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Posted by Ann (Surrey, B.C. Canada) on 11/25/2008

OMG..I can't believe it...I have suffered from BV for most of my adult life (I'm 55) and when I read about using acidophilus and folic acid to relieve BV I was very skeptical. For years and years I've been washing about 3 times a day to try and get rid of the odor. Sometimes I would even get out of bed in the middle of the night to wash because I couldn't stand the smell, and as soon as I got home from work I headed right to the bathroom. Needless to say, this has really dampened my sex life (oral sex has absolutely been out of the question). I read about the acidophilus/folic acid and thought yeah okay, I'll try it...what can it hurt? So I bought 1 mg size folic acid (very cheap at Costco ...$3.39 for 365 tablets!) and acidophilus with bifidus which has 3 different lactobacillus strains - over 6 billion in total. I couldn't find "pill" form, only capsules. The first day I used two capsules (one in a.m., and one in p.m.)..opened them up and used my wet finger to apply the "granules" internally; I've also been taking 3 capsules orally and one folic acid orally everyday.Unbelievably after about a day and a half the odor had greatly lessened but I was still rather doubtful that it would totally disappear. This is now the fourth day, and can you believe it....NO ODOR!!! (and I keep checking and checking). I think I will stick with the 3 capsules of acidophilus and one of the folic acid for a few months and then try and cut down the dosage. I am truly was sooo easy!!!

Folic Acid and Acidophilus
Posted by Sarah (Rochester, Michigan, United States) on 11/16/2008

Take acidophilus and folic acid, it really does work! Thank you to everyone here that apssed on this miracle cure! I am so happy with the results I want to tell everyone who's suffering with bv to try it. I think you need to adjust the amount you take with the kind of results you get. I started taking just acidophilus twice a day and it calmed down the symptoms but it didnt make them go away also putting a tablet inside the vagina helped even more but the odor was still there during sex. I continued on the acidophilus twice a day and took 1 800mcg of folic acid a day.Within hours of taking the folic acid the discharge and odor were completely gone. I am now taking one acidophilus and one folic acid a day. No signs yet of the bv. I am so happy to have found a way to manage my bv. I firmly believe that once you get bv you will get it again. Antibiotics really dont work because you cant take them forever. There is no cure for bv so you have to keep it under control by taking folic acid. Obviously women who are suffering from bv have a folic acid deficiancy. Too bad the doctors cant figure that out for you.Thank god for the internet!

Folic Acid and Acidophilus
Posted by HOLLY (COUSHATTA, LA) on 10/16/2008


I've suffered from bv for about 4 years. however, i never knew what it was till about 4 months ago - since, i had never been to a gyn before. i got the bv around the time i found out, years later, that my boyfriend was cheating on me. i really thought it was an std with similar symptoms. i suppose that it was just being sexually active since prior to that time my boyfriend was out of state for a year. from what i've read and been told you can't get bv from a man. in the past, before i knew it was bv. i read some stuff on the internet about remedies for vaginal odor. i found out that bacteria thrives on sugar. so i stopped drinking soda, which i drank everyday, and started only drinking water. i also read that zinc deficiency could be a cause of the foul odor. i also read that salt is an inhospitable host for bacteria. so i bought sea salt spray from gnc and used that too. between avoiding sugar, taking 2 zinc pills, and salt spray. the odor definitly got better may have completly went away. i didn't keep up with it and the symptoms came back. 4 months ago i went to the gyn to have it diagnosed and it was bv. anyway, my gyn gave me a rx, which i took everyday for a week. the first day i took it my symptoms went away. my only previous symptoms were bad fishy odor and white milky discharge. i never itched or anything. after i got my period the odor and discharge came back again. i went to the doc and got the rx again and after i got my period i'm now i'm back where i started. i tried the 1 800mg folic acid & 1 1/2 billion acidophilus pill for a couple of weeks after the first rx didn't work. it didn't seem to do anything for me. that's why i went back to get the rx again, but it didn't work either. i'm going to try the folic acid & acidophilius in higher does and the hydrogen peroxide/water douching mix and see what happens. after hearing so many women's sucess i think i should try it again.

Replied by Alison
(Minneapolis, Minnesota)

I've read many other boards and I know I'm not alone on this issue. I have been dealing with BV now for 5 years on and off... I've been given metro gel and flagyl to treat it and it comes back as soon as I have sex... I Use tampons.. Change my bath soap... use a panty liner that is scented... wear the wrong type of underwear... I workout and sweat and don't shower like right away... When I have intercourse and my boyfriend ejaculates in me... It seems like my vagina is just super sensitive and, this is very embarrassing and hard on my personal and everyday life... I always know I'm coming down with it because, my discharge will increase and change... sometimes it's milky white with a simi mild Oder like vinegar or chlorine... then when it's bad its snotty mucus that is clear/yellowish with like a foul fishy Oder... I start having abdominal discomfort and even sex isn't that pleasuring at times... I've been to my doctor so many times...I've been cleared of everything including STDS... I've been sleeping with the same partner for 5 years... he's been checked and cleared too... My doctor hasn't diagnosed me yet... She just does a wet smear or something to look under a microscope and then tells me its a bacteria infection and throws a falgyl prescription at me... I'm sooo tired of this... Is there anything else I can do to prevent this... I'm thinking about stopping sex all together? Does this folic acid, acidophiles work? I don't even know how I got this or where it started... It's unfortunate but, it's a big deal and it's really effecting my life... I need so immediate relief...

Replied by Mariah
(Beverly Hills, CA)

Hi Alison ... I know exactly how you feel. I've had BV for about 2 years now. I would get all kinds of med's from the doctor but the BV eventually always came back. I've been with my fiance for 5 years now and even though he loves me and didn't care about the BV-- it effected my self-esteem so much. I even use to dread having sex because i was so embarrassed by that god awful fishy smell and discharge.

Untill one day I was blessed enough to find this website back in July. I've read about the hydro 50/50 douch but didn't try it b/c I didn't want to take the chance of making the BV worse and end up with a yeast infection and my doctor doesn't recommend douching period anyway sooo I tried the Acidophilus & Folic acid pills instead. A month went by and i did NOT see any results. I was becoming more depressed. Then I got a reply from one of the readers here who told me to just try the folic acid alone and i did (1-800mg pill in the am and 1 in the pm. Although it really did help a little, I still had somewhat of that fishy smell (not as bad as it was b/4 though).

So i decided to call the doctor for the millionth time and she prescribed me Flagyl (which was the only med that made it go away before even though it eventually came back). I was taking 2 pills everyday for 7 days but i was also taking 2 folic acid pills everyday as well. It's been about 3 months now and absolutely NO signs of BV whatsoever!! I feel so much cleaner & happier. I'm still taking 2 folic acid pills a day (800mcg each) and will continue for ever b/c they are also a good vitamin anyway. I don't want to get toooo too personal but it's a great feeling being able to have sex with my fiance anytime he wants and not have to worry about taking a shower 1st or being embarrased about the fishy odor. Please try this. You have nothing to loose but that darn BV!!! Good Luck!!!

Folic Acid and Acidophilus
Posted by Aimee (Lorain, Oh) on 10/16/2008

I came across Earth Clinic because I have been doing some research in regard to Bacterial Vaginosis, I have had this condition on and off for about 10 years, everytime I get it I go to the doctor spend a couple of hundred dollars, get some flagil then I get the BV back and do the same thing over again. Recently I came down with the BV again and I went and got the Flagil and it came back like usual as soon as I was done with the prescription so I started investigating and came across this site the acidophilus and folic acid have done wonders for me BV is gone, I started to take 2(1 billion) acidophilus capsules in the am and pm every day and 1 folic acid in the am daily I also inserted 1 acidophilus capsule 2 days in a row when I first recieved them (i didnt like inserting them because they are gritty and so sex will be out of the question for a few days afterward). So now its 2 weeks later and I have no symptoms at all!!!!!!! Hurray! Thank you so much Earth Clinic and everyone who has posted and helped out so many women with this ailment. I am also going to try the Apple Cider Vinegar daily and Oil pulling I will post on these things after I have tried them for a while to see how they work. Thank you again.

Replied by Lynne
(Los Angeles, CA)

Has the ACV made your BV return? I want to try taking ACV daily but I am worried that it might cause BV to reoccur given the warning at the top of this topic.

Replied by Tired of BV
(New York, USA)

DO NOT INGEST NOR DOUCH WITH APPLE CIDER VINEGAR...ACV has a pH of about 7+ its not healthy to your vagina,your vagina essentially has to be a pH of about 3-4. Douching on the whole is not healthy to vagina's. Here are some great pointers that help:

1. Don't douch with ACV, insert Acidophilus this helps
2. Don't use scented soaps only wash once per day,don't use antibacterial soaps with triclosan.
2. Keep a daily regime of acidophilus and folic acid.
3. If u get urine tract problems, simple cranberry juice will clear it up.I personally drink cran juice everynight before bed.
4. Metronidazole is a suspected carcinogen,its not healthy constantly taking it epeciallyif your BV keeps returning.

Im currently taking acidophilus and folic acid and it works,women have to be very careful and treat their BV because i did not bother with it after sometime and I landed in the hospital with bacterial kidney infection.It was not told to me how bacteria got there but i believe its due to BV.Because there is such a high level of the bacteria slowly but surely the bacteria works its way up to your kidney and makes u very sick (fever,vomiting, aches and pains).so keep up with your Folic Acid and Acidophilus it will help...we have nothing to lose but the darn BV.

Folic Acid and Acidophilus
Posted by Lisa (San Francisco, Ca) on 10/07/2008

I have been dealing with BV for almost a year now. I have tired every medication under the sun. Up until two week ago I was using flagl (metronidazole) off and on for 4 months. I would feel great for a short time and that same bad feeling would come right back and plus the flagl gave my boyfriend an allergic reaction because we were having sex, and I realize now that wasn't a good idea. Last week I came across this website and last Friday rushed out to GNC to pick up a bottle of Folic Acid 400MCG and a bottle of Acidophilus 2billion per pill. I am currently taking 1200mcg of Folic Acid and Acidophilus 4billion morning and night as well as 800mcg Folic Acid and Acidophilus 2billion at lunch time. I also recently begin inserting a tampon of plain yogurt with live cultures a few hours a day for about a week, and last night I used medicated douched to rid myself of that awful smell. I have to say I do feel better but not 100%. I was wondering what is the average time frame in which anyone felt 100% using this cure, and does anyone think I should use the flagl one more time the right way in conjunction with the Folic Acid and Acidophilus pills?

Replied by Madison
(Hartford, CT)

Hello...i've been suffering with BV for about 5 years now. About 4 months ago i found this website and decided to try the Acidoph and folic acid. I'm not a fan of sticking anything up my vagina b/c i'm extremely sensitive down there. The acidoph did not work but the folic acid somewhat helped a little. I was taking 1 (800 mcg) folic acid pill in the am and also 1 in the pm. I was still discharging and had the fishy smell but not as bad as before i started taking them. So I went to the doctor (for the billionth time) and she prescribed me Flagyl (pill form). I had to take 2 pills everyday for 7 days but i still continued to take 2 folic acid pills too. It's been a month now and still no signs of BV WHATSOEVER!!! I hope this works for you ... good luck!!

Replied by Lisa
(San Francisco, CA)

Thanks for the feedback. I did go to the doctors today and she gave me a prescription for flagl pills which I have never taken before. So I plan to continue taking Folic Acid 1200 mcg and Acidophilus 10 billion twice a day AM & PM. But my boyfriend is not to happy with me. In my previous email I mentioned that my doctor prescribed flagl vaginal gel for 6months starting in June. Since that time I have used the medicine but not right before sex I would wait 48 - 72 hours until early September. That's when I inserted the medication on Monday night & Tuesday morning and had sex Wednesday night; his penis was covered in medication. Then to make matters worse I inserted some more medication on Thursday night and had sex again Friday night (Not a bright moment on my part). So he developed a really bad reaction because after sex he did not take a shower or wipe the medication off. So that Thursday was the last time I inserted the flagl gel. Then we had sex less than a week later and he reacted the same this time really bad. Since then he has gone to the doctor but he was pissed at me. I have no diseases and he has been cleared of all STD's. I am telling you all my business because this man almost broke up with me. I did tell him about the BV and the medication I was taken but I was not clear enough. We are still together because all he had was an allergic reaction, but still to have that cloud of doubt in my relationship felt and feels really bad. Has anyone had the same problem????

Replied by Darla
(Fort Worth, Texas)

One of the reasons some of you may have this reocurring problem, is your partner is not being treated also. I had problems with BV for over 4 years, without my boyfriend being treated. When we broke up, I was treated one last time, and I have not had BV for over 10 years now. Also, taking Flagyl over and over again, will become ineffective after chronic use. Hope this helps.

Folic Acid and Acidophilus
Posted by BB (San Antonio, TX) on 10/07/2008

I am so pleased with my results that I have to share my story with everyone. I am a 36 year old African American female. I am very athletic and have been since I joined the military more than 16 years ago. I've been with my husband for about 15 years. I have suffered with some form of Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) for most of my adult life. This condition as most of you know is life changing. For years I didn't know what to do and I could not bring myself to talk to any of my girlfriends about it. Please understand that I did not know what this condition was until about 3 1/2 to 4 years ago when a doctor put a name to it. Finally there was a name for this awful condition that I had to deal with. He gave me a prescription for antibiotics which caused me to have the worse yeast infection of my life...and so it began the vicious cycle of trips back and forth to the doctor to get more meds to make the symptoms go away just for them to come back. The worse thing is the symptoms would always come back! On this last trip to see my doctor about the BV something in me said; there has to be a better way. I wanted to know what the root cause of BV in me was and start attacking that root cause. I found several websites that claimed they could cure BV but of course they wanted me to pay for the information - and I did. I bought an ebook for almost $30 that was put together by some medical researchers however; I think they took most of their information from the Earth Clinic website. What a rip off. Don't do it please review all of the entries located here first.

Anyway, I read ALL of the entries and found this remedy to make most sense; because I have seen this combination in more than one place (ebooks and other websites). I went out to Walgreens and talked to the pharmacist to find an Acidophilus that was 10 billion CFU (because I did not ant to take a lot of pills). The brand I chose is Culturelle; it cost about $21.00 - it is great and has a great shelf life and is worth it. Also I started out taking 2 (400 mg) Folic acid tablets for about 2 weeks now I am down to 1 Folic acid tablet per day. I have been BV free for more than a month. I am so happy my intimate life with my husband has gotten so much better. I have very little to NO; I mean NO discharge. And I take a whiff every time I go to the restroom just to make sure I am still scent free. Thanks to everyone for their input and I hope that my entry will inspire someone to go out and try this remedy because it works! People it really works - try it. I am a real person email me if you have questions. GOOD LUCK.

Replied by Lucy
(Chicago, IL)

I could cry reading your post. I'm proud to say (yes, proud) that I thought I was the only one sniffing my underwear to check for the reoccurance of BV. This website has given me hope. For the past few years, I thought I was just one of those unlucky few who has an unusually high amount of discharge. It was clear to white to milky, but with no itching. I took to wearing the tiny panty liners all the time and just figured it was my lot in life.

In the last few months the itching started, and little smell--not even fishy, just different, but enough to make a girl self-concious. I went to the doctor, and she told me it was BV. I'd likely been dealing with if for years, but never had the symptoms (or a doctor smart enough) to diagnose it during an annual exam. She gave me the antibiotics, which worked while I was taking them. Another round of antibiotics did the same. I always take a multi-vitamin with folic acid (400 mcg x day) and I eat yogurt fairly regularly. I think this is why my symptoms have always been so mild, but they are still there, the darned things!! Your bravery to post your experiences shows me that I just haven't been hitting the folic acid hard enough!

I'm off to the pharmacy tomorrow to purchase the necessary tools to kick this thing. Thank you to all of you who took the time to post here. I know it's an embarassing topic. BV makes us feel dirty and ashamed, but worst of all, it makes us feel powerless over the state of our own bodies. I felt hopeless yesterday. I feel empowered today. Thank you.

Folic Acid and Acidophilus
Posted by Sarah (Austin, Texas) on 10/03/2008

This site is a god sent. I am so thankful to all of you who posted feedback. I have had BV for about 2 years and it got to the point where it was starting to control my life. I was so self conscious of people smelling me that I stopped going places with people for long periods of time. I was afraid to use public restrooms. I dreaded doing physical activity because it made the smell worse. It started effecting my relationship because I only wanted to have sex after a shower and even then was uncomfortable. My boyfriend has never noticed because I always shower, but I shouldn't have to take 4 showers a day! I want to be okay with one or two showers a day. I've tried everything and started to think that nothing was going to work. Then I stumbled across this site and ran right out to get the folic acid and acidophilus. IT WORKS!!! It really works. I can't believe it. I'm so happy that I have my life back. I can have a normal sex life now! I can feel comfortable with myself again. I've been taking 1-400 mg folic acid in the morning along with 1-1 billion acidophilus. I also take the same dosage at night. I just can't belive that it works. Thank you earth clinic!

Folic Acid and Acidophilus
Posted by Lindsay (Atlanta, Georgia) on 10/03/2008

I have been having bouts of bv for 6 months now, and I havent told my boyfriend. Instead I was using the Rephresh douche and gel, which the bv came back after 2 days. Tonight I tried the folic acid and acidophoulis pills, 2 each 2 times today, and it went away. No discharge, no God awful smell down there. I'm so excited that I don't have to live like this anymore. I hope to God it doesnt come back tomorrow. I am going to take it religiously everyday. I am telling you ladies- TRY IT!!!!

Folic Acid and Acidophilus
Posted by Maggie (Washington, DC) on 10/02/2008

Hi ladies, like many of you, I am tired of living with this awful disease. I've had BV for two years and because I took so many antibiotis that worked for a lttle while, it always came back with a vegence.

Just this past weekend, I was at home and I told myself to go search on the internet for anything that could help me ride of the BV, most of all, for the stench that is unbearable. I say thank you to all you women for all your comments.

I went out to CVs right after reading all your comments to get myself the Folic acid (800mcg) and ACIDOPHILUS probiotis. I also got the hydrogin peroxide but was too scared to use it.

Anyway, I began to take the tablets, 2 of the folic and five of the probiotic ( 5 to make it a billion of the organisms required). I woke up the next day and the smell wasn't as bad. My Dr. prescribed the Clydamycin (antibiotic to insert in the vagina) for 7 days.

First of all, I'd say its important to know the magnitude of BV, VARIES FROM MILD TO SERIOUS. Mine was serious. She also advised I insert a tampon with natural yogurt inside for two weeks to 1 month a few hours a day. So far so good. I continue to take the folic and probiotic and do as my dr. says.

My prayers go out to each one of you ladies out there suffering with BV. BV is awful and the worst is that people do not understand that it affects so many women, others toatlly ingorant about it and therefore the scorne from too many a one when the smell is evident. Hope my comment helps somebody out there. God bless us all.

Folic Acid and Acidophilus
Posted by Determined (Atlanta, GA) on 09/25/2008

ok... so like many other BV women, i found this site and read every word posted! its like a roller coaster high when you think you might have found the CURE! and then, u rush out, buy everything every writer posted in the hopes that the combination of all of them will work on you!

usually not the case... but the hope feels great so we always try ONE more time.

well - this time i am in awe!!!! it worked!!!!

i read a story about folic acid and ACIDOPHILUS (which sounds like an animal at the zoo if you ask me) which caught my attention due to the fact alot of healthy foods we eat have therse 2 formulas in them.

but i also read many other stories about inserting the tablet, swallowing the capsule, 400mg, 800mg, etc.
there was NO clear prescription on what to take and how to take it. so i went with these 2 items because i could find them at the average pharmacy and not need to ask a pharmacist for it.

i was just recently diagnosed with BV. i got it once from a new sexual partner, got a presciption, was devastated, thought my life was over, cried, suffered from slight depression, etc. im sure i could go on and on, but you are reading this story probably due to the fact you suffer as well... so back to my story - i got diagnosed in '07 and NEVER once did the doctor tell me i might suffer from this again. i thought i took the cream for 7 days and i would never see this BV thingy again... well recently in '08 i noticed that oh familiar odor!!! i almost died! i thought how could i get this twice in my life not realizing women suffer from this for years!!!! so i jumped on the internet in the search of a more natural cure. there was no way i could face my doctor again - since the first time was due to a sexual partner i thought there was no way she'd believe me that it wasnt this time.

i landed on earthclinic. i was addicted to the stories because they gave hope.

so back up to speed, i went to walgreens and grabbed some folic acid and ACIDOPHILUS. i couldnt insert the ACIDOPHILUS because it was the chewable strawberry flavored tablets. i did get tablets with the intention to insert but didnt realize they were chewable until i reached home. so i chewed 5 (it said 10 was the max for adults) and then took 2 folic acid tablets which were 400 mcg. i plan to take one in the am and one in the pm but i wanted to double the dose to get it started. i also took 5 more ACIDOPHILUS before bed.

lets just say i woke up and went to the bathrm not even thinking it would work that fast but there was no odor!!!!!!!!! i swear!!! nothing! even the discharge was light and this was before my shower!

im in shock! i never thought i would be visiting this site again!!!!

i promised that as soon as i got to work i would write a comment about the way it worked so quickly! now i dont want everyone to think this is the cure for them, it just happened to do wonders for me! i know its only been through one night, but if you know the symptoms of BV, you know that eliminating the odor alone is a reason to jump!!!!

i dont want to give my email out for the simple fact i have a public job but i can check the site often to answer any questions. i had quite a few when i got to the pharmacy because there were so many different options for ACIDOPHILUS and folic acid. i got a natural one, i got tablets instead of capsules and i figured i would get a small bottle so that if it didnt work i wouldnt be broke AGAIN from trying. now i plan to get this in bulk!!!!

good luck to all you women who have this god awful disease!!! i pray this works for you as well as pray that a true cure will be developed!

now i can go search for relief on my gallstone issue... ugh... *sigh*

Folic Acid and Acidophilus
Posted by Audry (Sacramento, Ca) on 09/25/2008

I've had BV for about six months now, it started when i got together with a new guy. Very embarrassing. Went to the doctor for it so many times. Found this website, and Folic Acid, Acidophilus works so well. It has been gone for three days now.

This is what i used:

1 800mcg Folic Acid in the morning, then 20 minutes later, a probiotic supplement that has 1.5 billion live cells per capsule.

I also repeat this at lunch time.

This really seems to help. I didn't have this "gooey" like feeling in my vagina anymore, and no more sharp random pains either. THANK YOU EARTH CLINC!!!!!!!!!!!

Folic Acid and Acidophilus
Posted by Tina (Hull, MA) on 09/15/2008

I would like to thank you all for this site!! I have been suffering from bv since my early 20's. I am now 37. I have tried everything!!! From flagyl to boric acid every nite for a month!! I started taking folic acid 800mg daily and either eating a yogurt or acidophilus 20mg(200 million live cultures)every day. I am happy to say I just finished my period and DID NOT get my monthly BV!!!!!!! I saw my Gyn just to be sure and she said it was the best I'd looked in years! I would always get bv after sex, after my period and any ole time it felt like coming!! I don't think I've gone a month free in years!!! Thank you , thank you!!! I hope this cycle continues!!! This is the cheapest cure I have found so far! I will continue with the folic acid and acidophilous forever!! A yogurt a day doesn't hurt either! Thanks again and good luck to anyone else that has suffered from these atrocious infections!

Replied by Michelle
(nashville, tennessee)

I have suffered from BV for many years as well with no prescrived medication working for me, so I just want to say THANK YOU for this posting. After reading this yesterday I purchased the vitamins and went straight home to do the hydrogen peroxide douche. I immediately followed with 1200mg of folic acid and 2 acidophilus capsules with 2 billion cultures present and inserted the powder from one other capsule as well. Today the odor and discharge are 90% better. I am now going to continue taking 1 acidophilus and 800mg of folic daily :) Thanks again!

Replied by Holly
(Hammond, Louisiana)

Thank god for this site!! I thought I was diseased unitl I read all your posts. I have been taking Lactobacillus/acidophilus --the live culture that is kept in the fridge for two days now and it is helping!!! After reading all your posts I am going to pair it with folic acid and try inserting yogurt. I am afraid of the hydro douch bc douching has given me yeast infections in the past. I would just like to say a huge thanks to all you ladies for being brave enough to share your stories becuase I know how embrassing it is to have BV. I will never eat fish again!!! LOL ;)

Folic Acid and Acidophilus
Posted by Lori (New Bern, NC) on 09/12/2008

I came to this site and after 12 years of BV said yeah right this is too easy, but you know what I have been doing this for 1 month 800 mg 2X a day of Folic Acid morning, 1 million acidophilus 2X a day and insert one vaginally each evening and I have been free and clear for over 30 days. This is the total cure for sure. no discharge, no smell, sex is again wonderful I am so thankful to you all.

Folic Acid and Acidophilus
Posted by Vanessa (Farmington, CT) on 09/06/2008

Hello everyone, I've had recurring BV since 2004. My doctors have given me every rx known to man... it goes away but soon comes back. I came across this website about 1 month and half ago and decided to try the acidoph & folic. I've been taking 3 (1 billion cfu's) of acidoph along with 2 (800 mcg) of folic acid in the AM and the same dosage in the PM and so far it has NOT worked. All though I'm not itching or burning, I am having that god-awful 'fishy' smell and some discharge. I'm currently engaged and all though my fiance always tells me it doesn't bother him because he loves me no matter what -- i feel like it does. This is affecting my self-esteem and I'm not as 'sexual' as I use to be because of this darn BV. I just wish it would go away. Am I not taking enough of the acidoph & folic acid? Can anyone please help!?

Replied by Huy
(San Jose, CA, USA)

Try this and I guarantee it will cure your BV. I have read from the H2O2 section and decided to experiment on myself (the same ailment as yours). I bought 3% Hydrogen peroxide from the drugstore for $.98, use an old douche bottle ,fill it with 50% H2O2 and 50% with distilled water and douche yourself. The smell and discharge went away for me after 4hours. To be sure, I redouche myself twice/day for 2 days. I'm now completely cured of BV, no more fishy smell. THANK GOD and thank God for Earth Clinic

Replied by Lisa
(Lake Charles, LA)

Vanessa, I feel for you, girl! What a horrible issue to have to go through. There is a book from Maureen Salaman called Foods that Heal, that I read Constantly! for different cures. She says for vaginitis (same thing?) that douching with yogurt, mix a powdered acidopholis capsule in with it, cures this condition. Soak a tampon in this mixture, and insert. Leave in overnight (check other sources for this time frame, I am not entirely sure). Along with this, eat yogurt during the day. Also, do an apple cider vinegar douche. Take 2 Tbs. acv, add to 1 qt. warm water, insert, then the hand should seal off the opening so that fluid can fill, stretch and clean the vagina. Do 2 to 3 times daily. It worked for me. Good luck!

Replied by Tonya
(Montgomery, Alabama)

I would not douche, this is more harm than good. You are washing away your good bacteria that you surely need. Try stopping the acidophilus pills, your body is more than likely rejecting it. And take only the folic acid pills.....Tonya in AL

Folic Acid and Acidophilus
Posted by Stephanie (Detroit , Michigan) on 08/24/2008

I had this for six years, and i was really sick of taking antibiotics. (you know, after you take them for long enough they just stop working anyway), and i felt really hopeless about it until i came across this site. I started taking 800mcg of folic acid, and 3 billion acidophilus twice a day, and i inserted one of the acidophilus at night for about a week. the first time i inserted one, i used a douche before it (even though you're not supposed to) <-- the only reason i did that was to get all of the bacterias out and insert a pill of the good kind to give myself a head start. douching is what gave me this god awful problem in the first place, anyway. ...sooo. this has worked for me. three weeks now, i haven't had any problems at all. even after sex. even after a long day of sweating. i'm still squeaky clean... so, ladies. if you're not trying this out because you're not sure that it'll work... you must be insane. kill it while you can, girl.

Replied by Rachel
(Seminole, FL)

I found out I had BV earlier this year and don't know how long I had it. I went into the gynocologist not thinking much and she called to tell me she had it. I had 3 types of antibiotics and this past time she finally gave me pills and align to go with it and also 2 refills. I was feeling good cause 2 days there was no discharge and then before you know its back. Luckily I don't have the itch just the discharge and odor and so I was scared for a little while because the girls I talked to never had one before. Then when I actually began to look for home remedies I was suprised and yet reassured that I wasn't the only one. I don't want to have to keep taking antibiotics and want to try something else. I am definitely going to try this and hope for the best!

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