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Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies for Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Lemongrass Essential Oil
Posted by Kathy (Ontario) on 08/17/2014
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Hi, I started using lemongrass essential oil for my high blood pressure. I put a drop on my wrist and rub it on the other wrist and then I put a small bit of coconut oil on my heart area and one drop on lemongrass oil. The lemongrass oil may burn sensitive skin, but the coconut oil stops the burn. I have high blood pressure and I did this 1 hour before my Dr appt, my BP was 118/80. I am convinced that this is the reason my pressure was normal.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Dietary Changes
Posted by Maura (Easton, MD) on 08/10/2014

Cut down on as many carbs as possible. Cut out honey, grains (no bread), sugar, white flour. Try paleo diet. Do more exercise. See Chris Kresser or other paleo type blogs. Some folks can eat grass fed butter, dairy but I cannot. I do eat eggs (1-2 a day). ACV or lemon/lime plus baking soda should help. (ACV gives me a headache). Turmeric helps lower BP. See Mercola blog for lower BP.

Heart Medication Side Effects
Posted by Timh (KY) on 08/04/2014 2073 posts

@B: Very glad to help, and start w/ small pinches and go slow w/ the natural salt also. The multi & Kelp also have minerals.

Another item which might help tremendously is Bee Pollen. I was bed-ridden for over a yr once and Kelp & Bee Pollen very much helped me out of the bed and using a wheelchair and soon a walker. Bee Pollen is the most nutritious dense food on the planet. First timers must always start w/ only a few grains for a few days then up to a spoon daily and 1 spoon 2x daily.

Heart Medication Side Effects
Posted by Belinda (New York, Ny) on 08/03/2014

Thank you so much, TimH. I really appreciate your help and will tell my sister in law about the supplements and salt you suggest.

Heart Medication Side Effects
Posted by Timh (KY) on 08/03/2014 2073 posts

* ... just remembered that I forgot to add either Himalayan Pink Salt or Iodized Sea Salt to your grocery list. These are natural or non-processed salts that contain much needed minerals for the body.

Heart Medication Side Effects
Posted by Timh (KY) on 08/03/2014 2073 posts

@Belinda: About 3 yrs ago, I suddenly developed all the conditions you describe. All these diseases are a result of the western diet. That is, the body cannot properly digest, metabolize, and eliminate the foods & liquids presented it, resulting in the retention of fats & water.

To help the body perform these vital functions, begin taking, in small amounts, a daily women's multivitamin & mineral supplement w/ whole foods and enzymes. Get the most complete women's multi on the shelf at local health food store. Also, on the get list is Kelp, Coconut Oil, Apple Cider Veniger (ACV).

Read all labels for recommended dosage and start well below that dose as the need for pharmaceutical medication will begin to decline and will slowly reduce the mg's of meds. This process of increasing the nutrients and decreasing the meds could take a yr or more.

Heart Medication Side Effects
Posted by Belinda (New York, Ny) on 08/03/2014

Hello, my mother in law ( 80) was recently in the ER twice for low sodium issues. The 2nd time a nurse nearly killed her when they switched her heart pressure medication in the afternoon and then the nurse gave her a sleeping pill that night without checking with her daughter, who had just gone home. Her blood pressure dropped so low she ended up in the ICU for 5 days. She is now back at home, but extremely fatigued and experiencing dry mouth. Her meds are:

For High BP: Norvasc (new)
For High BP: Lisinopril (new)
For Thyroid: Lovastatin (taken this for years)
For High Cholesterol - Ledothyroxin (taken this for years)

Does anyone have any supplement recommendations to help with the medication side effects? Do you think the fatigue is related to her blood pressure dropping so low after the sleeping pill fiasco? She cannot go off the meds for various reasons, so supplements to replace the nutrients the meds are zapping her system is the current goal.

Many many thanks in advance to anyone who can advise.

Medication Warning
Posted by Alice (Nm, Usa) on 07/11/2014
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I can validate the warning about Metoprolol. I was on it 25mg 1xdaily for less than two months. I had multiple side effects also. Coughing, panic attacks, visual hallucinations, depression, crying spells, and more. Thought I was going crazy as well. This is a dangerous drug. Beware!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 06/24/2014

Hello Buffy,

Re the high blood pressure issue...

Even though you two are eating good food sources and largely vegetarian, even a vegetarian diet might not be getting enough natural (not synthetic) vitamin E.

So if me, to unclog marginal blockage I'd get on Natural E (d alpha tocopherol) for two months. Also I'd add on Magnesium and Potassium.

I'd start at 200 IUs per day for two weeks and increase to 400 and then in two more weeks increase to 600. Vitamin E will slick down blood platelets and veins and arteries so plaque will not build so readily and E is an oxygenator and natural blood thinner. So if on aspirin, I'd get off the aspirin after a few weeks on E.

If my blood pressure did not start coming down with those three then I'd start up on Arginine.

In none of these work I'd think that perhaps a fungal infection was at work. A Live Cell Microscopy would tell if fungus was in the blood stream beyond the norm...Fungus can give off a by product that forms a plaque and that plaque might be overcoming the Vitamin E and all the good vegetable consumption you are doing.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Buffy (Lowell, Ma) on 06/24/2014

My boyfriend has had high blood pressure for a long long time. Recently, his medication is making him light headed and have adverse effects. He works out daily (military man), we eat an almost vegetarian diet (Only meat is chicken, rarely), we always eat garlic, very healthy foods and spices, basically everything I've read on websites he has done and his lifestyle is as healthy as can be. This man hardly had any fat on him, and theres no major stressors in his life right now. Are there any other remedies someone can think of for him to try? It seems his meds aren't helping but are in fact making him feel worse and it's worrying me. I always tell him about holistic medicine and I want him to try something new. Thanks

Lugol's Iodine
Posted by Beth (Palmyra, Nj) on 06/23/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I began taking 2 drops daily of Lugol's iodine. Within 2 weeks my blood pressure dropped from 135/82 to normal ranges I.e. 120/72 and some days even lower. Also ingesting a tsp of diatemaceous earth but since I was inconsistent with the later, I must credit the iodine. PTL!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Nancy (Belle Rose, LA) on 05/17/2014

This is kinda long, but, three years ago I started the leptin diet. I have started using coconut oil (3 tbsp per day) as well as cooking, ACV at night with honey, 1 tbsp molasses per day. Before I started doing this I had just cleaned up my diet, my bp ran 100 or lower/60. Now that I have incorporated the above regimen, my blood pressure is running 136/73. What is up with this? I thought getting healthier was good for me.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Antwon (Saint Louis) on 05/13/2014

How good is this nitric oxide and how safe is it? From one of Ted's posts:


Drop of Olive Oil in the Navel
Posted by Faeqa ( Amman, Jordan) on 04/28/2014 66 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Hi: I want to share this experience with others who have high blood pressure:

Before two weeks I liked to try olive oil in the navel for constipation, I put one drop a day in the navel hole, after 3 days I suffered from dizziness, when I checked my blood pressure I found it 70/50 (my original blood pressure is 90-110) for that I stooped using it.

I told my sister about that, her blood pressure between 120- 140. After three days of using it her blood pressure dropped to 95/50. I hope this will be benefit for high blood pressure patients, and I hope that they will post there experience.

Alternative Treatment for HBP
Posted by Sigistardust (Vancouver B.c. Canada) on 04/02/2014

Hello Bill and others who offered me help in regards to b.p on this issue. I bought some lugol's iodine from Australia, just wonder does the product has to be refridged after opening the bottle? Something I didnt do! But I will take lugol again. Niacin seems to be also a healer, I once took niacin, but broke out in hives, which scared me I will try it again. Will start with a smaller doses, don't mind the flush, vit b-3

Again many many thank you all of you with sound advise.!!! I will let you know my progress after 2 weeks it should show some.

Warm regards, Sigistardust

Alternative Treatment for HBP
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 04/01/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Sigistardust...Coversyl contains a drug called perindopril whose main dangerous side-effect is to cause renal failure due to the combination of high drug acidity and high blood pressure which always tends to destroy the delicate filtration network in the kidneys. So you were very right to refuse this drug.

To help you with your BP problem:

* Take 500 mgs Niacin(Vitamin B3) twice a day at meals. To avoid the niacin flush effect, take an aspirin 20 mins before you take the niacin. Or you can take the slow release form of niacin -- inositol hexanicotinate, which will not give the flush. Do not use the niacinamide form of B3 as this has no beneficial effect on blood pressure. See this article by Abram Hoffer. See this article on how to take niacin.

* Also take a tablespoon of Brewer's Yeast once every day in a drink -- B Vitamins always work better when supplemented naturally as a group because all the B vits are dependent on each other and tend to work together in concert. Niacin particularly acts to change the blood. Blood which is too thick or which has too much clumping will be more viscous with increased BP and increased strain on the heart. Niacin safely thins the blood, lowering BP to normal levels thus removing the strain on the heart.

*Supplement a source of Iodine. I find Lugol's Iodine the best (I been taking 8 drops or 50 mgs 5% LI a day for the last 8 years). You can also use other iodine forms like Iodoral if you wish. Iodoral is simply Lugol's Iodine in a pill. I regard iodine as an essential mineral element that everyone lacks in their diets today and most people are low thyroid as a result. Iodine also helps to solublize fats and proteins(including cholesterol) in the blood for better utilization and removal by the liver. Coronary heart disease, high BP etc can be caused by blockages or build up of fat proteins (called lipoproteins) in the blood. So supplementing lugols iodine acts to normalize these lipoprotein to more healthier levels. See these guidelines on how to supplement lugol's iodine. Iodine also increases energy, kills a wide variety of pathogens, prevents menstrual problems by normalizing hormones, increases bone density, reduces cysts formation, removes mercury, lead, aluminium, cadmium, arsenic, fluorine and bromine from the body as well as being the main ammunition needed for the immune system to help fight pathogens in all the mucus sites of the body.

* Reduce all diary in the diet to reduce your calcium intake. Lipoproteins are normally bound to calcium which can cause constriction and blockages in the blood vessels. Take 250 mgs of Magnesium Citrate twice a day with meals to help regulate excess calcium in the blood which may be causing contributing to your problems.

* Take Vitamin C -- 1, 000 mgs three times a day.

* Nattokinase. This is a protease enzyme that digests fibrin or dead organic matter in the blood vessels that can cause blockages and high BP. I would first try all the nutrients shown above on their own for a while first. If that doesn't help then use the nattokinse (which is expensive).

And being a vegetarian I should also add Vitamin B12(not in Brewer's Yeast) and some form of extra sulfur to your diet -- -like MSM(Methyl-sulfonyl-methane), ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) or N-Acetyl-Cysteine. See research on essential sulfur for the body for more ideas. Vegetarians generally always lack adequate sulfur nutrients in there diets. Sulfur can also be found in small amounts in foods like eggs, garlic and onions.

Blood Sugar Connection
Posted by Kelly (Cambridge, Ma) on 04/01/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I have found that being more cognizant of my blood sugar has helped my blood pressure, when other natural methods didn't.

Blood sugar isn't something I've ever had to worry about, but during my endless research into natural alternatives to BP med's, I stumbled across some interesting information that prompted me to pay more attention to blood sugar when it comes to BP.

I see many here with BP issues write that they "eat well", no junk food, etc. However, there are foods that don't fall under the junk category that can wreak havoc with blood sugar and BP.

Whole wheat bread is a good example. Two slices of whole wheat bread (or whole wheat cereal) spike your blood sugar more than a Snickers bar. Who'da thunk it?! :)

Glycemic Index of whole wheat bread = 72. GI of a Snickers bar = 41!

After much trial and error with many natural methods to get my BP under control, what's worked best are the following:

-Keeping my blood sugar steady, (i.e. eating before I hit the "I'm starving! " mark and want to eat my own arm...haha :)

-100mg's of CoQ10 twice a day

-One capsule of Acetyl-L-Carnitine 800/Alpha Lipoic Acid 400 combo twice a day. I found the combo capsule for dirt-cheap via Spring Valley (Walmart's brand).

-Sipping potassium-rich water throughout the day. I alternate between coconut water, which is potassium-rich, and potassium broth, which is made from boiled potato peels.

-Before bed, I spray my legs and feet with magnesium chloride spray that I make myself from the quick-dissolve capsules and water.

If, as with me, other natural remedies have failed, give this one a try. So far, so good!

Alternative Treatment for HBP
Posted by Thehandyman1947 (Ohio, US ) on 03/31/2014

sigistardust, google DR.HANS A NIEPER the curious man, you can buy an online book for $3.03 that explains everything, and tells you exactly what to get to rectify most heart and blood pressure problems, you're right to not take their poison drugs, also try himalayan pink salt (www.saltworks.us) this salt will only raise B P 2 to 3 points. Luckyvitamines.com has the products from dr nieper, they are reasonably priced

Eggplant Water
Posted by Baldev (Maharashtra, India) on 04/01/2014 189 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Someone on this site had posted that her son in law brought his HBP under control by drinking Eggplant water, and it was tried by me and I confirm that it does work.

Now how to do it, peel the eggplant skin off and then make small pieces and put it in a glass jar fill it with water cover it with the lid and put the jar in the fridge, after 48 hrs you can start drinking this water at least twice a day say 200 ml each time. Each time you drink this water, you can put same amount of fresh water in the jar and finish it in three days. After that you can make the fresh batch. The capacity of the jug should be around one to one and a half liter. I suggest you try this and see if it helps, I am sure if it does not help then it is not going to harm you either.

Good luck.


Pulse Pressure Readings
Posted by Baldev (Maharashtra, India) on 03/31/2014 189 posts


This question is for Ted / Bill if they can throw some light on "Pulse pressure" and in case if it is high or low, how to correct it. Because normal pulse pressure should be 40. Thanks, Baldev

Alternative Treatment for HBP
Posted by Mvo (Jhb, Rsa) on 03/31/2014

Hi Sigistardust, are you drinking enough water? Check Youtube for "Your body's many cries for water" and "water cure" - hope it helps, good luck.

Alternative Treatment for HBP
Posted by Gertal (Al) on 03/31/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Start off by getting a blood pressure monitor at the drugstore. Take it yourself and keep a record of what it is. Then, practice 'calming' techniques--deep breathing, etc, and learn how to get it down that way. Make a list of everything you take and then check each item to see if it can raise your bp. the dgl licorice for my ulcer would raise mine, so even 'natural' things we take can make it go up. Besides that, do some research on this site and see what else you can do. If your bp is normal when you take it yourself, then you can show this to the dr and demonstrate that he causes it to go up.

Alternative Treatment for HBP
Posted by Mike62 (Denver) on 03/31/2014

Sigistardust: In the 21st century civilization is evil wicked masterminds coming across as enlightened knowledgeable wise men. We eat toxins that poison us. Meds make us worse. Thank God His goodies rescue us. Take activated barley, barley grass juice powder, raw cocoa powder, desiccated liver, aged garlic, skate liver oil, cayenne, expeller pressed coconut oil, black chia seeds, yucca liquid, and unrefined sea salt.

Alternative Treatment for HBP
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 03/31/2014

Sigistardust, read up on the water cure for high blood pressure. You actually DO need some salt, but the good kind.

Alternative Treatment for HBP
Posted by Sigistardust (Vancouver, Canada ) on 03/30/2014

I have high blood pressure ( 162 sometimes 45 it changes all the time) now Doctor wants me to take a chemical product called Coversyl. By reading the side effects I refused taken it. he told me that no alternative medicin can reduce high blood pressure, which I don't believe. I don't drink, nor eat meat, and check the salt intake, no cheese, I would like to know what causes my high blood pressure, one think I know when ever I am in his office, my blood pressure is high, he scolds me by not beeing co-operative, so I decide not to see him any more, it just doesn't work with each other, I am just not taking chemicals. Would appreciate hearing from you guys, because he does scare me each time I see him and that increases my blood pressure even more.

Thank you again, Sigistardust

Sea Salt
Posted by Bee (New York, US) on 03/29/2014

Hi Andrea and thanks .. I will do the COQ10 3x a day and get some hemp oil if I can find it..

Unfortunately I have uncontrolled bp and have tried ACV, taurine, olive Leaf, beets, magnesium, sea salt, etc.etc. I am noticing though that lemons might be working better...this is frustrating to say the least. by the way I am 59 Female and I do walk a few times a week but maybe not enough.. my diet is good and the woman in health food store told me to juice and go raw..

Sea Salt
Posted by Andrea C (Wales) on 03/29/2014
5 out of 5 stars

CQ10 150mg 3 times daily will work better than anything your dr can give you. You can take it with your BP meds if you're worried, it wo'nt interact with any meds. Also have plenty of omega 3 in your diet or buy Hemp oil or powder. But CQ10 will work at dose I have given you hun ok? Love Andrea C xxxxxxxxxx

Sea Salt
Posted by Bee (New York) on 03/28/2014

Hi, I am weaning off hbp (high blood pressure) medicine and was integrating a few things that were working but now my bp is spiking.. I only went down to 75mil. from 100 and going to go down to 50mil... I want to try the sea salt and water cure but not sure how long that takes or if that would work..

Medication Weaning
Posted by Shirley (Toronto) on 03/15/2014

Why not try another doctor for a checkup or find a doctor who is more amenable to natural health?

Eggplant Water
Posted by Peter (Illinois) on 02/17/2014

To Dave from S.C Foutain View S.C.

My wife is on dialysis 3 times per week and her blood pressure is around 200 without medication. She is in her mid 50 and waiting for transplant. How should I utilize above remedy and her medication at the same time ? What is your opinion on the remedy? She has to take HBlood medication twice a day to get under control. Can you suggest how should I incorporate this into her schedule? Thanks Dave in Advance.

I just try to cut down regular medication as much as possible. Do you accept private email?

Eggplant Water
Posted by Inannalives (Middletown De) on 02/13/2014

My son-in-laws blood pressure was never any lower than 190 over 110. After drinking one glass of eggplant water for about a week it went to 135 over 90. He has been drinking the water and sometimes taking the eggplant capsules. He learned of this remedy from a man while waiting in the doctor's office. After struggling with taking two bp meds he is totally blown away with this simple remedy.

Olive Leaf
Posted by Bee (New York) on 02/11/2014

Hello Me Again!!

I am using 2 tablespoons of ACV a day, 500 mgs. of Taurine but sometimes I take two at night before bed.. I also use olive Leaf and Magnesium and beet root powder.

I was told by a woman in health food store to use the ACV before meals for my digestive issues and then take 2 probiotics after meals.. Well I am feeling a lot better with that and now wondering was my digestive issues which could have been blocked or something the cause of the hbp... Of course I am on the pills and want to get off but am scared of trying it alone as they are beta blockers.. Only thing when I wake up morning my pulse and bp have come down a lot....stomach feeling like its being cleared but is this the ACV and the probiotics together??

So now wondering I can eliminate something or cut down on something and is it the Taurine helping so much or the other things.. yes I get so confused easily and not sure its my nerves or the digestive issues or fact I am almost 60 and having these issues...

thank you

Eggplant Water
Posted by Bamp (Toronto, Ontario) on 02/10/2014

This is in response to Inannalives from Middletown, De.

Can you let me know how high was his blood pressure before he began drinking the water and how quickly did he see results and what kind of results did he see? My husband has high blood pressure and we would like to check this out.

Olive Leaf
Posted by Kay (In The Valley) on 02/04/2014

Thank you Mike62 from Denver, I appreciate you're getting back to me, I'm going to try it.

Olive Leaf
Posted by Mike62 (Denver) on 02/01/2014

Kay: They are in all grocery stores. They come in 1lb tubs and an open section where you can put some in a bag. They are called baby herbs and baby spring mix. I buy the 1/2 baby leaves and 1/2 baby spinach, organic. They are the Frank Sinatra of food, the best of the best. They made an exhausted old buck like me feel like an exuberant young fawn. They have growth factors, steroids, and hormones not in any other food. They cured the arthritis and chronic fatigue that I suffered from for over a decade in just 3 days.

Olive Leaf
Posted by Om (Hope Bc Canada) on 02/01/2014

Hi, Bee --- but you are on the right track! Forget about aging and enjoy every moment. Listen to your body and learn what is going on. My ideal is intuitive healing. Just think of the many wonderful doctors in the past who did not rely on tests but on their experience and expertise. Today it is mainly a mechanistic approach that makes accessibility not possible for many.

I definitely touched only on the allopathic system which has driven good healers underground, closed the many schools of natural medicine and is forcing people to pay dues to big pharma alone. Good men who have cured large numbers of sick people are in jail or had to leave the country.

Ultimately it should be everyone's right to choose a healing system so desired. Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, while thousands of years old -- these are under pressure. This should never be. Might is not necessarily right. Namaste, Om

Olive Leaf
Posted by Kay (In The Valley) on 02/01/2014

Mike62 from Denver, can you tell us what is meant by 'organic baby leaves'? What type of leaves are these, is this a supplement, or do you grow plants and eat the budding leaves? I'm curious about this. Thanks, Kay

Olive Leaf
Posted by Bee (New York) on 02/01/2014

Mike 62from Denver

Ha ha not sure what you mean about my writing but thank you for the compliment I think? LOL

Anyway; which post are you referring too?

I feel like I am writing so much but I get so much great info on here and I love EC and the recommendations.

Thank you all and EC

Now in regards to those hpb pills its so challenging to cut them and now I am afraid it wont work well... OY VEI

Olive Leaf
Posted by Bee (New York) on 01/31/2014

Okay so you are saying all doctors are the same? Holistic and conventional and naturopaths.. they all want to just give us drugs? I don't understand some of your post.

So are you also saying never to see a doctor .. I would have loved that and I hadn't been to a doctor in like five years until two years ago when I had some horrible symptoms of shortness of breath, severe fatigue and a lot of coughing so I had to finally break down and see a doctor because I had no idea what was wrong. At that time I couldn't diagnose myself. So off I went to the clinic due to NO insurance.. They diagnosed me with hbp so of course I went on some medication and was monitored for a whole year.. Now what I didn't know at the time was that the meds were not working so well but I didn't piece it together so I lost a lot of weight and I changed and revamped my diet to more healthy and lifestyle more healthy..my bp went down but heck I am almost 59 so attributed this to age and stress .. At that time I had a lot of stress..After awhile I started reading more about health and wellness and I went on a quest to feel better and get well.. Only thing I didn't still connect the dots to the meds not working so well and I was stupid in still believing that they would. I was then put on the beta blockers for anxiety and all and I had no idea what they were. Like I said before the doctors scared me into them .. Fast forward to this year and started taking other things to lower the bp that worked way better than the meds in which I wish I had figured out way back but okay I didn't.. Plus I am learning how to control the anxiety and all.

Now I am thinking though it might be time for lab work or something just to see what is going on but believe me if I didn't have to see any doctor it would be fine with me.. I just at times would like to see what is going on I guess because of the aging process..but I dont know. do I really need to ??

I basically dont even go in for routine screenings and always refuse them..but I do try and keep a vegetarian diet and keep my body as alkaline as possible and knowing exercise and diet are a good way for wellness and taking certain amino acids and vitamins and minerals..

I have no idea what else to do except for what I am doing. Now to just get off these bp meds..

Olive Leaf
Posted by Mike62 (Denver) on 01/31/2014

Bee: I always enjoy reading you because of the absolutely amazing way you put thoughts together. I was poisoned by toxic fumes and wish I could do that as well as you do. You remind me of me a while back. For 5 years I took isolated supplements and herbal remedies. I wasn't sick anymore but continued to suffer from fatigue. Everything was a struggle. After watching some raw food videos I went on a 90% raw organic vegan and 10% raw grass fed animal products program, except when my dear beloved brother gives me the best tasting food in the whole world for my birthday, smoked wild caught Alaskan salmon. I felt better but not great. I did not have the enthusiasm and spontaneity of a 6 year old or the hormones of a 16 year old. Then I discovered something that was way better than everything else put together including the best super foods. Organic baby leaves have growth factors, steroids, and hormones not in anything else. Today I walked 30 minutes, rested for 30 minutes, 8 times. My body buzzed like a bee the whole time. I take 8oz daily in green smoothies because the nutrients are locked up in the cellulose. I hope this info assists you in feeling great all the time.

Olive Leaf
Posted by Om (Hope Bc Canada) on 01/31/2014

Dear Bee:

I have thought long about your post here on EC. There are no integrative doctors - they are allopathic doctors trained by Big Pharma to sell their wares. Some doctors hear their voice of conscience and try to help patients according to their inner promptings. However, if found out in not prescribing a max of meds, they will receive a warning. So many are working while silencing their conscience as it would mean a negation of all that had been washed into their brains, which they did not question boot.

Allopathy teaches about sickness and not WELLNESS

Allopathy treats your eye, foot, stomach; NOT THE WHOLE PERSON

Allopathy admits of a mind and seeks to alter it

Allopathy seeks to dominate a mind with chemicals but


You and I as a human being have the gift of intuition. You live in this body and you alone can take responsibility for your health.

A doctor is a stranger. In a few minutes he can cause a lot of damage to your health by allowing so many minutes and then "next one please".

He has in mind how his earnings will be and many doctors vie among themselves who makes the most. They are obsessed with their salaries.

Much more could be said, but the choice is up to you. You have as a faculty discrimination and awareness which can be sharpened by practice and experimentation.

The main point is that chemicals and plant colloidal chemicals are a world apart. For one thing, they do not work well together and cause more damage creating a chaotic picture. And when money is the main object and not the well being of man, BEWARE. Love, Om

Olive Leaf
Posted by Prioris (Fl, Usa) on 01/31/2014

It's a nobrainer about what you need to do. You can continue to take it and increase your chances of dying by 25% or you can gradually stop over a couple weeks and decrease your chances of dying by over 25%.


it's clear how you get off beta blockers. you can save $300 and do it yourself or pay $300 and have someone tell you the same thing.


start taking the nattokinase then add K2 after you are off beta blockers

Olive Leaf
Posted by Bee (Ny) on 01/31/2014

Yes P, I am hoping some doctor especially an integrative one can tell me what to take that is right for me. so far I am experimenting on my own and doing good but once in awhile I would like to make sure I am doing right thing.

Maybe this doctor can tell me if I need beta blockers or can wean off or integrate whatever. In the beginning of this journey the meds alone weren't even working that well and I stupidly believed that they could.. Well after some time I added natural things and they seem to be working together now.. Too bad I found out too late and hoping I didn't damage anything.. but that is me for believing doctors and being stupid.. I usually am up with these things but those docs scared me a lot and kept blaming me that their stupid medicine didn't work.. I did take matters into my own hands and the complimentary doctors wont even budge in helping me but again this is a clinic with sub par care ..

So I would love to hear what an integrative doctor says.

Olive Leaf
Posted by Bee (New York) on 01/30/2014

Thanks for the replies .. will try and answer one by one..

well I do live in NY and doctors around here are very pricey and one either pays out of pocket these high costs just to get information or goes to a clinic where the care is okay but I feel it is sub par..

Now I do the best I can with my health and yes I read all I can on EC but sometimes I need validation if I am doing the right thing.. So just figuring should I just go once and get my whole health thing in check and make sure I am using and taking the right things..? I mean if that doesn't work I can always go somewhere else and back to the clinic.

You guys are right in that main stream medicine does not believe in much. I told the doctor at the clinic that I was taking ACV, taurine and some other things and they look at me with three heads and say well we are not under regulation there so we cant offer anything and blah blah blah..take this medicine and go away..

I would love to find a middle of the road doc who believes in both but again its probably very pricey.. where I live the deal is rich or poor.. cant move right now so I have to find some balance.. Right now my balance is integrating alternative with the other but I do that on my own and have given no advice from anyone.. just reading and experimenting here on EC..and experimenting with my own self.. I just don't know if it is the right fit for me .. I make it up as I go...

Being an aging woman at almost 60 thinking let me get this right for a change and thinking I need help just once or twice..and then I can move on on my own or go to a doctor who doesn't cost so much...

Thank you for the info..

Olive Leaf
Posted by Mt (Ottawa, Ontario) on 01/29/2014

Please read about mistletoe tea -it will fix blood pressure issues and will bring hormonal balance.

Eggplant Water
Posted by Inannalives (Middletown, De) on 01/29/2014

Rebel......He cuts the skin off of the eggplant, throws it away, and places the eggplant in a gallon pitcher and then pours the distilled water into the pitcher. On the dosage I was off, he drinks 4 to 6 ozs morning and night. If you email me at universal.spirits @ hotmail.com I will give you his information so you can contact him directly.

Olive Leaf
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile Tn.) on 01/29/2014

HI U BEE, , , , , , , , , , , , What you need to understand is that you are directed by BIG PHARMA AND THE AMA to go to Allopathic doctors. To force you to do that , no insurance company will pay a Naturopathic. This is left to you. I will not express what is now going through my mind least my EC boss will chastise me. It's a womb to the tomb thing. Just glad I's going out at 92 and will not have to endure the coming Alinsky mind set.

=========OLE ROBERT HENRY=============

Olive Leaf
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, Usa) on 01/29/2014

Dear Bee,

Well, here are my two cents worth of rambling...we have been blessed to have some doctors over the years who do indeed care and are not all about $. When we lived in KY there was a family doctor in town that only charged $40 for a visit and didn't even charge that if you couldn't pay. He was puzzled by the symptoms one of my children had a number of years ago (on and off fever for a long time and swollen lymph nodes.) He called me on his day off to ask if we had cats. Turns out my son had cat scratch fever. (And I thought it was just a song! ) He really cared. He didn't know anything about natural medicine, but he was helpful to us in diagnosing things at times. Sadly, we have had more dealings with doctors who really didn't care or were not open to alternative treatments. Once I saw a doctor and the first things she said was "You are not on any prescription medication! " She promptly wrote me two prescriptions for I don't recall what as I threw them away.

So, I don't know if you should go to this person. It troubles me that medical help is so expensive. I have more positive results in improving the health of my family through implementing what I have learned on Earth Clinic and herb books than through the medical field. Though, I have needed medical services at times and have been grateful for that, especially when I have had good doctors and nurses. But when medical help is so expensive, and $300 for an office visit seems absurd to me, I worry that $ is the driving force in the practice and not that of helping people feel better.

My husband was having heart palpitations years ago and went to a heart doctor who put him on beta blockers. It was a low dose and he felt terrible on that. He went off them cold turkey (he hadn't been on them long and we didn't know any better.) He figured out that caffeine was the cause of the palpitations, so he went off that, too.

One option you have is to continue to read and study and try different things for your health. You have already found that diet and exercise and stress affect you...that is great knowledge.

Please keep us posted on what you try and how you are doing. We are all learning together here. I will pray that you have wisdom in your decisions!

~Mama to Many~

Olive Leaf
Posted by Prioris (Fl, Usa) on 01/29/2014

Is this about getting off beta blockers?

Olive Leaf
Posted by Bee (New York) on 01/28/2014

I made an appt. with a integrative doctor a few months ago and she didn't have an apt. until feb.. Well that is next month and not sure I should cancel. The initial first fee is 300.00 without lab work.. Now I go to a clinic and its very poor care but better than nothing.. I have no insurance and just thinking maybe she can tell me what to do or take and set me on right path and then be done with doctors only I am an aging 59 year old woman and who knows?? I know you cant put a price on health but is this crazy??

Plus do any doctors really care about patients?? Any advice??

Eggplant Water
Posted by Rebel (Somewhere Usa) on 01/26/2014

How does he do this exactly... you say he skin s and eggplant. So does the skin go in the water or does the eggplant go in the water after being skinned? And two to four oz daily, how long will it stay good for? At 4 oz a day it would take 36 days to drink a gallon. I am very interested to know how this is done.

Thank You, Rebel

Eggplant Water
Posted by Inannalives (Middletown De) on 01/24/2014
5 out of 5 stars

My son in law has been successfully keeping his "uncontrollable" blood pressure in normal range by drinking 2-4 ozs of Eggplant Water daily. He was taking 2 different blood pressure meds and got sick of the side effects. Every week he skins an eggplant and puts it in a gallon container and fills it up with distilled water. He keeps it in the fridge for 2 days before he starts to drink it. There are times when he has added a little more water when he has taken a couple of doses. He keeps it in the fridge at all times. Before it is finished he starts a new one so he will never run out. He is so happy and he looks so much better. He has been doing this for almost a year. His success has made him a believer in the healing power of God's Pharmacy. I hope this post can bring health and happiness to someone else.

Medication Weaning
Posted by Prioris (Fl, Usa) on 01/23/2014

This is what is said about stopping beta blockers:


Never stop taking a beta-blocker without speaking to your doctor first, even if you feel that it is not working. Sudden withdrawal can worsen angina and cause heart attacks.


You already talked with your doctor. Quiting beta blockers is pretty straight forward - take nattokinase. It protects against angina and heart attacks. You could opt for lumbrokinase.

Medication Weaning
Posted by Bee (New York) on 01/23/2014

Hi, Pill Crusher ? Wow that could get messy and be in so many pieces and all. Would that work anymore? I do have a small pill cutter. Thank You

Medication Weaning
Posted by Bee (New York) on 01/23/2014

I do use spirulina and lecithin and I take Vit.D, E and use fish oil and beet root powder and ACV and magnesium and Olive Leaf and eat organic fruits and veggies and have a very clean diet... I walk when its warm and dance but have slacked off a bit.. drink a lot of water and do acupressure and do not eat processed foods or fast food...I also drink lemons in water a few times a week ..I also eat chia seeds and use cayenne pepper and cinnamon.. and turmeric and I take probiotics.. sometimes I use zinc . Oh; and I take astragulus root and motherwort....I also drink a lot of organic herbal teas such as dandelion root and Holy basil and some calming teas.

Yes I add and subtract and experiment the best I can.

I am going to see an integrative doctor which is going to cost 300.00 but maybe she can tell me exactly what I need or am missing. It gets rather frustrating not knowing what is best.. some things I just cant figure out myself..thinking since I am 59 and female I might need bioidentical hormones..and of course doctors online recommend omega fatty acids but I eat fish.. I mean how much can we take?? Thank You

Medication Weaning
Posted by Kelly (Cambridge, Ma) on 01/23/2014

Hi Bee - You could pick up a pill crusher, which would reduce the pill to powder form and you could divide it from there. I checked Amazon and they are very inexpensive - around $6.

Medication Weaning
Posted by Bee (New York) on 01/22/2014

Thank you and that sounds good but my diet and lifestyle are really good and I add and subtract as I go..adding natural things and good organic food and veggies and water and such.. I don't eat meat and don't like it..so I take Taurine..

Now when you say cut this or that for me it's challenging because the pills are very very small and I can basically cut in half and that is it.. If I cut in thirds it will just crumble and nothing will be left.. so that is my main dilemma..

Medication Weaning
Posted by Mike62 (Denver) on 01/22/2014

Bee and Kelly: When I was sick the diseases got into my nervous system that was already shot from being poisoned by toxic fumes and made me scared and schizophrenic. I was nervous and had stormy chaotic thoughts. Fortunately for me I did not go to the Doc because I couldn't wait for a long time at the free clinic so I wasn't on any meds. The first thing you can do is set the goal of functioning at peak performance and eventually getting off the meds cause they are toxins that poison. Just suffering while surviving is not much fun. The next thing you can do is experiment. Take 1 new thing at a very low dose and cut back a very small percentage of the meds. Evaluate the way this makes you feel and make adjustments. The products I would recommend would be sunflower lecithin, black chia, organic apples, raw cocoa powder, Hawaiian spirulina, desiccated liver, colostrum, non denatured whey isolate, expeller pressed coconut oil, raw wildflower honey, organic whole sugars, green smoothies from organic baby leaves, skate liver oil, and 90, 000hu cayenne. If you have not been supplementing with d3 then scroll down to my earlier post vitamin b-1 for proper d3 loading.

Medication Weaning
Posted by Bee (New York) on 01/22/2014

Hi Kelly,

well I think it takes much longer than a week to stabilize your meds if you just started to try alternatives.. Anyway; did you read that there is an interaction between beta blockers and Hawthorne and that is one reason I didn't try the Hawthorne.. some meds interact with natural so that is why I tried the magnesium oil, beet root powder, olive leaf and ACV.. when I am at home I take one tablespoon 3x day of ACV in water.. spread it out throughout the day.. The olive leaf I take one tablespoon two or three times a day.. I do 1 tablespoon of beet root powder a day...My high bp is def. nerves and stress and that is a challenge for me.. oh; I also take two 500 mgs. of Taurine a night before bed. It sounds like a lot but I am trying to see what works the best for me and then do process of elimination or add. All I know is that the meds alone were not working and I found out too late and concerned now.. I did lose a lot of weight and change diet and drink more water and revamped my life and that worked well also but I did gain back 15lbs. of the 35 I lost and right away the bp shot up.. amazing right?? so with diet and exercise and getting rid of stress it would work for a lot of people.. Like the other poster said each of us is different and have to find our way....

What also works is acupressure..

When I go out I put a few tablespoons of ACV in water and just drink it throughout the day...

Medication Weaning
Posted by Bee (New York) on 01/22/2014

Prioris, Well thank you but I have read some people wean off this and they say has to be slow but I have no idea.. I would love to skip a night.. I am 59 and female and had four drugs before this one.. this one doesn't work all that well either so why bother when natural things work so much better.

Anyway; yes I would love to see what is best. right now I am taking 50mgs. in morning and 50 at night but it was all a mistake .. Long story because at that time I had extreme high bp and stress and now its sooooooo much better.. plus I don't take the time release one.. They are really hard to cut also but there is a line in them to cut in half. I think doctors would keep people on drugs forever. heck the doctor I saw who was only 47 told me she has been on calcium channel blockers for 20 years. I was like what??? I was shocked...

Medication Weaning
Posted by Tony (Tn, Usa) on 01/22/2014

Hello Kelly from Ma:

I too suffer from hypertension. Have been for over 2 years now. Been on prescription BP medicine for about 5 months now. I put it off for over 1 1/2 year. I was taking two 10 mg propanalol tabs per day to start. I have been able to cut that back to one 10 mg pill per day.

Let me tell you how I've been able to do that. The recommended supplements I would suggest are both niacin & magnesium. Also, possibly taking medicinal mushrooms. I take all 3 of these now. My BP is doing fine now & soon I should be able to completely go off the propanalol.

Let me say this isn't a quick fix by no means. That's the way natural supplementation works though. Your BP medicine is only covering up what's really wrong. I had renal failure myself back in April of 2012. I was put on BP back then but didn't want to take it so I put it off. We have to get our BP under control no matter what. It's dangerous to not get it under control. However, BP meds like all meds just cover up/delay the inevitable. They also have side effects like most meds.

One other thing you could try is Olive Leaf Extract. I take it on a rotation schedule of herbs for my candida condition. It also helps to lower BP. Don't take them all 4 at the same though. Try the niacin and magnesium first. I would suggest a dose of 1, 000 mg niacin daily in split doses & 250-500 mg magnesium. Take these for at least a month or 2. Check your BP every other day or so to keep an eye on it.

You will see a reduction in BP but not a fast fix. If the niacin and magnesium doesn't work try the Olive Leaf Extract and medicinal mushrooms combo. The medicinal mushrooms are strong immune boosters as well. Only look for buying medicinal mushrooms that are hot water extracted though. Don't buy any other type! A couple of brands are Paradise Herbs & Mushroom Science. These are really the only 2 companies that produced true hot water extracted mushrooms.

The Olive Leaf dose is different for each person. If the olive leaf dose contains 30 mg Oleuropein(check back label) take 4-6 capsules daily with food in split doses.

Keep us posted on your status. Also, feel free to ask more questions if needed. God Bless & hope your BP gets under control with one of these methods!

Medication Weaning
Posted by Prioris (Fl) on 01/22/2014

One review published last year in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology even concluded that “there is a paucity of data or absence of evidence to support use of beta-blockers as … first-line agents [for high blood pressure].”


Read the comment posts at the bottom of Dr.mercola's article. it seems not many people have problems stopping them.

P.S. in my last post I misunderstood your post

Medication Weaning
Posted by Prioris (Fl) on 01/22/2014

When a supplement is recommended, it doesn't mean that one takes it every day for the rest of your life. You have to find that maintenance dose which may mean you skip one or more days. There may be the initial phase where you are cleaning up your system that you may want to take it every day. Some people may require it every single day. It depends upon the state of your health, age and other factors.

You have to experiment on dosage so you can go half or whatever you want. Your body and it's requirements may vary from day to day, week to week, month to month. You ultimately have to find that on your own. Instead of breaking it in half, maybe just skip a day. Also I'd give the K2 a couple months of cleaning and see if that brings down your blood pressure. I wouldn't get too obsessive about measuring your blood pressure every day since some things take time to work. Maybe measure it over a week every couple month.

Medication Weaning
Posted by Kelly (Cambridge, Ma) on 01/22/2014

I would like to second Bee's interest in this topic as I am in a similar quandary. I have read much about Hawthorn for lowering BP and would love to try it, but (as with Bee), my doctor cautions against it and therefore won't help me transition.

I have tried other methods - ACV w/ the mother, celery seed, cayenne, etc. with only minimal success.

I currently take 25mg of extended release Metoprolol and would love to get off of it altogether, but don't want to do myself more harm than good. I have already tried taking a half-dose for a week, hoping that if I could manage on 12.5mg's, that the leap to Hawthorn would be a smaller one, but my BP was all over the place that week, which, along with my MD's scare tactics, did in fact, scare me.

All insight will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

Medication Weaning
Posted by Bee (New York) on 01/22/2014

Ever since the doctor put me on beta blocker since they scared me into it and I had no idea that there were natural things I could have taken. I searched for things for myself since the medication wasn't even working that well.. I stupidly waited for the meds to work better but they didnt So I started using Olive Leaf, ACV and beet root and Taurine and magnesium. My bp and heart rate is much lower and I so want to cut these tabs in half but I am afraid ... The doctors won't help as we all know as I have asked last visit..I can't seem to cut them in quarters. pills are way too small.

Should I or can I just cut these tabs in half for a few weeks? I check my bp everyday and all throughout the day and even drinking water brings it down.....so I know how to control it myself....and yes I know the deal surrounding beta blockers, so please only positive comments will be helpful as I am dealing with enough stress right now.... Thank You

Calcium Carbonate
Posted by Timh (Ky, Usa) on 01/22/2014 2073 posts

Azchuck: This seems like an Acidosis issue; which is also a mineral deficiency issue. I would recommend a Mineral supplement like Cal/Mag/Potassium taken as directed. If you are using traditional processed salt (sodium chloride) drop it and begin using Iodized Sea Salt and or Himalayan Pink Salt as both of these real salts also have many other major and trace minerals which are lacking in the diet.

Calcium Carbonate
Posted by Azchuck (Medford, Or) on 01/21/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I've noticed that chewing and swallowing two to four generic Tums (calcium carbonate) results in an almost immediate drop of about 20 to 25 points in my blood pressure. Does this indicate inflammed stomach linings and what diet change would be most effective? Many thanks.

Olive Leaf
Posted by Bee (New York) on 01/20/2014

Hi, thank you for the feedback.. yes I use sea salt here and there. I really don't like salt all that much but I do eat foods with it.. I also realize salt doesn't hurt us in moderation.

Well my bp has been pretty stable for awhile so not sure I need anything else for now besides what I have been using...but I will look into K and the other things you mentioned. One reason I want to see a integrative doctor.. maybe they can tell me exactly what I need cause I just do it by trial and error and experiment.. About two months ago I started using ACV, . Lecithin, Taurine, Magnesium and beet root powder and olvie leaf...once in while I use motherwort .. All of these things are working for the bp..

Thank You and thank you EC..

Olive Leaf
Posted by Jenny (Il) on 01/19/2014

Also, I read when you age you loose silica in your body and that can harden arteries around the heart. I hace been taking diatomaceous earth, this stuff has been helping with my anxiety and high blood pressure. Do some research. I like it.

Olive Leaf
Posted by Prioris (Fl) on 01/18/2014

I think arginine has been reported to reduce the thickness of arteries but I don't know what that means. K2 has the strong evidence behind it.

A big myth is that salt causes heart disease. Like cholesterol, it was another lie. The scientific studies have shown that the amount of salt consumption has no bearing on whether people get heart disease.

Salt is healthy. I use Kosher Salt because it blends in with food better. Sea Salt is suppose to be one of the healthy salts. I hear a lot of good things about Himalayan salt and it may be better. So don't deny yourself salt. It actually helps you stay healthy.

The reason why your blood pressure goes up with more salt is because it expands the water in your blood. This is not a good reason to give up your salt. Salt is healthy for you. Many health conditions improve with salt especially the sea salt.

Vitamin K2 is proven to reverse calcified artery damage. It also helps take the calcium that would end up in your arteries and put it into your bones hence increases bone density. some anecdotal posts I have read report drastic reduction in people's artery calcium in only a couple months. Nice thing about this is that it says that once you give the arteries a good cleaning then you probably don't have to take it every day so can find a maintenance dose.

So vitamin K2 essentially keeps calcium out of your arteries and into you bones. Vitamin D (i use D3 kind) works in tandem with K2. Don't deny yourself salt.

Olive Leaf
Posted by Tori (Mira Loma, California, U.S.A.) on 01/17/2014

My husband was about to go on 3 high blood pressure pills for his high blood pressure when he discovered Himalayan salt! Himalayan salt is a great mineral and it's actually is good for us. My husband said he uses all he wants on his food and his blood pressure is perfect.

123/72 was his last blood pressure reading and he got off all blood pressure medication! My blood pressure is good as well 117/72 only I still use one blood pressure pill. I am going to ask my doctor if I can get off the pill. We buy it on Ebay or you can buy it at a health food store. The man at the health food store told us that regular store salt (white) is like poison! But I don't know if that is true or not?

Olive Leaf
Posted by Mike62 (Denver) on 01/17/2014

Bee: To function at peak performance you can take a complete raw whole food program that involves organic produce, grass fed animal products, super foods, home brewed water kefir, fermenting adaptogens, mushroom extracts, earthing, and spring water. The cost would be $12 to $15 per day.

Olive Leaf
Posted by Bee (New York) on 01/17/2014

Yes I agree and I do take Vit.D.... I will def. look into K but is L Ariginine the same thing? I get my best advice from an 85 year old working woman at the health food store.

Anyway; Yes I do understand about the conventional doctors and how they are regulated and I am doing alternatives things and will continue..

One natural or integrative doctor I called wants 300.00 for a first visit and then not sure what after that.. it could be worth it if I just say I want off these pills and do it safely and the right way and if she will help me get off the meds. If not I wont return.. she also can offer natural things I am assuming and help me in figuring out what a 59 year old woman should take as natural supplements. Thank You and yes I am helping myself and finding things on my own.

Olive Leaf
Posted by Prioris (Fl) on 01/17/2014

In regards to "No regular doctor cares or will help". Exactly. this is what motivates a lot of people to become DIY-ers (Do It Yourself-ers).

If you can find and afford alternative health doctor then you have some luxury. Many can't so they have to take personal responsibility and just research the problem themselves. Doctors themselves are heavily regulated and compromised so that could prevent them from giving you the best advice.

The problem with blood pressure measurements is that they are not reliable. As far as stress, it is normal for arteries to constrict during stress so I wouldn't worry about that problem. If it were a real problem, you would have been dead a long time ago.

If you combine hard arteries and stress then it would be a problem so remove or prevent the hard arteries. Supple arteries help withstand stress more.

The core issue with blood pressure is with aging people who have hardening of the arteries. If you got normal blood pressure but hard arteries you still got a problem. Curing or preventing hard arteries will address the underlying problem. If you don't get enough sunlight, you may want to think about adding some vitamin D with the K2.

One way or another - hopefully you get off the prescription medications. Once your off, try to stay off by finding alternatives,

Olive Leaf
Posted by Prioris (Fl) on 01/17/2014

Also K2 comes in two forms - MK7 which comes from natto and MK4 which is synthetic and comes from animal tissue. MK7 is the preferred form. Take it with meals and in first meal of day. A few people say they have experienced insomnia from MK7. Maybe it builds up in the body but just something to be aware of.

Olive Leaf
Posted by Bee (New York) on 01/17/2014

Hi, well I have found K2 with nattokinase from a company I already get products from. It just says do not take with blood thinners. I am not on those .. Anyway.. I believe I also have gallbladder issues so using lemons and ACV and probiotics and lecithin.. I have to say when I wake in morning and take the ACV my blood pressure readings are good.. That is before medication.. So I am thinking the ACV is cutting the fat and stuff in my body and working on clearing the arteries along with lemons. could that be true? maybe the lecithin is doing that also...

I would love to get off these meds that don't work but now I am afraid to wean off myself so lets see if an alternative doctor can help me figure out what I should do. its pricey but what else can I do?

thank You for your time and responses.. so appreciated.

Oh; and thank you EC...

Olive Leaf
Posted by Prioris (Fl) on 01/17/2014

Let me correct what I said previously. Most Nattokinase brands remove K2 but some include it. One brand that included it was named "Natural Vitamin K2 with Nattokinase."

A better route to go for arterial calcification problem would be to add something like the Life Extension brand - Super K ...

Their rationale for removing K2 is so it won't interact with prescription medications. Some brands will actually tout that they remove it while other brands remain silent. There is a lack of consistent labeling.

Olive Leaf
Posted by Bee (New York) on 01/16/2014

Well at first I thought it was my age and that I was overweight at the time with a bad diet and under extreme stress at the time.. So of course the doctor put me on meds.. But then I lost 35 lbs. which I have gained back half .. Now when I lost the weight, changed my diet and cut back on bad foods and salt and started walking everyday my bp came down.. Oh; and I was handling my stress much better.. Only thing as soon as I gained the weight my top number went up to 140 .. but then since the meds were not working I decided to try natural things such as Taurine.. I am a vegetarian so I am missing amino acids. what could It hurt? the man in healthfood store gave me magnesium, taurine, beet root and olive leaf. So I figured what could it hurt.. So after taking these things bp is stabilized.. doctors say bp is complicated but for me I believe its stress and since I am 59 could be age.. and yes rusty arteries.. So now I am trying to figure it all out and get to the root of it but how does one find out? No regular doctor cares or will help so I am going to an alternative doctor and see if she can see what kinds of things I should be on.

Olive Leaf
Posted by Prioris (Fl) on 01/16/2014

Why not get to the root of the high blood pressure problem.

Here's an excerpt from Harvard Medical School's newsletter...

MYTH 3: It's okay to have higher blood pressure when you're older.

Blood pressure tends to rise with age, but the fact that this trend is "normal" doesn't mean that it is good for you. It happens because artery walls become stiff with age. Stiff arteries force the heart to pump harder. This sets up a vicious cycle. Blood pounding against the artery walls damages them over time. The overworked heart muscle becomes less effective and pumps harder to meet the body's demands for blood. This further damages the arteries and invites fat into the artery walls. This is how high blood pressure increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Source: http://www.health.harvard.edu/newsletters/Harvard_Heart_Letter/2013/June/10-myths-about-heart-disease


Vitamin K maintains normal coagulation, preserves bone, and protects against calcification by carboxylating specific proteins in the body.61

In the arteries, vitamin K is required to carboxylate matrix Gla-protein. If matrix Gla-protein is under-carboxylated, then it is unable to perform its normal function in protecting arteries against excess accumulation of calcium, or inhibiting vascular calcification.

Source: http://www.lef.org/magazine/mag2009/jan2009_Vitamin-K-Protection-Against-Arterial-Calcification-Bone-Loss-Cancer-Aging_03.htm


Most Nattokinase usually has some vitamin K in it. You could take additional vitamin K also. Many people who want to lower their blood pressure only because they are told. They really don't know why.

Olive Leaf
Posted by Bee (New York) on 01/16/2014

Re: Olive leaf -- wow thank you. I will keep taking it then ..

Olive Leaf
Posted by Bee (New York) on 01/16/2014

Oh; yes of course my bp was high at doctors office but I also check it at home and it was a bit high and although I have gotten it down with weight loss and diet and using ACV and Taurine and Olive Leaf and Magnesium .. Now since I gained some weight back its back up a bit.. but I can control it with these remedies and diet and exercise but I have to take my bp everyday .. I also do acupressure and that brings it down..

Olive Leaf
Posted by Mike62 (Denver) on 01/16/2014

Bee: There are not any harmful substances in olive leaf. Many people in the Mediterranean drink several cups a day all their lives.

Olive Leaf
Posted by Prioris (Fl) on 01/15/2014

Besides the doctor telling you to lower your blood pressure, why do you want to lower it? If it is for heart disease, take nattokinase.

Olive Leaf
Posted by Bee (New York) on 01/15/2014

Hello, I am a 59 year old female taking olive leaf to lower blood pressure but wondering how long can I take it? Been reading and seeing different reports. The health food guy said I can only take it temporarily as it damages your gut.. is this true? Thank You

Posted by Karen (Atlanta, Georgia) on 01/08/2014
5 out of 5 stars

True. Dehydration is sometimes the cause. That has happened to me. My blood pressure was high and I drank a glass of water. My blood pressure fell like a rock.

Deep Breathing
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 11/19/2013

Hello Shadel,

On any HBP issue, make sure you are getting three things; magnesium, potassium and natural (NOT synthetic) Vitamin E

500 mag

200 potassium

200 natural E ... start at low doses in E and slowly increase (over two months) to 300 then 400.

The HBP can be from thick blood; or tacky veins and arteries (all from a lack of E) or from lack of proper oxygen delivery (again lack of E). Or the HBP can be from a build up in veins and arteries of plaque. Think of a hose being squeezed at some point of blockage...it builds up pressure from the source to press the liquid through...well that is HBP and there is a reason for the pressure...the hose is blocked in some fashion. The heart itself could be a problem. Lots of possible "whys" to the pressure issue.

Natural E is my BASE for cardio help. Take those three with meals.

Also you note digestive issues with taking Apple Cider Vinegar. The opposite should be happening. ACV should be helping with that...so the post by Timh is helpful.

You also note the problem is worse when you lie down at night to sleep. Well, here's one take on that; you are not working the legs as you would during the day which could help circulate the blood BACK via the veins up to the heart. In other words the veins in legs are not working too well which lends credence that this is a circulation issue...Vitamin E to the rescue.

But given the possibility (without knowing more) I'd guess ... given the worsening at night... that varicose veins might be a matter to be addressed and a great addition would be "Horse Chestnut" which is famous for helping with that particular circulation problem too.

So I'd add that too to the three I listed. I've had great success with HC.

Deep Breathing
Posted by Timh (Ky, Usa) on 11/19/2013 2073 posts

Shadel: Thanx for the additional info. Diarrhea from ACV admits some type infection or possibly parasitic infestation. Low tolerance to more than one prescription or otc drugs admits Liver/Gallblader dysfunction or disease. looks like liver inflammation which would show up on "liver panel" blood test. Excess estrogen would also indicate liver/gall dysfunction.

First, have a "liver function test" done by your dr and come back here for additional advise. Many people come here and get much help w/ liver disease as given the correct treatment the liver can regenerate healthy.

Deep Breathing
Posted by Shadel (Nebraska) on 11/18/2013

To Timh, Ky, USA. Have tried the vinegar and it gives me diarrhea. Thought maybe that would be the answer. I have also tried 12 to 15 different prescription drugs, including lisinopryl. Gave me so many side effects, like feeling faint to nausea. More or less given up on pre. drugs. I can and do take Atenolol, but it gives me insomnia at times. My cardiologist informed me 95% of prescriptions for hbp do cause insomnia. Still looking for the right answer; however, doing better each night. Taking Co-Q10 and Cardio complex and multivitamin. So, what is involved in seeing an endocronolgist? Thanks for your advice on this. Appreciated! Love Earth Clinic and so much information.

Deep Breathing
Posted by Timh (Ky, Usa) on 11/17/2013 2073 posts

Shadel: If your bp is dangerously high I would request a different presc. med that you can tolerate well. I take Lisinipril w/ no bad side effects. This is a hunch on my part as to the cause of your bp spiking fallowing sleep. Sleep is a time that the body regulates homeostasis mechanisms, particularly hormones. You may want to have dr check or recommend an endocrinologist to check hormone levels. But for simplicity sake you may want to try taking some ACV twice daily to help metabolism and clean a possible clogged gallbladder (which causes excess estrogen in the bloodstream). Also, try taking 500-1000mg L-Methionine to help the metabolism of excess fat (how are your cholesterol levels?). Lemon juice is also good for improving digestion. If you have a portable mp3 player try to find or buy harmonic tones for lowering bp naturally. One I use is called "blood pressure lowering binaural beats"; I haven't done direct measuring but this harmonic does seem to help. Celery is recommended for bp lowering. A stick or two 2 hrs before bed might help.