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Natural Remedies for Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)


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Posted by Don (Michigan) on 09/28/2018
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I was having gallbladder and candida issues for years so I spent a couple years eating beans, greens and sardines with no salt added. I was taking 20mg Lisinopril daily and my blood pressure was all over the place. Finally I had enough and bought a 20oz frozen cheese pizza and ate the whole thing. It had 2,400mg of sodium. Before I ate it my bp was 161/89. 40 minutes after eating the pizza my bp was 117/ 61. A couple days later bp was 156/90. I ate a 8oz bag of salty kettle potato chips and about 30 minutes later bp was 119/64.

I stopped taking bp medicine which leaves me taking no prescription meds at all. I eat absolutely no processed package artificial foods whatsoever except for canned salmon. I make about 10qts of blended veg soup with 4 tablespoons pink salt and leave in refrigerator to sip on till it's gone in about a week then I make more. Favorite soup is lentils, cabbage, celery, onions, tomatoes, an apple, hot pepper, bell peppers, rutabaga, and what ever vegetables in season. Sometimes I throw in a handful of cashews or blueberries whatever I feel like. By the way, I stopped using herbs and spices in cooking because I think they are very potent medicines that I save for when needed. To me daily consumption of herbs and spices throws my healthy balance off. Reading shows that the healthiest populations season foods with salt only.

I usually start my work day with a mug of water and two mugs of hot soup. Today being a weekend I started it the same and then made a salmon, celery and onion salad to munch on the rest of the day. AND, very unusual, I felt like eating some salty organic round white corn chips and throughout the day I ate the whole 13oz bag and this evening my bp is 116/58.

The point in writing this long winded post is that everyone tells you salt is the enemy and for some it may be. But in my humble opinion salt is the enemy only when combined with the giant of all enemies commercial packaged processed artificial food loaded with sugar, sugar and more sugar.

Even if you live in a city, you can shop in the produce section and rinse every thing in cold water. You don't have to make a lot at once, cook it daily. PLAN AHEAD.

If I need to munch something sweet – banana, avocado, apple, berries, black cherries, etc, etc, etc.

And here is the kicker, I NOW SPEND HALF WHAT I USED TO on food per month.

Replied by Joanna S.
(New Orleans)

Interesting post, thank you. The few times my blood pressure has skyrocketed to scary levels have been after eating out and never at home. About 5 years ago I had a burrito in a supposedly healthy fast food Mexican restaurant and 30 minutes later my heart was pounding out of chest for the next 24 hours. I never went back but always thought the extra salt must have been the culprit! However, I too eat frozen pizzas at home from time to time and never have issues. So now I'm thinking the restaurant added some additional ingredients besides salt to that crazy burrito like sugar.. their signs said "no MSG ever", so I ruled that out, but who knows...

Replied by KT


They may not have added monosodium glutamate but the flowing agent in the salt could be a culprit. In production of any product, cooking, heating and reheated creates a manufactured glutamic acic that's worse. It is a nerve stimulant...PERIOD.

Those of us who recognize our sensitivity know "this is my MSG reaction". Sounds, to me, like you had a reaction. Different people can tolerate different amounts and combinations of various foods can make a difference. There is no "one-size-fits-all".

Magnesium and vit. C offer some protection against the toxic effects of "MSG" See truthinlabeling.org. It has taken me, piecemeal, over two decades to learn how I can eat what. For example, I am a red meat lover but I cannot eat reheated beef and I have to limit my ingestion to two oz. at a time or my fingers become sore and sometimes split.

I can take magnesium but the magnesium citrate caused me frightening heart palpitations and I was diagnosed with PVC. Citrate is processed from corn. There is another post here about how I discovered this. Corn has been genetically modified and I believe it was in 1998 that corn contained the patented gene that Monsanto developed for their Roundup ready soybeans. Infiltration cannot be avoided just due to wind and bird droppings.

The critters we eat and get milk or eggs from are being fed GMO grasses and grains. When anything is cooked MSG is created and because our food has been engineered to last longer, "Food, Inc." assimilation is difficult.

This is truly all very complicated but I wanted to share just because labels declare "NOMSG" or "NON-GMO" they cannot be trusted and I trust the people more who went to the food industry to have them check their own products for the information.


Replied by Don

I just want to clear up that I bought the pizza to see the effect of sodium on my bp. I stay clear of all flour and sugar products. Basically I cook with and eat foods in its natural state using salt as a seasoning. And believe me I enjoy eating. :)

Sea Salt

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Posted by Genmd (Md) on 09/21/2015
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The FDA had to recently admit under questioning that salt does not honestly elevate BP. I have high BP & taking pink sea salt under the tongue daily lowers mine.

Sea Salt
Posted by Ash (London, England, United Kingdom) on 12/07/2011

Hello, I am looking at trying the watercure with 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt as explained on www.watercure2.org for High Blood Pressure. It also involves dietary changes. My doctor tells me NOT to eat salt and this water programme uses SEA SALT and water and a lot of testimonials show success with this. Is it safe for me to take so much SEA SALT with high blood pressure? Any comments or experience with watercure? Is SEA SALT safer? I really want to come off my blood pressure medication as it is not working. Thanks and God Bless


Replied by Bee
(New York)

Hi, I am weaning off hbp (high blood pressure) medicine and was integrating a few things that were working but now my bp is spiking.. I only went down to 75mil. from 100 and going to go down to 50mil... I want to try the sea salt and water cure but not sure how long that takes or if that would work..

Replied by Andrea C
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CQ10 150mg 3 times daily will work better than anything your dr can give you. You can take it with your BP meds if you're worried, it wo'nt interact with any meds. Also have plenty of omega 3 in your diet or buy Hemp oil or powder. But CQ10 will work at dose I have given you hun ok? Love Andrea C xxxxxxxxxx

Replied by Bee
(New York, US)

Hi Andrea and thanks .. I will do the COQ10 3x a day and get some hemp oil if I can find it..

Unfortunately I have uncontrolled bp and have tried ACV, taurine, olive Leaf, beets, magnesium, sea salt, etc.etc. I am noticing though that lemons might be working better...this is frustrating to say the least. by the way I am 59 Female and I do walk a few times a week but maybe not enough.. my diet is good and the woman in health food store told me to juice and go raw..

Sea Salt
Posted by Fiona M (London, England) on 06/24/2011
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Hi, I'm surprised that this remedy is not on here but those of you with high or low blood pressure might wish to research PROPER Sea Salt (ie: unrefined, coarse sea salt)

This link is a good starting point http://www.relfe.com/low_salt_diet_dangers.html

I hope you find relief. Best wishes and thanks for such a marvellous website,


Sea Salt, Banana

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Posted by Shinygirl (Charlotte, Nc) on 07/14/2011
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By the grace of god, my blood pressure has started coming near to normal. The changes I made were I started using sea salt in place of normal salt and after getting up in morning I try to have at least half banana within 15 minutes, that keeps my acidity low, and if thats low my bp is also normal.

Special Diets

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Posted by Philip (Dearing, GA) on 06/24/2009
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This is a must for those with HBP issues. I believe HBP to be directly related to the type of sodium in our food or artial plaque build up. In my case,and yes I had test run by a medical facility and everything was in good shape, my blood pressure always seemed to be borderline at around 130 over 90 and sometimes depending on what I ate or drank would go up to 140 over 95. So I believe my HBP to be related to the type of sodium in our foods.

I have expermented with this and can make my blood pressure increase and decrease with what I eat in my diet. My BP came down in one week to 118 over 76. I was truly amazed. Well after losing motivation I soon slipped off the diet and my BP slowly crept back up. After starting the diet once again, my BP was down.

I will give you the basic diet I used (There is a book on this,but I know Earth Clinic does not want titles or products) So you will need: A blender; Whey powder; Sea salt (All natural/unbleached); Ground Flax seed; Ice; Fresh or frozen fruits and veggies; Raw almonds and other nuts; Beans; Dairy of any kind, must be fat free or 1%; Unsweetened, unfavored instant oatmeal; Eggs; Lean meats; Peanut butter (again all natural); Olive Oil;100% Whole Grain cereals and bread; Berries (Fresh or Frozen); and Low fat yogurt.

So the goal is BP reduction, but you will lose weight with this also. You will be eating every 2 to 3 hours 6 times a day. Serving sizes should be no more than the palm of your hand and you basically combine the foods such as,1 ounce of almonds with 1 ounce of raisins as a snack or an apple and a cheese stick. For supper, a serving of Tuna, Spinach, Peas, and a glass of fat free milk. For desert, a few pieces of dark chocolate. I hope you get the idea.

The very best part is the smoothies though because you can actually drink 6 of them a day instead of meals and snacks. Take a blender, add 1 cup of crushed ice or 3 or 4 ice cubes, 1 cup of Fat free milk, 2 Tablespoons of low fat vannila yogurt, 2 Teaspoons of Whey powder. These are your basic ingredients and will be in every smoothie you consume. Now you add fresh or frozen fruit of any kind (about a cup) and 2 Teaspoons of peanut butter OR 1 pack of cooked instant oatmeal and blend (this usally makes two servings). A serving will be 12 to 16 ounces and can be drank up to 6 times a day spaced apart at every 2 to 3 hours.

A few teaspoons of flax seed spread over salads or added to smoothies is a good addition. Just remember to try to cook from Raw and add sea salt for flavor.

You can do smoothies all day or you can combine the other foods as snacks and meals. I really do wish I could name the book (Diet). Snacks can be a cup of low fat yogurt and a boiled egg or an egg sandwich on 100% Whole grain bread. I really hope this will help. Incorporating bananas and asparagus as part of this diet will help keep the kidneys flushed from sodium. If sodium is the cause of your HBP, this should be a cure.

Replied by Kathym

I'd like some hint as to the title of the book that has this diet info, if possible. I have a friend who has been really struggling to keep her bp down, and hasn't found a long-lasting fix yet. Thanks!


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Posted by Beberobozo ( New York) on 11/06/2013

Hello, would anyone recommend adding L-Arginine for HBP along with what I am taking now? I am now taking Taurine, magnesium, acv, olive leaf ..I am 59 and female and mostly vegetarian diet but do eat fish about three times a week.....reading conflicting reports on the L Arginine....

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
2072 posts

Beberobozo: Arginine is indicated to lower bp thru a mechanism called nitric oxide which dilates blood vessels and improves blood flow. Arginine also boost growth hormone production and increases the size and activity of the thymus gland (which improves immunity). Arginine rich food is almost all nuts. So I would recommend particularly Walnuts as they are also high in EPA's or "good fats" which is very much indicated for cardiovascular health.

Replied by Prioris

Here we go again. Trying to solve a problem that doesn't need solving.

Blood pressure and cholesterol are irrelevant when it comes to cardiovascular health. It's all about cleaning the arteries. Nothing more. Of course, too low blood pressure and you can faint.

The problem with even measuring blood pressure is that your blood pressure varies through out the entire day. Blood pressure readings are mostly irrelevant.

Now they are saying that people's pressure varying is the real cause of strokes. The lies of blood pressure are starting to crack. Instead of 1 in 3 people being put on statin drugs, they can put everyone on statin drugs.

The myths of heart disease and strokes are so deeply imbedded in people.

nattokinase supplements.This natural enzyme helps to dissolve fibrin, cholesterol and calcium that has accumulated in the arteries of the body. It is a clot buster.

Fibrolytic enzymes prevents all the problems that high blood pressure and all those other phantom causes is to cause even hardening of the arteries.

Replied by Mike 62
(Denver, Colorado)

Beberobozo: Raw ferments have a phenomenal record at playing a vital role in cardiovascular well being. I make home made ferments from sucanet and buckwheat. There is a 112 year old woman living in Russia who drinks goats milk yoghurt every day. Ferments have more biological value than food and more nutrients than supplements. Many people who are challenged by concerns see a remarkable improvement after taking ferments.

Replied by Donna

I have been on Nattokinase for a year and I have not noticed a reduction in blood pressure. I am going to start trying Mukta Vati to see how it works.

Posted by GP (Baton Rouge, LA) on 11/24/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I know that you all don't want products submitted, but if I don't give it, no one will be able to find it. It is for High Blood Pressure and worked for me on the very same day by the end of the day. You must experiement a little with dosage to get a good range for yourself-range is indicated on the bottle. Start small, and if not good enough, work up from there. You can find the info on - http://www.himalayahealthcare.com/innovation/serpina.htm and
http://www.himalayahealthcare.com/products/serpina.htm . It is also sold on www.blueboyherbs.com -http://blueboyherbs.com/herbs_ayurvedic.htm. I hope that you all share this information. It seems to be a little known cure but the best and fastest working one I have ever seen for high blood pressure, stress and anxiety. It comes from a plant in India and has no known side effects. If a person is on blood pressure medicine, the pressure lowering effect would be too great if taking them both, so if they are trying to wean off of thier medication, I would probably start with 1/2 a Serpina pill and work up slowly as they take themselves off of the blood pressure medicine while closely monitoring it. They don't want the blood pressure to drop too low. Serpina is normally effective by itself. It helps lower and regulate the BP as your body gets in the cycle. In the meantime, you want to take measures to get healthy. You may be able to lower your Serpina intake. If you come off the Serpina and are still doing the same old thing, the BP will gradually go back up again. You can continue to take the Serpina, but I would think that you would want to make some lifestyle changes to be healthier. I hope this helps many many people. God bless!

Replied by Chandu
(Mumbai, Maharashtra , India)

Has anybody had any luck in lowering blood pressure systolic using serpina?

Replied by Maria
(Gippsland, Australia)
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Chandu, Yes. I used serpina tablets, along with Ted's lemon & bi-carb soda alkalizing drink with added magnesium and potassium, whilst weaning myself off blood pressure medication. Now my blood pressure is mostly in the upper normal range. I monitor it occasionally and if goes up a bit I take the tablets till it comes back down. All the best.

Replied by Marie
(Batavia Ny)

Serpina is found in mukta vati indian herbal pills. I've been taking for a few yrs now. Has not lowered my bl pr but has lowered my resting heart rate which is good, so I still take it.

Surgery for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

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Posted by Greg (Pocatello, Idaho) on 05/18/2009
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Sleep Apnea & HBP:

Triple U/P Surgery! Ronaln Reagan Medical center UCLA, Los Angeles California,I have malignant hbp average 250/150 for almost 2 years, Ear and nose bleeds, kidney,eyes and heart damage from my llness, I have taken or tried almost every HPB medicine made, the only thing that saved my life was surgery for obstructive sleep apnea, natural medicines for a normaly high BP may work very well, but if your uncontrolled or malignant HBP go to a good! ENT and have a quality sleep study before you poison your body with prescrition drugs! Please help save your own life! it's been 6 months since surgery, and I use a C-PAP machine every night, my bp is 140/85 average and getting better every day! Please look up Dr.Head ( no joking ) @ UCLA medical center, the entire staff is the best.

EC: Triple U/P Surgery = UvuloPalatatoPharyngoPlasty or U-triple-P or Uvulectomy


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Posted by Karen (Atlanta, Georgia) on 03/29/2013
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My blood pressure was high. 198 over something. I couldn't take any prescriptions for it other than a diuretic (prescription) because my muscles in my thighs kept hurting. That can be a dangerous side effect especially since your heart is a muscle.

1,000mg of Taurine and my blood pressure went down to 150 over something. Then 130 over something. With a prescription diuretic and 1000mgs of Taurine my blood pressure is in the teens.

Replied by Citygirl27
(Richardson, Tx, Usa)

That makes perfect sense, as taurine regulates and normalizes heartbeat. Contrary to what is claimed, it is not the ingredient in "energy drinks" that causes any problems. Taurine also occurs naturally in red meat. It gets its name from the "meat of the bull".

Ted's Remedies

Posted by Antwon (Saint Louis) on 05/13/2014

How good is this nitric oxide and how safe is it? From one of Ted's posts:


Ted's Remedies
Posted by Tricia (Elmont , NY) on 01/23/2009

As far a high blood pressure is concerned, what are the numbers, and when are we supposed to start worrying that is is high?

Replied by Meadow

For blood pressure, the standard "norm" that is quoted is 120/80. But the poster who said "that is ludicrous, why should we all have the same blood pressure?" is absolutely correct. As with all things, YOU need to be aware of what your vital signs (including blood pressure) are, typically. My blood pressure usually runs "low." When I have it checked routinely (or we checked it in class), it is usually about 90-100 over 60-70. The nurse usually starts to say something about it being low, and I reply that it's always been that way--sometimes they will ask if I get dizzy spells if I stand up quickly, etc.--no, I don't. That really is NORMAL, for me. But recently (after taking baking soda daily for something unrelated) I started having a constant mild-to-moderate headache (for two days); and when I bent over, my head felt VERY full and painful. I suspected my blood pressure was high. I went and had it checked. It came out as 118/81, by their monitor, which they then pronounced as "normal, " of course--but I knew that for me it was definitely elevated. I stopped the baking soda yesterday; the headache is gone and when I bend over, there is still a feeling of excess pressure, but not at the alarming level it was before--so it is improving. The lesson is, you need to know YOUR "normal, " not the "normal" reference range. Many pharmacies will now check your blood pressure (and sometimes other vital signs) for free, so you can just have it checked whenever you stop in for something else and get a sense of what it runs normally. (A further lesson--although many sites will say that "baking soda will not elevate your blood pressure, " I am here to say that it can, at least for some people, so please be careful with it.)

Replied by Janet

Dear Meadow,

I am not sure why you began using baking soda. But here is my 2 cents. We, in our family have had a spectrum of the modern issues re health. Between all 6 of us it has been 10 solid years of undoing tremendous damage. My side of the family is all low blood pressure and low body temp. Each of my children are different in this regard. What struck me was your response to baking soda.

My daughter with the most debilitating issues had the same response to baking soda. When we started that and vitamin c she had problems. They made her issues worsen. We stopped hers. She got the best results with correcting her absorption of nutrients. Not one remedy worked. She blended and chopped every morsel of food. Took bromelain enzyme and n acetyl cystine as the precursor to glutathione and quercetin to reduce reactions to foods and supplements.

If you have trouble with baking soda and get a headache I suspect you may have some problems as our bodies produce bicarbonate for digestion and headaches are a symptom of digestive issues.

Just a thought. Janet

Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Posted by Pat (Ballwin, MO) on 08/23/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I go to my Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor for my blood pressure. I was allergic to all the medications prescribed by my primary care physician. My TCMD gives me acupuncture, herb pills, and an herb tea to drink. She also told me to eat a lot of watermelon. It really does help.

Replied by Karen
(Deland, Fl)

To Pat from MO: That's a tough one since we are all different. Conventional wisdom will tell you 120/80 is where we all should be which is ridiculous. Why in the world should we all be expected to have the same blood pressure reading? What we need to know is what is normal for us, not scared into thinking we are going to have a stroke if it's not close to those numbers. Blood pressure goes up and it goes down. I wish I had the answers.

Vegetable Juicing and Meditation

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Posted by Mike (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 12/15/2006
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Quickest way to reduce blood pressure it to avoiding omega 6 fats, stop eating white grains and anything with sugar. Then simple juice vegetables. If you don't like the taste simple add carrots or an apple for taste. Avoid all process foods, any caffeine including tea. My blood pressure used to be 159/108. Now it is 118/78. For fats you can have low amounts, flax oil (can't be heated), olive oil, and coconut oil (no more than 1/2 a teaspoon a day). At all cost avoid canola oil it is very toxic to the body. Meditation will help lower blood pressure, so will yoga, yoga can teach you how to meditate or go to a zen buddhist temple nearby. From juicing fresh vegetables you will lose weight and you will be less hungry. So get out there a get a juicer

Vitamin B Complex

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Posted by Sharon (OR) on 01/29/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Hi everyone, my bp was straight 120 over 80 for more than 50 years, then it went nuts about 8 years ago, spiking a Lot.

Went through many EC remedies, nothing worked. Recently a nutritionist I follow said, watch your Vitamin Bs. Threw my head back, laughed (because everything's fortified, enriched, right?), and was in so much pain I got Standard Process B formula Catalyst whatever- with the additional Catalyst formula for more support (also kept on with years of cutting down coffee to once weekly, sugar down somewhat, tried to cut stress too..ha! ), plus kept taking a very nice probiotic, months on end...

Long short, BP went down in a day or 2, consistently down, been 4 months. And, my hair stopped falling out. This last didn't notice til plumbing didn't need unclogging as it had for about 8 years, a quarter cup coming out a wash.

So, I guess, watch your Bs!