Pain Remedies for Kidney Stones

Pain Remedies
Posted by Lori (Rhode Island) on 08/04/2017

I have been getting kidney stones for 25 years. I have one right now and have been taking stone breaker it works really well but it doesn't always keep the kidney and stomach pain for that long. So doing some research online I came across an article about watermelon and kidney stones so I went and bought a watermelon cut the whole thing up and just picked at it all day and I could not believe how it took the pain away all day. I ate a small watermelon in twenty four hours I peed all day . Going back to get another watermelon. I researched it more and found that you should juice the whole melon rind and all and that's suppose to work even better . I'm still taking stone breaker and drinking lemon water also kidney beans help too. I just thought I'd share hope this helps. Hope mine goes away because its sickening how much it cost to go get rid of a kidney stone at the hospital.