Pain Remedies for Kidney Stones

| Modified on Jun 30, 2024
Our readers have shared their natural solutions for kidney stone pain. These can help to buy some time while waiting for natural remedies to take effect.

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Posted by Lori (Rhode Island) on 08/04/2017

I have been getting kidney stones for 25 years. I have one right now and have been taking stone breaker it works really well but it doesn't always keep the kidney and stomach pain for that long. So doing some research online I came across an article about watermelon and kidney stones so I went and bought a watermelon cut the whole thing up and just picked at it all day and I could not believe how it took the pain away all day. I ate a small watermelon in twenty four hours I peed all day . Going back to get another watermelon. I researched it more and found that you should juice the whole melon rind and all and that's suppose to work even better . I'm still taking stone breaker and drinking lemon water also kidney beans help too. I just thought I'd share hope this helps. Hope mine goes away because its sickening how much it cost to go get rid of a kidney stone at the hospital.

Pain Remedies
Posted by Jr3261 (Key Largo, Fl) on 01/29/2016

For kidney stones:

First, this is not a cure, it will reduce or eliminate the pain only.

Two drops of peppermint oil in 4/5 ounces of water, drink! Not pleasant, but tolerable. This works for gall bladder attacks as well. Even acute attacks. Don't know how to dissolve them, going to try lemon or lemonade.

Pain Remedies
Posted by Tony (Henderson, Nevada, USA) on 06/26/2009

For all people who have ended up in the hospital with their stones, and received regular pain killers such as vicoden when they go home....THEY DON'T WORK FOR THAT KIND OF PAIN!. Tordol is a NSAID which is similar to ibuprophen, and it is a smooth muscle relaxent. Your ureter is controlled by smooth muscle. The muscles relaxes, the pressure on the stone is released, and the pain goes away. Not only that but the stone can then move more easily. The first thing I get when I go to the ER is a shot of Tordol. Then I get something for the nausea. Anyway, this drug is available in pill form and in generic. You can't get a lot of it cause its hard on the stomach and can be hard on the kidneys if you have kidney disease, but it works better for me than any narcotic ever has. But you usually don't need more than a few days worth anyway. I worked 5 hours on my feet with a 3 x 4 x 5mm stone lodged in my left ureter. just 2 days ago, but thanks to my script and a doctor who listens to me, it was tolerable. And the little sucker popped out last night, big as can be. Biggest i've ever passed. So forget the worthless narcotics and ask for a script of something that actually works. And again it has a generic so it is pretty cheap. Anyway, good luck. and quit suffering with the pain.