando MS)

I have kidney stones at the moment and searching online found out that the BO medication I was put on causes kidney stones in 60 percent of the people on it at about 6 mints exactly how long I've been on and especially women over 60 which I am. It was an FDA study. The medication is losarton potassium which doesn't help bp much. Wondering if you might be on the same. I quit taking it.

Replied by MollyInTexas
(Central Texas)
7 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Jackie, I formerly had problems with kidney stones, mostly from eating foods containing oxalates, like spinach, peppers, beets, and potatoes. I searched for a natural remedy and read about Chanca Piedra, Spanish for Break Stone. The English call it Royal Breakstone. I ordered Chanca Piedra from Swanson Vitamins and took it as soon as I felt a stabbing pain in my middle back on one side. I would take two capsules and never suffered again from the agony of kidney stones.

My daughter recently was taken to the Urgent Care clinic by her husband due to severe pain in her lower abdomen radiating around to her back. The xrays showed a kidney stone in her ureter, which was bigger than any of the medical staff had ever seen. They could only give her pain meds, and they sent her home with a strainer to catch her urine and to watch for any "sand" from the stone breaking up. Well, at 1:00am after getting a call from her husband, I raced over to the clinic and took her a bottle of Chanca Piedra, which I KNEW would relieve the problem. She took two capsules every 4 hours, and by morning, around 10:00am, she was completely free from pain and found sand in the strainer and continued to see it every time she urinated for the rest of the day. Now she takes Chanca Piedra, one capsule, everyday, just like her Mom!

Chanca Piedra is God's gift to those of us who suffer from kidney stones. Try it! You WILL be so glad you did!

Chanca Piedra
Posted by Art (California ) on 06/18/2018 1856 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Recently a friend with kidney stones was using chanca piedra for them, but the stones would keep coming back. I asked if they were using calcium supplements since the doctor had told them that the stones were formed from calcium. As it turned out, they were supplementing with calcium. They discontinued the calcium supplement and the stones did not come back!

If your stones are formed from calcium, this may be relevant.


Replied by Sari

My husband went for cat scan and it was discovered that in addition to his usual handful of kidney stones, he also had visible calcium deposits in his kidneys. The doctor wants to do surgery to suction it out. I would love to find a natural way to get rid of it. He started taking Chanca Piedra recently.

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

Borax displaces calcium out of soft tissue and silica (horsetail) is needed for calcium to go in bones and teeth. So magnesium, vit D-3+K-2, other minerals in balance, and my memory is on vacation lately so you'll have to go read up on it some more . Oh yeah coconut oil is amazing stuff from teeth to rectum for healing organs like kidneys. I make almond biscotti and when I bake it the second time, I butter both sides with coconut oil . Remember all things cause detox die off symptoms so start low dose and stay hydrated.

Chanca Piedra
Posted by Art (California ) on 01/22/2017 1856 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Another chanca piedra for kidney stones success story.

A friend of mine who has a history of kidney stones recently developed a new case which he hadn't had in years. The pain was bad enough that he had to crawl out of bed very slowly and could not stand up straight for the little while that he was able to get out of bed to go to the bathroom. He started on Chanca Piedra and the pain started to diminish the first day and was gone by the third day, but he continued to take it "just in case".

He took two 500 mg tablets at breakfast, two at lunch and two at dinner and each time with a full glass of water for 3 grams total per day.


Replied by Olamide

I went for CT scan and discovered I have 5mm stones on both kidneys. I have been using chanca piedra extract (ie boiled whole plant with water) for two weeks now but no sign of relief. Help.

(Melbourne, Australia)
235 posts

Hello Olamide,

Re your chanca piedra tea, how many cups are you taking per day? My tea packaging says cover and steep minimum 20 mins and consume 5 cups a day for two weeks. If the tea at this strength is not working for you, perhaps capsules at the strength in the above post is worth a try. Although I have always had great results with medicinal teas. The malic acid in Apple cider vinegar is also effective to break the bonds of stones. I would also ensure your supplements do not contain calcium. Best to you

Replied by Epeach

Have you tried apple cider vinegar? I have passed many kidney stones without pain. It turned mine into a gel like substance. which makes them easier to pass. I take 1 tblsp. of ACV each day for a preventative. If I was suffering, I did not measure, I just turned up the bottle as often as I felt like it.

Replied by Anon

Maybe try fresh lemon juice or raw apple cider vinegar instead.

Chanca Piedra
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 04/12/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Oh happy day. I realized three weeks ago another kidney stone was kicking in. That would be my fifth in eight years. My formula that has worked for previous stones is using six lemons per day, cut in half and the juice mixed with water. So I'd drink 12 glasses of lemon water a day. After three to six days the stones would be gone. And I'm happy to have that solution; but on this latest one I decided to give "stone breaker" a try and had a bottle of the liquid form on hand anticipating a new attack. And as I said, it came about three weeks ago. So I started with twelve drops in water of stone breaker on empty stomach three times a day... a LOT easier than drinking huge quantities of lemon water. Well in three days...stone gone.

Now I have two methods of getting rid of stones. Oh happy day.

Replied by Gaiamuse

Do you know what kind of stones you had? Oxalate? Uric Acid? I am currently dealing with both and wondering if chanca piedra dissolves them both?

Replied by Pam
(Northern California)

What is this 'stonebreaker' you talk about.

EC: "Stonebreaker" is the nickname for the herb, Chanca Piedra.

Chanca Piedra
Posted by Sara (Texas, US) on 03/05/2015
5 out of 5 stars

My father who is in his 70s had gone to the doctor and found that he had kidney stones. I love this site, so started looking on this site concerning kidney stones and found posting using chanca piedra to get rid of kidney stones. He went and got it and used it as directed by a former post in favor of using it for kidney stones. Well, when he went back to the doctor after using it, the doctor could not find any kidney stones when they did there tests. It worked.

Chanca Piedra
Posted by Cathleen (Los Angeles, Ca) on 11/24/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I've had three surgeries and a painful stent for kidney stones and so when I felt yet another stone I decided I needed to try something different. I found a naturopathic doctor and by the time I made it to an appointment I was already in serious pain from the latest stone. She recounted the many successes she'd had with high-potency, quality chanca piedra (translates to 'stone breaker'). To pass the stone she prescribed high doses and I immediately started on the bottle of Disolvatol purchased from her office (6 capsules per day.. total of 1,350mgs per day). Within a few hours the pain was drastically reduced and later that night I passed the 3mm stone.

She then had me decrease to the normal dosage of just two capsules per day (one morning, one evening... total of 450mgs) to attack the stones before they had a chance to fully form and now I've been 20 months now without one stone. NONE! ZERO! I even had to go back for a scan I had scheduled and my regular doctor was dumbfounded to see that there were no stones visible in the scan (same doctor who told me I was wasting my time with herbs). The previous scan had shown DOZENS of stones but they had all been dissolved. I did later pass one stone but it was tiny and gave me no pain. The rest were just reduced to sand.

The mega lemon regimen did not work for me and just made my stomach hurt but this solution has been a blessing. I did get some pleasure when my regular doctor admitted he was amazed and told me to "keep doing whatever you've been doing" :)

I don't know if you can post photos here on EC but if you can I'll go ask for a copy of my before and after scans.

Chanca Piedra
Posted by Art (California, US) on 08/28/2014 1856 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Three weeks ago a friend told me that he had kidney stones that were giving him morphine level pain and the doctor had told him that he had an 8mm kidney stone along with an assortment of smaller stones in his kidneys.

I gave him two bottles of Chanca Piedra and told him to take 6 capsules per day total at a rate of two capsules three times per day or 3 grams total per day.

From the first day he started taking the chanca piedra, his pain went away and he just called me to say that his urologist took xrays yesterday to decide how they would proceed with his treatment and told him he didn't have any stones and he was very lucky! The doctor asked him what he had done and when he started to tell the doctor about taking chanca piedra, the doctor just stopped him, looked at him like he was crazy and told him, 'whatever you did, just keep doing it'. The doctor also asked him if he passed brown urine (blood) or if it hurt much when they passed. He answered by saying that he had been screening his urine and nothing had shown on the screen and he never felt any of the stones pass and there had been no brown urine! The doctor said, 'I don't understand'.

Cost for this cure.......less than $20 for two bottles of chanca piedra including shipping! It worked just like everyone has said here on EC!


Replied by Kristen
(Uki Nsw)
1 out of 5 stars

I have a large amount of small kidney stones connected to the meat of the kidney. I have one 8mm stone and have just been told I have quite a few more even larger ones. They are only in my right kidney and none in the left kidney. I have tried stone breaker tea, and the lemon juice, honey and olive oil remedy in equal amounts and none of these remedies worked.

Replied by Mama To Many

I do not know of a reason to not use those two herbs together. I regularly mix several herbs together for the sake of ease in preparing and taking. You could try it and see what you think.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Teena
(Melbourne, Australia)
235 posts

Hello Dave just a thought, when I finally started drinking the correct amount of liquid for my body to be properly hydrated, 2.2 liters for my 65 kg frame, I was constantly urinating. When I added a decent pinch of unrefined salt to each liter as per the watercure, my body (and each cell) is able to utilise this water better, and it is retained much more with much less 'exiting'. Good choice with the chanca piedra, my canister of tea says 5 cups per day for Stone treatment, I am using only for prevention (One cup per day).

Replied by Katarina

Hello, I need to ask you something about Chanca Piedra because people from my country had never heard about it and on the Internet I found almost everything except one thing - is it safe to take 3g per day!? My mom has started a few days ago from a 500mg bottle and we are afraid of dosing more... Please answer to me, I would apreciate!

Chanca Piedra
Posted by Dave (Utah, US) on 07/28/2014

Chanca Piedra will disolve the kidney stone and it will pass PAIN FREE..After giving chanca piedra to more than 100 people with kidney stones, German physician, Wolfram Wiemann found that 94 percent of them eliminated their stones within two weeks.

Chanca Piedra
Posted by Fej (Texas) on 05/01/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I have had over 80 oxylate stones so far - culprits were lots of sweets and salts, and LOTS of soda. Now I eat VERY differently - mostly fruits, some vegs, some lean protein, some probiotic dairy, preferrably goat/sheep (closer to human milk than cow). I know every level of pain except screaming, and was perilously close to that once. I know the emergency room complex at my local hospital intimately. My remedy and preventative is Chanca Piedra. Works like absolute GANGBUSTERS. Literally pulverizes the stone. Turns it into gravel. My stones evidently grow like apples, and acv, etc. causes them to drop whole into my ureters and cause trouble. The operations I've had have caused weakness in my 'pipes'. I take a handful of drops of C.P. daily now, and take it with me on trips. Stone free now!

Chanca Piedra
Posted by Miles (Seattle, Washington, Usa) on 01/15/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Just passed my first stone. Hit with extreme pain just before thanksgiving. Doctor sent me for a CT-IVP scan to confirm stone. Found a 5 mm in ureter and gave me 50-70% chance to pass on its own. I was given Flowmax and vicoden. After several painful days, things seemed to be okay. However, I never found anything in my strainer or the toilet. A month later, I have a follow up CT and find that the stone is still there, just resting comfortabley in lower ureter.

Bummer! Urologist wants to go in there, laser it, and leave a painful stent behind. I was willing to do anything to avoid that.

Found this site, read about Chanca Piedra and decided to try it. Took the tea version (ordered from Amazon), twice/day (8 ounces or so at a time). I felt different and though not in much pain, could tell the stone was moving again. Four days later (and two weeks before my surgery), out came the stone! It was still 5mm and rather jagged, but at least is was out. I can't tell you how relieved you feel when you know you don't have to deal with it anymore.

I am convinced this stuff works. Give it a try (be careful as it can mess with your heart and heart rate) and save yourself an expensive and uncomfortable procedure.

Chanca Piedra
Posted by Elisa (Seville, Spain) on 09/26/2012

I went to a naturopath that commented that chanca piedra might destroy the dentin of teeth as it breaks down calcium in the body. I was wondering if maybe Bill would know if that is true.

Lots of love to all earth-cliniquers. Elisa

Replied by Ed2010
(Oakville, Canada)

Commercial colas do dissolve the calcium in the body. I am not sure whether chanca piedra dissolves the calcium, but it is famously called as Stone Breaker.

From my folk learning it is a liver strengthener, pancreas strengthener. Chanca Piedra is a herb, so use it for the purpose you want to be healed, you will be safe.

FYI, this is a very potent herb.

Replied by Roec
(Los Angeles)

There are different forms of calcium and Chanca Pedra effects the calcium-olalate. It does not effect calcium in bone, teeth and denton. If one is still concerned, dry herb cpasules are available.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Elisa... It is true that Chanca Piedra is a calcium channel blocker because it solublizes calcium in the body -- which is how it has gained its much-deserved reputation for ridding both gallstones and kidney stones from the body because gallstones and kidney stones contain calcium.

It is also generally true that western diets contain way too much calcium -- in the form of milk, ice cream, yoghurt, cheese etc, which can cause excess calcium problems in the body. Excess calcium in the body will also block the absoption of iodine in the thyroid gland and iodine absorption throughout the rest of the body and so this can significantly contribute to other symptoms and problems like hypothyroid, myalgia pain and loss of energy.

Chanca piedra is also well-known for its anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, lipid lowering, glucose-lowering, blood-pressure-lowering and mildly diuretic effects. CP also has strong hepatoprotective and kidney-protective effects as well. You can see all CP's other beneficial effects here:

I don't generally use Chanca piedra on a daily basis, but I do use it as a decoction on a monthly basis to help clear any excess calcium from the body and for its liver/kidney protective and reviving effects.

Also, in all the research that I've ever seen on Chanca Piedra, I have never seen any warnings stipulated about its calcium blocking effects in the body(as apart from drug contra-indications). There also seems to be no known overdose limit for Chanca piedra -- the natives in South America have been drinking it as a tonic tea for centuries.

Chanca Piedra
Posted by Jane (Dallas, Tx) on 09/01/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Chanca Piedra is the most effective remedy for kidney stones and ureter spasms that your money can buy! I have had serious problems with stones and spasms in the past, and now when I feel a stab in the back from a stone, or a tightening in the ureter areas, I take two droppers full, and like magic the pain and discomfort disappear. The taste is bearable -- kinda like prune juice -- and I carry a bottle in my purse at all times. Even today I had to use it, so here I am reordering and letting everyone know that this is a WONDERFUL product.

Replied by Omar
(Houston, Tx)

Please share which brand of Chanca Piedra you are using. I have 7mm calcium stone that moved and causing mild hydronephrosis. I am using "Rainforest liquid". So far stone is still there. No pain though. I have been using Chanca Piedra since 17 August. Started with just few drops and last one week full dose (10 drops) once or twice a day. Please reply or email me.

Replied by Jane
(Dallas, Tx)

I use Amazon Therapeutic Labs tincture. I would suggest doubling your dose and wait at least until you finish one bottle if not two before you make a judgement on whether it is working for you.

Chanca Piedra
Posted by C. Young (Summerville, SC) on 08/28/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I've had several bouts with kidney stones and went through all of the traditional therapies and treatments, including surgery. Nothing helped and I was left with an extremely large stone that was too large to pass. I did some research and discovered chanca piedra, so I ordered some. A couple months after starting a regime of taking 15 drops 2 X day, my monster stone started moving again. I dreaded the pain I knew would accompany this process and the medical bills we would be facing for treatment. To my surprise, after a few days of mild discomfort, I actually passed the stone that was "too large to pass!!" Moreover, it passed painlessly and my discomfort immediately ended. This stuff is great! I wish I had known about it years ago, as I could have saved a lot of money and avoided some horrific pain. It's the best medical investment I've ever made.

Replied by Terrell
(Akron, Oh)

I sent this stuff (Chanca Piedra) to my grandma who also had to have them surgically removed or special medication. She had a separate doctor she would visit quite regularly.

I sent her the herb in tea form, already sealed in a tea bag. She would drink a cup 2 times a day several times a week. Fast forward a year and a half. She gets a call from that doctor to find out what's going on as her once regular visits were now zero.

She said she was so well and things seemed so normal that she eventually forgot about the kidney stones. She then recalled why she started drinking the tea I sent her. I love grandma, she is at the age where she forgets things sometimes. She did not realize all that time that it actually worked.

In the beginning before I sent her the tea, she was complaining about how bad the pain was and that she was in the hospital because how bad the pain was. She was dreading that the pain was returning and foreseeing another hospital nightmare. I immediately thought of that tea, bought it online and sent it to her.

Chanca Piedra
Posted by Dawna (Albuquerque, New Mexico) on 05/04/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I recently had 2 5mm kidney stones confirmed by ct scan one in the ureter and one in the kidney. All the er doc could do was send me home with prescriptions for hydrocodone telling me it might take 2 or more weeks to pass. I was on the hydrocodone for 5 days until the stone had moved enough to give me some relief. Needless to say I was not a happy camper that I was just supposed to wait until the stone moved to the other locations by the pelvis and into the bladder when he told me I would just have to take the pain pills and wait it out.

So as I was researching and found out about chance piedra I went to a local health food store and bought a tincture. Took it 4 times the first day, a dropperfull in 8 ounces of water. I also drank apple juice and water throughout the day. In the pee strainer appeared small mounds of what looked like wet sugar. Most of it came out the first day and by the second day I believe all of it had come out. I put the sugar in another dish and when it dried it was a bright white color of what I believe was the pulverized calcium oxalate stone. (80% are) There was no pain and I am ecstatic. If this will help someone else avoid the awful pain of passing stones I am happy to pass it along.

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