Castor Oil Packs for Kidney Stones

| Modified on Feb 15, 2024
Castor oil packs are wonderful to relieve pain from kidney stones and also promote their elimination, along with other remedies.

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Posted by Brooke (Montgomery, Tx, Usa) on 01/10/2011

For Kidney Stones - I would start immediately with Castor Oil packs right on top of the stone area. The Castor oil helps them break down into smaller pieces so that you can pass them easily. I would keep them on for 2-4 hours every night until they pass - even longer if you are not working!!

Castor Oil Packs
Posted by James (Westminster, Colorado Usa) on 09/26/2009

I started the olive oil/lemon juice on Tues. Started using caster oil pack with a heating pad over the lower abdomen last night. Also watermelon seed tea....2 cups worth. After an hour I was able to urinate freely. Today was terrible. Had the burning sensation in the penis and urge to urinate all day long. After I got home from work it was almost unbearable. I was convinced I was blocked up and may have to go to the hospital. I drank 2 cups of watermelon seed tea and put the oil pack on. About an hour later the burning in my penis became quite uncomfortable, became totally excruciating for about 5 seconds, then completely vanished. The stone is now in my bladder! What a relief! Be sure the caster oil is cold pressed and cold processed.

Replied by James
(Westminster, Colorado Usa)

Update.....there was no stone in my bladder. Screening my urine revealed the stone had been dissolved into a fine powder. I don't know if it was a combination of the 2 treatments, but if I had to choose only one, I would go with the caster oil/heating pad. I was able to urinate freely withing 45 minutes of the first oil pack treatment and the stone dissolved the next night 75 minutes into the oil pack treatment.

Replied by Tee
(New York, Usa)

Tee from NYC, but after having another kidney stone attack with the terrible pain I decided to search the net and came upon this great site followed the positive responses, polished off a small bottle of apple cider vinegar and also had a little olive oil with lemon juice and within hours the pain went down, urine flow was clear and normal, by the next day I was pain free. Thanks all, I'm now a convert to natural home remedies.